healing heart
163 The wedding day
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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163 The wedding day

today was the wedding day the maid's left their lady to have some time with herself after helping her to get ready Althea looked at her reflection in the mirror she was beautiful she smiled when she looked down at her stomach touching it she was fortunate that dress was able to hide her stomach otherwise she will be embarrassed to see everyone staring at her stomach

her eyes fall on the picture frame on the table it was a picture of her in her fourteen birthday that the Lord had taken from her she wondered why of all the pictures he chose this one thinking about this made her nerves in a few hours she will be his wife her mind still processing the idea of them being a husband and wife it was something that it's hard to believe, she suddenly heard a knock on the door she thought that it's the old lady " come in " she said

the door opened and Althea saw Jan entering the room " Jan " Althea was the first one to speak her friend went to her and hugged her tightly " don't cry you shouldn't be crying in this " Jan said as she pulled away

" I'm sorry " the words she has been holding finely came out

holding her hands Althea smiled " it's alright nothing happened I know you did what you felt right so please don't apologize you still my best friend and I hope I'm still yours " Althea said

wiping her tears Jan said " of course you are, now let me see you " Jan took step back looking at her friend " you look so beautiful Althea I could not take my eyes of you I hope the lord control himself until the wedding is over but I doubt that he will " Jan teased her and as expected Althea's face turned red Althea slapped Jan on her arm which it did hurt

" Alright I will stop, " Jan said, she noticed that Althea is nervous and its natural thing in her big day " don't worry everything will be alright " Althea nodded her head and smiled at her

both of them turned around when they heard a knock on the door " come in " Althea said

" good evening Althea, Jan " Takuma spoke " you look beautiful," he said making Althea blush she looked down at the floor
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" shall we go " Takuma offered his hand for her to her, Takuma offered to walk her to her groom because Althea had no one from her family to do that and she was really glad that he did that though everyone was with her and supporting her she wished that her mother was with her today and see her in her wedding dress

" Kaname is worried about though he didn't say it I could tell " Takuma spoke as he helped Althea down the stairs

Althea smiled when she heard this, she was about a bit tired but she didn't want to tell anyone one she can't afford to ruin this day because she wasn't feeling well " we are almost there " Takuma said

Althea took a deep breath when they reached Infront of the closed doors of the main hall the doors opened and she started to walk towards her groom she could feel every one gaze on her the music was loud but the only thing she could hear was her fast heartbeat her eyes met the lord eyes who was looking at her with a look that eased her nervousness, he gave her a gentle smile which she returned it with shyness

after the ceremony, the guests started to come to the newly married couple to congratulate them but Althea was still feeling embarrassed after the passionate kiss that was witnessed by everyone in the hall

" you have been quite the whole time, what's wrong? " the Lord turned his attention to Althea who was standing silently beside him

" nothing it's just that I'm a bit overwhelmed with feelings " she smiled shyly at him

on the other side of the room, the guests were looking at Althea and the lord who was whispering something to the girl making her cheeks turn red " that lowly human girl she was able to charm the lord until she became pregnant with his child " one of the nobles vampire females spoke

" I can see why the lord ha falling for her she was indeed very beautiful " the man spoke not taking his eyes of Althea

the noble female turned around looking at the senate member " careful if the lord catches you looking at her with such lustful look I'm sure that your head won't be attached to your body " the woman warrened him " do you want to have her in your bed " the woman question made the turnaround and look at her

" that's a dangerous idea but for a beauty like her I'm willing to do anything " the man replied

the woman chuckled hearing the man replied" men are like animals " the woman said as she sipped on her wine glass

" that we are " the man replied to her words

on the other side of the room, Althea was sitting next to the lord who was speaking to one of the pureblood family the man looked friendly and his wife was a nice person too

" It must be hard for you my dear to carry a pureblood child if you needed anything please do not to ask me," the woman said

Althea smiled and nodded her head the woman was being nice with her but she just doesn't feel comfortable speaking about her pregnancy with others " thank you "

continued to watch as the Lord spoke with the guests they spoke about the senate work and the pureblood society she noticed that most of the females were looking at her with hatred well she can't blame them most of them did a huge effort to make her the lord notice their daughters over the years and she came took that place effortlessly, of course, they going to hate her

" come with me " the lord whispered in her ear she turned around looking at him questionably but she hadn't had the time react as the lord pulled her with him out of the hall

" where are we going," she asked him when they left the hall

" you will see " the replied kissing the back of her hand


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