My Youth Began With Him
2840 And That’s How You Get Yourself Killed 10
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My Youth Began With Him
Author :Baby Piggie
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2840 And That’s How You Get Yourself Killed 10

"In fact, Miss Zhang, you should thank me. It was my idea that saved you. If things went the way my dad wanted, you'd have been a corpse by now."

Zhang Manlin: "…"

"Do you really think my dad likes you? Oh, you're shameless! You should look at you in the mirror. Do you think you, an imposter, can copy my mom? Can you copy the things engraved in my mom's bones? My dad and mom had seen through you. For them, you're just a clumsy clown who overestimated herself. How I pity you…" Little Bean scorned her.

"All of your family set the trap and tricked me. You all won't end well…"

Realizing that she had been tricked, Zhang Manlin became totally frantic.

"I'm sorry, but it's you who will end tragically. Come and take your flowers."

Little Bean placed the chrysanthemum on the bedside table and took out her cellphone to take pictures.

"Come on, smile. Look this way and say 'Cheese'." Little Bean kept taking pictures with her cellphone.

Zhang Manlin grabbed the glass on the table and threw it at Little Bean's head.

The bodyguard behind Little Bean reacted swiftly and caught it.

"Well done. Throw it back at her," Little Bean ordered.

Without a word, the bodyguard threw the glass back and it shattered on Zhang Manlin's head.

"Help! Help! Someone is trying to kill me…"

Zhang Manlin's yelling drew many medical staff over.

"What happened?" the doctor asked.

"They tried to kill me. They set me up. Hurry! Call the police to arrest them…" Zhang Manlin yelled.

The doctor and nurses turned their heads and saw a pair of twins standing there with cute and innocent eyes.

"Doctor, we came to see Aunt Zhang. But her mind seems to be unhinged by the stimulation brought by the accident. I suggest you transfer her to a lunatic asylum after her wounds heal a bit. She will be better off in there," Little Bean said innocently, blinking her big eyes.

"It seems she's very ill… What a pity. She got herself into such a pathetic state." Pudding sighed.

"Don't listen to their nonsense. I tell you, these two imps are shrew and scheming. They are first-class scheming bit*hes. Don't be fooled by these two damned kids…" Zhang Manlin cursed viciously.

But no one believed her…

"Miss Zhang, we understand you're experiencing emotional fluctuations, but it's not right to vent your anger on kids. You should rest first."

"Get out! All of you! You're all bad guys…"

The twins' visit plunged Zhang Manlin into hysteria.

When they came out, Pudding smiled in satisfaction.

Pudding video-chatted with Gao Boyuan and gossiped in gusto, "Did you see that Bit*h Zhang? She'd been trying to get my sister and me killed; she even tried to seduce my dad… Just look at her… She needs to see herself in the mirror…"

"Yeah. She's absolutely no match for Auntie Huo Mian," Gao Boyuan agreed.

"Ahem… Qin Mumu, can't you be more subtle with your love talk? How can you talk like this in front of me?" Pudding slanted her a look.

"If you have objections, you can video chat with Wei Yunchu!" Little Bean retorted.

Pudding; "…"

"Sis, now that we've put cards on the table with Bit*h Zhang, shall we do something more aggressive? Otherwise, she'd think of a way to mess with us when she is fully recovered, right?" Little Bean asked.
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    《My Youth Began With Him》