healing heart
164 It feels like a dream
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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164 It feels like a dream

Althea noticed that they weren't walking towards their room but they were walking towards the other side of the mansion she hasn't been here before but why was he taking her there
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stopping Infront of a large wooden door the lord pulled a key and unlocked the door " no one will bother us here " the lord said as they went inside

looking around her it looked like a bedroom a very big one with large glass windows the view outside was beautiful she could see the mountains she turned around looking at the " it's very beautiful " she spoke walking towards the windows

" thank you," Althea said when she saw the lord reflection on the glass she felt him place his hands on her waist she turned around looking at him " it feels like a dream," she said

" it's not " the lord whispered against her lips his eyes looking into her blue ones " I promise to make all your dreams come true " his husky voice sent tingles down her spine and with his intense gaze on her she felt that he was about to eat her up

" come sit on the bed your feet must be hurting," he said as guided her to sit on the bed, actually her feet were killing her Althea wasn't used to wearing shoes with heels

she watched him as took off her shoe then he removed her veil for her " lay down " she heard the lord say and she did

the lord sat on the edge of the bed putting both of her feet on his lap he started to massage them gently it felt so good he was adding a good amount of pressure at the right spots making her wonder how could it be that he is good at everything, his hands were working wonderfully good but the problem is it was working in a different way Althea felt embarrassed of herself but Jan had told her that things like this are likely to happen during pregnancy

" thank you they don't hurt anymore " she pulled her feet slowly off his lap as she sat up on the bed

" what's wrong? " the Lord asked when he saw her lowered her head down

he lifted her head gently but she refused to look into his eyes " how I'm supposed to know what's on your mind if you don't tell me " actually the lord knew what was going on in her mind she was struggling with her desire and being a very shy Althea won't tell the lord something like that unless he took the initiative

" do you want me? " hearing his words she looked up at him with her eyes reflecting her feelings which he could them read clearly

when he saw her not saying anything he pushed her further " there is nothing to be shy about " he couldn't stop himself from teasing her, pushing her down gently he hovered above her he started to kiss her neck making her body shiver " speak Althea," he said before he sucked her earlobe to her a soft moan escape from her rosy lips " your body is honest so won't you be " he lifted his face looking at her when he saw her still being stubborn he got off the bed but he was stopped by a small wrist holding his sleeve

the lord smiled gently at her " good girl " he said kissing her forehead no further words needed to be said as he started to kiss her passionately

Althea felt nervous when the lord took off her dress he hasn't seen her body for a long time and that her stomach has become more visible " you look beautiful " he whispered in her ear as if read her mind she saw him lower himself until his lips touched her the small swell of her lower abdomen she flinched when he kissed her stomach " relax " he whispered against her skin, the room was filled with a very heated atmosphere the sound of her passionate moans filled the room which only aroused him more

the next morning the Lord woke up before Althea he didn't leave the bed afraid that she would wake up he watched her as she slept peacefully in his arms with her hair spread along the pillows she looked like an angel he was tempted to kiss her but he didn't want to wake her up

after about an hour later finely his precious girl woke up " good morning sleeping beauty " the lord said

she laughed and buried her head under the blanket " good morning " she mumbled from underneath the blanket

pulling the blanket down he kissed her forehead " how do you feel? "

" I'm fine " she couldn't help but blush knowing the meaning of his question

the lord got off the bed with Althea in his arms walking towards the bathroom after taking a warm bath the two of them spent the day in their room as Althea requested she asked the lord if could stay here and not go out she wanted to spend more time with the lord now they are a husband and wife everything seemed different she wanted to try and be more open with him she felt that the Lord knows everything about her whereas she knows a very few things about him the reality of her leaving this life at any moment made wanting to cherish the time she spends with him

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    《healing heart》