healing heart
166 Exaggerating part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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166 Exaggerating part two

sitting on the chair Althea watched the lord as he was cutting the steak that she was supposed to eat by herself into a small pieces the problem is that they were not alone Takuma Jan and Aido, Althea could see from the corner of her eye that Jan was covering her mouth trying to not laugh but how can blame her Althea thought to herself

" I think that is enough Kaname " Althea spoke to her husband

but he had a mind of his own, picking up the fork he and was about to feed her " Kaname please we are not alone " Althea whispered hoping that no they can't hear them

taking the fork forcefully Althea started to eat by herself while glaring at the lord she hates when treats her like a baby and it's more embarrassing when there are people around it wasn't only the food but everything else

Jan wanted to tease her but she was afraid that she might kill her if did it know she looked at the man who was sitting beside her who was to try to not laugh like her at least I'm not alone Jan thought

" do you want to talk? " Jan asked Althea as both of them were taken a walk in the garden

Althea only sighed as she was looking at the flowers Infront of her even if she wanted to talk she didn't know what to say " I don't what to say but I do know that I'm very irate "

" is it because of what happened earlier " Jan couldn't stop herself from laughing

" stop laughing at me " Althea slapped her arm " no I'm not angry because of what happened earlier actually I don't know why I'm angry but I'm scared I just can't be at ease I always have a feeling that I'm being watched that something is going to happen "

hearing this Jan heart attached for her friend it seems that even after all this time Althea couldn't get passed her fears " do you still have nightmares " she asked as she helped Althea to sit down
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" No, not as before " Althea replied

Jan was about to say something but the lord came she decided to speak to her tomorrow " it's cold outside " the lord spoke taking Althea hands in his " your hands are freezing come let's go inside " Althea turned around looking at her friend and shaking her head hopelessly

feeling her eyes in him the lord placed the book on his hands on the table and turned his attention to her " do you want to say something " his voice was very gentle as he caressed her cheek

" will you still going to love me even if I grow old," she asked looking into his eyes

the lord let out a hearty laugh hearing her words kissing her forehead he spoke " yes I will but you should know that you don't age as the humans although you weren't born as a pureblood you still have the gene otherwise the poison would have killed you " remembering this incident his blood boiled in anger

Althea looked at the lord shocked with what she just heard she had lived knowing that she was a human who is going to age and die at some point but now she discovered that she is not it was hard to believe

" thank you " she whispered her eyes starting to close but before she fully surrenders herself to sleep she took his hand and placed it on her stomach it made her feel safe and that her child is protected

the lord smiled as he covered her with the blanket

feeling the child moving during her sleep it became an ordinary thing for Althea but something wasn't right there was a light pain in her lower abdomen it was wasn't that strong she tried to ignore it she didn't want to wake up the lord as he rarely gets some sleep this he was torn between taking care of her and his duties as a king

" Why didn't you wake me up " Althea who was lying on her side and her back facing him turned around to look at the lord who was wide awake because of her

helping her to sit up he placed pillows behind her back " how many times? " he asked pushing the hair that falls on her face behind her ear

" two times but it's not that strong " she answered tears falling from her eyes " Kaname I don't the child to born now it's still very early " Althea started to sob as she clinched the lord hand tightly

" shhh don't worry everything will be alright " he cupped her face she nodded her head believing his words

a knock on the door was heard and the person opened the door stepping inside the room " my lord "

" Seiren inform Aido to come here immediately " the lord ordered and she left to do as she was told

by the time Aido arrived back to the mansion Althea condition worsened the pain become unbearable her screams echoed throughout the quit mansion

her forehead was covered in sweat as she tried to even her breathing and endure the pain the lord never left her side as held her hand tightly his heart aching to see her in this state

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    《healing heart》