God, an Otaku, in DxD
54 Feeling fear.
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God, an Otaku, in DxD
Author :XxKingDarkxX
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54 Feeling fear.


Finally, it's saturday. I had a fucking tough week.

First, I beat up a whole fucking gang, then I kicked the asses of a certain faction, and sent them back in coffins.

Alright. I admit. That's a bit exagerrated, but who the fuck cares, anyway?

Now, after all of that crap, I told the Gremory Peerage about how I was 'friends' with Suho Lee.

Actually, it was fucking awkward, since I was telling that I was friends with myself.

After that, it led me here.

To this fucking situation where I am desprate to find some clues about that motherfucking rebel.

Damn! I have so much to do. But, I think that's what I get when I became the 'God of the Omniverse'.

To be honest, I got it since nobody ever dared to become the most powerful being in existance.

The fuckers claimed that it was 'dangerous'.

Well, they were NOT wrong. Not one damn bit.

Hell, just look at the paper work that I do every crappy day! But, I can't give up, can I?

If I give up, the whole Omniverse would become a huge time bomb if I don't manage it properly!

Well, enough of that shit. Now, I will find out where the fuck that rebel shithead is.

Hmmmm. Time to prepare for the occasion.

(Timeskip after Karma finished preparing, and is outside the house....)


Karma was now up and ready for his mini-trip. He was wearing a casual attire, and has a backpack on.

He thought of the first place to stop by.

'Hmmm. I should stop by the pervert's house first.' Karma thought.

After a few more minutes of planning, he decided he would go there as his first stop for clues.

He now started walking towards the pervert's house, and got some glaces while going there.

'I need confirmation. But, I still need to maintain my hooligan image. I can't have them knowing what I'm doing, right? If they would know, they're going to follow me.' Karma thought, as he reached Issei's house.

He knocked on the front door, and awaited a response inside.

A few more minites of waiting, still no fucking response from the other side. But, he KNEW that the others were upstairs.

Karma made a grin.

'Time to destroy a house.' Karma thought, as he kicked open the door, breaking it and it's hinges.

The door was now nothing left but a pile of wood.

Then, he went inside himself, not giving a fuck about the owners of the house.

He went upstairs, and to the door that would lead up Issei's room. He sensed another being inside the room, which was probably Azazel.

'Azazel, huh? What the hell are they doing there in one room? Well, I'm gonna find out soon.' Karma thought with a grin.

He kicked open the fucking door, breaking it and it's hinges with it.

The beings inside got startled a bit by this, and grabbed their fucking weapons and made battle stances, the moment the door was kicked.

While the dust was still there, Karma said something shitty in an intimidating voice.

"Stupid shits. Do you think you can beat me?" Karma asked cooly, no one recognized his voice.

When the dust cleared, Karma was revealed to be the one who destroyed the fucking door. He had a fucking sadistic grin on his face, which the group was used to now.

'Damn it, Karma.' The beings thought.

But, there was one exception. It was Ravel Phenex. When she saw his expression, she had shivers sent down her spine.

'W-Who is this guy...?' She thought.

"Oh, come on! That's the door to my room!" Issei complained.

"Karma? Hello there!" Asia greeted.

"Oh, hi there, Asia!" Karma greeted happily, and turned back to Issei.

"Nah. I don't give a fuck. Now Issei, let's get down to fucking business shall we?" Karma asked.

Akeno was just there, smiling at Karma.

'That is fucking messed up.'

(Timeskip to the living room...)

The Gremory Peerage, with Azazel, Irina and Ravel went down to the living room, just like Karma ordered them to.

They sat on the L-Shaped couch, and Karma was in front of them. He was waiting for them to be silent so he can begin.

He got tired evetually, and just made a fake cough.

"Alright. You shitstains are going to answer my questions, alright?" Karma asked.

They nodded as a reply.

"Good. Now first of all, where are the graves of Suho and the others?" Karma asked, which slightly surprised the group, espsescially Azazel.

'What's he planning to do?' Azazel thought.

'I'm fucking saving you from a threat that could destroy the whole fucking Omniverse.' Karma thought as he was reading Azazel's mind.

"What are trying to do?" Issei asked.

"Answer me. NOW."

With that, they started sweating lightly. This..... was new.

'Why is he so serious?' The group thought. Then suddenly, his power level rose a bit.

"U-Uhhhhh.... T-They are in the Underworld. Sorry but, they are in their coffins now." Rais said.

"You honestly think that those things can stop me?" Karma asked with a grin.

The others gupled like hell, while Karma stood before them with a smug grin.

They talked for a few more minutes, and it ended with Azazel giving Karma a fucking letter that would allow him to go inside the Underworld's fucking cemetery.

'Wow. Did not expect that shitty letter.' Karma thought.

"Alright. Time to hunt a rebel motherfucker." Karma mumbled.

Unknown to him, the others heard him clear as day.

'Rebel? Who is that? He defenitely KNOWS something important about them.' The group thought.

"Now, shitstains. Thank you for your time. I'm going. Seeya shits later." Karma said cooly, as he sprinted out of the house.

I mean 'sprint' as in dissapeared in a fucking instant. Well, that's Karma for ya.

'Now, you rebel motherfucker. I got an authorization letter. At least, I wouldn't fight my way into my own fucked up grave.' Karma thought as he stopped, and he teleported to the front of the royal cemetery of the Underworld.

(Timeskip to the front of the Royal Cemetery in the Underworld.....)

There was a large fucking wall that was filled up by men. I mean.... Devils. It surrounds the whole cemetery, which is kinda fucked up.

The gate was large that it could rival the height of a goddamned skyscraper.

Well, one thing was clear. The shit used to make these walls was NOT cheap.

But unfortunately, a certain redhead would destroy it all today. Yup. It's a waste of money.

Karna walked to the gate, where some guards were positioned. He saw that one of them has a different uniform, so he thought it might be their commander.

He was wearing more armor than others, and had a 'higher-up' vibe.

He walked over to them, and gave them the letter Azazel made. The commander took it, and gave it back to him.

"You cannot enter. The cemetery is closed." The guard said simply.

'A cemetery, closed? What the fuck?' Karma thought as he made a grin.

"Are you telling me you don't want to let me in?" Karma asked.

The commander nodded.

"You little piece of shit..... I guess I'll let myself in, then." Karma said. His grin becoming larger, and his power levels rising to the point where he ground was shaking.

Of course in that stage, the commander and the guards on the walls and below got frozen in fear.

Karma then got enveloped in a fiery aura.

"Let me in. NOW." Karma said.

"We cannot." The commander replied, trying not to look scared.

"Then there's one option left; You're all going to DIE." Karma said with an insane grin, and he punched the commander in the stomach. It sent him flying, breaking the walls in the process.

'Oh crap. I think I hit a little bit too hard. Meh. I'm gonna heal him later anyways.' Karma thought as he glared at the guards, which in return gave gulps of fear.

"Are you letting me in or not?" Karma asked, while not giving a fuck of what the guards was feeling.

A guard shakily barked orders to open uo the gate, and the guards inside the wall did what he told them to do.

The gate opened quickly, and Karma let himself in.

He was about to go straight to the trio's tomb, but stopped himself when he felt like he forgot something.

'Oh right. The commander.' Karma thought as he sprinted towards his location and healed him.

He was a bit sad that the commander couldn't see Karma heal him because he was fucking unconcious, but he did it anyway.

"Now, where the fuck was I? Oh right." Karma thought outloud, as he saw the tombs of Suho and the other two.

It was like a giant cross from above, and long part of the cross was a hallway to the tombs. On the top part of the Cross was Suho, on the left part was Seojun, and the right was Seyeon.

'This is a little awkward.' Karma thought as he went inside the building where their bodies rest in peace.

The inside of the building was full of shiny gold and other important relics.

He reached the end of the hallway and saw their tombs, where is was also covered with gold and other expensive shit like jewels.

'Heh. I'd like to thank Sirzechs for this.' Karma thought with a smile. I repeat, a SMILE. NOT a grin.

He looked at Suho's coffin, and mysteriously, his head was attatched.

'Hmmm.. Maybe they sewed it on. Well, that is fucked up.'

After that, his eyes strayed, and he looked around.

Then, he saw the spears that killed them, in a glass display.

In looking at it closer, his eyes widened in shock. He got chills all around his body. In the first time in countless eternities, he felt fear.

"W-Why is this here...?"


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