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The supreme sovereign system
Author :phamtonbullet
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317 Condition

"Father, what's the current situation?" Asked Xeno.

"So-so, the royal family has called for a between both families in one week, until them, the Terkin family can't take action against us, however…" Said the old man.

"However?" Asked Lucio.

"They are already suppressing our finances, they stopped sending money alluding a malfunction for our part and they need to 'double-check' that our numbers are in order, those rats" Said the old man with anger.

"But why? How did we piss them off? Cameron might be a little bit overprotective with their sons but he is a merchant above everything else, he knows the repercussions of opposing us and he did it without batting an eye" Said Xeno.

"He is just a little piece of shit! Dad! Let's go and destroy those little motherfuckers!" Said Olivia.

 "Daughter, please…" Said the old man.

"Okay, okay! I will watch my god damnit mouth!" Said Olivia.

The old man frowned his forehead.

"Darling, how about we go back for the moment, we can't do anything anyway" Said Xeno.


Olivia accepted and grabbed the hand of Xeno and dragged him out of the room, leavin Lucio and the old man.

"Little one, although you are also quite an asshole, I am glad that you didn't take after your mother or father" Said the old man with sight.

"Calling your grandson asshole is a little…" Said Lucio.

"Don't think that I don't know that you screw around every now and then" Said the old man.

"…" Lucio was embarrassed.

"Although your attitude has changed a lot since you came from the north, it gives this old man a piece of mind, I have to thank Alfonso Lockheart, although I am curious, you never talk to us about it, but what exactly happened?" Asked the old man.

Recalling his experience on the island of muscular black man, Lucio's face twitched and his leg trembled a little.

"I-I-I REALLY don't want to talk about it" Said Lucio.

"?" The old man was confused.

"Although, I don't think I will be able to be with a girl for some time" Murmured Lucio.

"What did you say?" Asked the old man.

"N-Nothing grandpa, let's go, you shouldn't be walking a lot" Said Lucio.

"Hehe, you are right," Said the old man.

Both grandson and grandfather went back.


[Green manor]

Back in the east, in Lucky City, the green manor was in complete silence.

At the backyard, people in black were looking at a stone.

In the stone, some words were engraved.

'Here rest Jonathan Terkin, Beloved son and grandson, might his soul find pace'

"…" Noah looked at the tomb of his little brother with tears on his eyes.

He still remembered when the notice came along with the body of Jonathan, his mother, couldn't believe what she was seeing.

His father Cameron, dropped to his knee and cried like never before, the strong head of the Terking family wasn't there.

Just the small figure of a desperate father.

Hours later, her mother tried to cut her veins, however, it was stopped by him and his older brother.

That night was the worst night ever. The wail and tears didn't stop until the next day.

The next day, the soldiers that found the body of Jonathan gave an important hint.

"We also found this sword along with the body"

When Cameron received the sword, he exploded in fury.


Noah had never seen his father so upset before.

Not that he wasn't pissed off himself.

"Lucio, I swear that I will offer your ashes to my brother" Swore Noah.

Cameron walked to the back of the stone and looked at everyone.

"My fellow family members" Said Cameron.

"We have suffered a huge blow, my precious son, Jonathan, was killed without motive… he left this house filled with the vigor of life… and came as a corpse" Said Cameron.

Everyone looked in silence at Cameron.

"Do I regret sending him off? Yes, I do"

"Should I have sent more guards? Yes, I should"  

"It was too premature to send a thirteen-year-old kid? Yes, it was"

"I have asked myself these many questions every single day since then, and I still do"

"I will probably never forgive myself"

Cameron didn't cry, but his expression reflected the sadness in his heart.

"However, this is not the time to cry, that time has already passed" Said Cameron.

"Now is the time for revenge"

The aura of Cameron erupted while his eyes become scarlet.

Cameron looked at the skies and screamed.




Back in Dragon city, Fernando, who was currently the one in charge while his father is in seclusion, had a big headache.

"They had to do this now that I had so many things to do! Fuck!" Shouted Fernando.

"My lord, the merchants are in chaos! The Terkin family had cut all the routes of commerce! They are crazy!" Shouted a man.

"Cameron! What the hell are you thinking!?" Though Fernando.

"Have they answered the call?" Asked Fernando.

"Both families have agreed, however, Cameron put one condition in order to assist" Said the man.

"What is it?"

The man gulped.

"He wants the meeting to be in the sky arena" Said the man.

"What!?" Shouted Fernando.

"He said that, if the meeting isn't in the sky arena, he won't come" Said the man.

"Cameron! Are you really planning to make this much troubles for me!?" Said Fernando with anger.

"Don't panic, big brother" A voice interrupted Fernando.

He turned around and saw his little sister, princess Susana.

"Big brother, this situation must be carefully being taken, otherwise, a huge catastrophe will fall to us and Leitol in general" Said Susana.

"I also thought about that" Said Fernando.

"It's pretty obvious what is happening here, however, the question here, is who is doing this and why" Said Susana.

"Where are brother Raul and Sister Diana?"

"Diana and Raul, those idiots watched their hands out of this, leaving everything to me!" Said Fernando with anger.

"…" Susana didn't answer.

Fernando observed this situation and becomes serious.

"Did the oracle say anything?" Asked Fernando.

"We need to be at least three Lockheart children to solve this problem, with just the two of us, the catastrophe is inevitable" Said Susana.

"Raul is currently in the south while Diana is in a campaign, they won't come even if I call them" Said Fernando.

"You are forgetting brother, that we actually aren't four children… but five"

"Are you saying… NO! I refuse to ask that trash for help!" Shouted Fernando with anger.

"Is up to you, brother of mine, however, I have to remember you that, if you want to rule over Leitol, first, there must be a Leitol to rule on" Said Susana.

Then she left the room.

Fernando stood there in fury while he looked at the departing Susana.


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