healing heart
165 Exaggerating part one
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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165 Exaggerating part one

a year has passed since the lord and Althea married during this time everything was peaceful and quiet Althea health had it's ups and downs some days she was fine and some days she stayed in the bed even being sick Althea was very glad that she had people who take care of her she felt very grateful and she couldn't ask for more

during this year Althea didn't see or meet the senate members or any one of the vampires society as the lord forbid them from entering the mansion that orders came when someone tried to kill Althea after this the lord couldn't tolerate the senate actions, of course, the person who attempted to kill Althea was found the man had confessed that someone from the Senate had asked to do this at the lord had pulled out his heart from his chest mercilessly after that day no was allowed to enter the mansion except for a few people the couldn't risk putting her life in danger more guards had been added in and out of the mansion as for Althea Akatsuki has been assigned to guard her when the lord was not with her

sometimes Althea felt that the lord was exaggerating but when she told him that he gives her a long lecturer making her regret that she spoke in the first place will it's not only her but everyone was noticing that he is being too protective of her but as Takuma said no one can blame him

today the lord has left early for an important meeting in the senate he usually send Takuma but today's meeting is very important and it requires his presence Althea had heard Takuma that day that some pureblood vampires saying that the lord has been ignoring has duties and responsibilities Althea knew that her being sick most of the time will affect his responsibilities

" Althea " hearing her friend calling her name she turned around to look at her

" I'm sorry I was thinking about something " Althea apologized

" you look sad these days, you can share anything with me if you want, " Jan said

Althea sighed softly " it's nothing just thinking about something's " she smiled trying to hide her sadness

" Alright, I have to go now I will see you tomorrow " Jan bent down whispering to the baby that is inside her " aunty will come and check on you tomorrow be good until then " Althea laughed at her friend childish behaviour

after Jan left Althea took her knitting kit and started knitting she hadn't realised that the time flow fast that it was already evening time placing everything back to its place she stood up and walked towards the window when she pushed the curtains open she saw the lord walking towards the mansion entrance when he sensed her eyes on him he looked up flashing her a warm smile before he made his way towards the entrance

Althea felt happy that he finally came she had missed him the whole day she knew that she is being selfish but she feels safe when he is beside her

she was about to go and meet him at the stairs but she stopped knowing that he will scold her for not waiting for him she went to sit on the bed when she heard the footsteps getting closer she looked at the door waiting for him to enter

" good evening Althea," the lord said closing the door behind him and walked towards her

" good evening " she replied to see him bend over placing a gentle kiss on her forehead

" How was your day? " the Lord asked as he took off his coat

Althea smiled when she heard his question it should be her who is supposed to ask him this question but he always was who is asking her " as usual " she replied as he sat next to her

" I'm sorry that I didn't come back earlier " he spoke to her in a gentle voice

" it's ok " she replied to his words

taking her hand he kissed her palm " I will take a bath then we eat dinner together ok " the lord said she nodded her head
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but when the lord came out of the bathroom Althea was already asleep a soft smile appeared on his lips seeing her lying on the bed he changed her position so she could sleep more comfortably and then he lied down with her


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