Song Seol
20 19. Watching
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Song Seol
Author :MinHa148
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20 19. Watching

It was the end of the school day and Eun Ae asked Seol Hyun if she could go to her house. Seol Hyun still did not want Eun Ae to know where she lived. She did not want anyone to know that she didn't actually have a family.

She said maybe another day, like she did every time when Eun Ae asked. Eun Ae was constantly curious. Ever since they were little, Seol Hyun never invited anyone over to where she lived.

Seol Hyun and Eun Ae said goodbye.

As Seol Hyun rode off to her home on her bike, Eun Ae grabbed her bike and rode a couple feet behind. Eun Ae wanted to know why Seol Hyun never wanted her to go to her house. She decided to know the reason once and for all.

When Seol Hyun arrived at the house, she brought her bike around to the back. She then went inside.

Eun Ae was shocked. This house is where Chang Woo lives. She could not understand why Seol Hyun was there. Eun Ae, still curious, followed Seol Hyun. She opened the door trying to be very quiet. She wandered through the hall. Inside, she saw Seol Hyun doing the dishes. Eun Ae heard Chang Woo's voice. She quickly ran outside. She started to put the pieces together.

Eun Ae ran back to her bike. For a long time, Eun Ae hated Seol Hyun. Since it always seemed that she was close with Chang Woo. She finally found something that she could use against Seol Hyun. Eun Ae grabbed her phone from her bike, and went back inside. She took pictures of Seol Hyun doing the dishes.

Someone spotted her, and asked her what she was doing.

"I am Chang Woo's friend; I was visiting with him. I am leaving now."

Eun Ae smiled, and left as quickly as she could.

Eun Ae stopped at the library, to make a just a few copies.

In the morning, she arrived at the school, much earlier than anyone else. She started taping the pictures to pretty much everywhere. The walls, lockers, desks, everything. She also wrote many things on Seol Hyun's locker.

When the other kids arrived, no one was able to stop talking about the pictures. They all thought she was from a rich family. She never said she was, but she also never said she wasn't. In this school, the kids can be cruel. Especially to ones who are weak, with no backing.

They all got together to pick on Seol Hyun.

When she arrived at the school, she had no clue as to what had happened. Chang Woo was running late, since there was an accident, and the traffic was awful.

When Seol Hyun entered the school, the kids started throwing things at her. Really anything they found. Her uniform quickly became a mess. She did not understand why they were throwing things at her.

A few girls went up to her and started to poke her. One eventually shoved her on the ground.

"Why are you doing this? What did I do to you?"

Seol Hyun was so confused as to what was going on.

"We know what you have been doing. Getting close to our Chang Woo, by working in his house. You must be so desperate and poor."


Seol Hyun had no idea as to how they knew that. She soon saw the pictures on the ground. She picked up one of the pictures. The crowd did not disperse they surrounded her. Seol Hyun fought back her tears that were forming.

She looked up to see Eun Ae in the crowd. Eun Ae then threw an egg at her, followed by the rest of the crowd. With that, she was shocked. She never thought Eun Ae would do that. Seol Hyun stood up and ran out of the building. She ran to a room that was hardly used in the school. It was an extra club room.

Inside, she started crying, she was not able to hold the tears in anymore.

"You are disturbing my nap. Could you cry a little bit more quietly?"

Seol Hyun looked up to see an unfamiliar face. She could not place him; she never saw him in the school.

"Would you stop staring? You can't look for free."

She quickly turned her gaze away from him.

"Well you seem curious. I'm new here my name is Jeong Haneul."

Seol Hyun was still confused, but he was the only one not shaming her at the moment.

"Let it out, it is not good to hold those feelings in. I will listen, but you have to buy me food later."

Seol Hyun laughed a bit.

She really could not contain it anymore. She let everything go. She told him everything, from when she was little, to what happened today. Even about her random memories and nightmares. After she finished, she felt relieved. They talked for an hour.

"Okay I did not know you had that much inside. I thought this going to be like a ten-minute kind of conversation. Remind me not to ask about your feelings ever again."

Seol Hyun could not stop laughing. She felt better. She realized that this was the kind of friend she wanted. Not a mean who only thinks about himself, or the fake backstabbing friend either. Someone like this.

"Well I do not think you did anything wrong. Those kids are just stupid; they will attack anybody."


"So are you going to buy me food now, or what?"

"Oh yeah sure, let's go."

While they ate, they talked and laughed even more. They eventually went back to the room. Haneul had cards in his bag, and started showing Seol Hyun magic tricks.

Back at the school, Chang Woo had just arrived. He saw the messy state that the school was in. One of his friends went over to him.

"Did you hear about Seol Hyun?"

Chang Woo shook his head with confusion.

"It turns out she's been lying to everyone." He started laughing.

"We should do something about her. I'm sure we could make her want to leave the school."

"That isn't right." Chang Woo was against it.

"What do you mean? You are always up to bother the kids. What do you have a crush on her or something?"

Chang Woo could not contain the anger that was bubbling up inside him. He tried to calm down, but he ended up punching his so called friend in the face.

"I am warning you now. Do not talk bad about her, or touch her. I will make sure you pay if you do."

Chang Woo decided he needed to figure out who spread the rumors. First, he had to find Seol Hyun, he wanted to make sure that she was okay.

Chang Woo was wandering the halls, he passed by several rooms, yet he was not able to find her. He passed by one room in particular, and heard her voice. He immediately opened the door.

"Seol...." He stopped

He saw another guy with her. Chang Woo did not recognize who he was. Anger started to boil up inside him, he went over to Haneul and punched him. Seol Hyun was shocked.

"What is the matter with you?!?"

Seol Hyun went over to Haneul.

"Are you okay? I am so sorry."

Seol Hyun looked up at Chang Woo with anger.

Chang Woo was still so upset over everything. He quickly left the room.


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