healing heart
162 The big black wolf
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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162 The big black wolf

the wedding is a week away everything has been prepared the lord made sure that everything thing is perfect he wanted her to have an unforgettable day he wanted to make her happy and fulfil everything that she dreams about though she rarely asks for anything

Althea, on the other hand, surprised the lord when she refused to show him the wedding dress she asked him to wait for the wedding to see it and he respected her wish he never thought that she has this side in her but he was satisfied with everything she does
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" what are you doing? " the Lord asked once he saw he entered the room and saw Althea sitting on the chair with knitting needles in her hands

" it's secret " she replied putting the needles aside

walking closer to her he placed his hands on both sides of the chair bringing his face closer to hers " you have been keeping many secrets from me lately " he whispered against her lips

the young girl body heat rise and her cheeks blushed when she felt his hand touching her the skin of her neck moving slowly down

she heard him chuckle before placing a gentle kiss on her forehead she felt embarrassed the lord was teasing her again " it's late and you should go to sleep " the lord said

lying beside her on the bed he noticed that she was thinking about something " what are you thinking about? she turned around looking at him when she heard his question

" about many things but it's not important " she replied closing her eyes to sleep

but the Lord knew what exactly she was thinking about " I will not let anything happens to you so you don't have to worry " he spoke to her with a gentle voice knowing that she still awake

she opened her eyes when she heard his words " I know " she placed a shy kiss on his cheek before closing her eyes immediately

the next day after the breakfast the lord took Althea for a walk around the mansion as she was always locking herself in the room the truth is that she doesn't feel safe in the mansion accept when the lord is around the lord knew that and he also knew that she doesn't want to tell him that and he can't blame her so many bad things happened to her here

" Are you tired? " he asked her and she shook her head no

" it's very beautiful in here " he heard her say as she looked up at him the lord was hugging to him as they walked it was like he was afraid that she might run away from him

" There is something I want to show, " the lord said as he helped her sit on the chair " look over there " she followed the lord gaze to were he pointed her eyes widened when she saw the big black wolf walking towards them from behind the trees

she was about to stand up to walk towards the wolf when the lord stopped her " wait " he said kissing her the top of her head

once the lord was close enough for her to touch him she reached her hand stroking his head gently " good boy " she said to the wolf who sat obediently Infront of her " I knew it from the first time that I saw him that he is yours " she spoke looking at the lord smiling

" smart girl " he bent down kissing her lips which made her blush she turned her head looking at the wolf how tilting his head like wanted more attention from her

she patted the space beside her to the wolf to take she the three of them sat there under the shade of the trees everything seemed peaceful Althea thought to herself as she leaned her head on the lord chest


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