healing heart
167 new life
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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167 new life

Althea finally closed her eyes an hours ago she felt like her body was on fire after Jan her former doctor and Aido managed to stop the early labour the moment she felt that the pain started to reduce she lost her conscious it was already morning by the time she slept

as for the lord, he stayed beside her never leaving her she was sleeping deeply yet her hand that was in his had refused to let go even in her sleep he knew that she always in a state of fear she may try to smile when he is with her but she was only hiding her feelings in the fear of burdening him more sometimes he regrets that he brought her to this world that dark world of vampires he only made her suffer more maybe if he didn't enter her life things would have been different for her

but know she has no one but him if he would leave her now she will only be heartbroken and it would be selfish of him to do that to her after he had promised her that he will protect her and stay by her side forever he felt like he had destroyed her life for his selfish desires

" Kaname " Althea opened her eyes to find the lord lost in his thoughts she knew what he was thinking about

" yes " he replied with the most tender tone

she patted the space on the bed for him to take and he did pulling her tired body close to him carefully her rested her head on his chest she was very tired and immediately fall asleep again the lord two closed his eyes and dozed off the two of them slept until evening Althea didn't leave the room as she was asked to rest for a weak at least

though her condition is stable but that doesn't mean that she was out of danger as Jan told her but for some reason, Althea wasn't as scared as before after what happened to her she felt that she needed to be strong for the sake of her child and the lord she didn't understand how this change came but all that she knew right now that she must be strong


six months later

entering the library she found the lord busy with the senate pepper work he was working from the early morning and now its almost evening and he hadn't taken a rest walking towards him she gently run her fingers through his dark locks " you need to rest " she spoke taking the pen from his hand she made him lean back on the chair

the lord smiled gently as he looked at his little wife taking care of him who was right now massaging his strained muscles he could feel his fingers on his shoulder as she added the perfect amount of pressure " is it working? " she asked still massaging his shoulder
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" come here," the lord said making her sit on his lap

Althea looked at him with a frown on her face " every time I try to do something for you, you stop me from doing it it's not fair " Althea said

bringing her hand close to his lips he kissed her palm " I'm sorry that I made feel like that but it is only that I want to pamper you " he spoke his husky voice making her heart skip a beat after all this time he could still make her feel like this

" but If you are intending on doing something for me then I do have a request " he whispered in her ear his other hand slowly making his way underneath her dress

she nodded her head feeling that the lord is up to something different from what she has in her mind

he stood up walking towards the large couch placing her gently on it her vision was soon covered by the lord figure " Kaname " Althea was confused on what is the lord planning

" I went to hear your passionate cries " the lord whispered in her ear starting to kiss her neck making her shiver she blushed forcefully hearing him say this words but the lord has no shame when it comes to these things

she was about to protest when she heard the door lock itself the lord had left no choice for her to escape soon after that her lips were parted as her breath came out in short gasps she tried to not make a sound it would be very embarrassing if someone passed by and heard her

her attempts failed when she felt his wet tongue against her sensitive core she lost control over her body as his tongue dived deeper inside her exploring her roughly and she could only moan at the sweet pleasure that his tongue provided her

after their heated season, Althea lied tiredly in the lord arms " you are bully " she spoke hitting him on the chest which went unfelt of him

the lord laughed loudly as he kissed her forehead gently " I'm sorry " faking his apology hugging her close he watched as she closed her eyes and drifted to sleep

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    《healing heart》