Gourmet of Another World
936 Old Black, Do You See the Pair of Roast Wings in the Sky?
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Gourmet of Another World
Author :Li Hongtian
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936 Old Black, Do You See the Pair of Roast Wings in the Sky?

In the Endless Sea, a pitch-black warship was sailing slowly. The surrounding seawater around it splashed as it moved forward.

In front of the warship, six demon kings stood in a circle. They clasped hands behind their backs, watching the sky filled with dark clouds. Their faces look extremely serious.

"Is this a storm in the Endless Sea? It's really frightening! This kind of depressing atmosphere makes everyone unable to breathe," a demon king said imposingly.

As a demon king expert, their strength had reached the eight-mark Heavenly Ethereal Realm. They could clear everything in heaven and earth, so ordinary storms were nothing to them. 

However… this storm made them feel very cautious and tense. 

"Look over there! There seems to be a creature in the distance!"

The Demon Hawk demon king spread his pair of wings, his figure flying above the sky. He looked out into the distance, seeing the monstrous waves as well as the sea creatures emerging from the sea.

What was happening? 

Why were there so many sea creatures emerging from the sea?

The demon kings were a little suspicious.

In the sky, thunder rumbled, and that ear-splitting sound startled all of the demon kings.

They had been going on for so long in the Endless Sea, but they had not seen anything yet. Finally, this time, they met some creatures, so they would definitely ask them the way.

The Demon Hawk demon king's wings flapped as he turned to the other demon kings and said, "My fellow lords, just stay here and wait for my good news."


In the next moment, his figure rushed away. The sound of his flapping wings spread far and wide. 


Since the Dragon Gate would open in the next few days, more and more oceanic species experts appeared. They popped up their heads from the water, and their eyes were filled with excitement as they gazed at the storm in the sky. 

Bu Fang crossed his legs in the Netherworld Ship, bored to death.

Flowery hugged Nethery's thighs, sleeping as she leaned beside the latter. 

The Black Dragon King was standing on a water column, which was not far from the Netherworld Ship. With a hand on his face, he glanced at Flowery's sleeping figure from time to time with an affectionate look.

Wait… Did he really just show a doting expression? 

This Black Dragon King really thought of himself as Flowery's father? 

Bu Fang looked at the Black Dragon King, the corners of his mouth twitching.

The Black Dragon King seemed to feel Bu Fang's eyes on him, so he turned his head, giving Bu Fang a slight smile.

Bu Fang rolled his eyes. With a move of his mind, he instantly appeared in the Heaven and Earth Farmland. 

Since he was bored to death, it's better to go to the Heaven and Earth Farmland and work on it. 

On the prairie, Eighty had somehow gotten fat. It lifted its legs, running fast as it clucked continuously. 

The Three-Eyed Wild Lion followed behind Eighty. Its mane slowly fluttered as it playfully chased the latter. 

As soon as Bu Fang entered the Heaven and Earth Farmland, he was greeted by Niu Hansan's enthusiastic report about the development of the other areas of the farmland. 

By now, the Tiger Head Shark was awake, and at this moment, it was hiding in a corner of the river with a frightened expression.

Niu Hansan said with a smile, "When this guy woke up, it screamed and attempted to eat me. Of course, I couldn't take that lying down, so I beat it up once. Ah, no… I think I beat it twice…"

Niu Hansan's cultivation level, compared to the Tiger Head Shark, was indeed much stronger. Because of this, the Tiger Head Shark was beaten badly, which was to be expected. 

When Bu Fang walked over to the riverbank, the Tiger Head Shark became even more frightened. It rushed to the opposite side of the river and almost climbed up on the riverbank.


In the water, Brother Octopus screamed as he thrashed around, swinging a tentacle at Bu Fang. Previously, Bu Fang had sliced off one of his tentacles, so his hatred for the latter grew even more. 

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared with a flash, and in the next moment, Bu Fang moved and immediately sliced off an octopus tentacle. 

With a crashing sound, Brother Octopus had fallen to the ground, twitching.

Putting the octopus tentacle in his system dimensional bag, Bu Fang clasped his hands behind him and gave Brother Octopus a glance. Then, he turned around and walked to the fields.

Brother Octopus felt immense bitterness in his heart. This guy just showed up to take another one of his tentacles. How could he be so heartless and chop it off just like that? 

What a ruthless human! 

Walking around the vegetable field, Bu Fang felt the spiritual energy coming out of the vegetables. Sensing this, he nodded, satisfied at his crops. 

The Heaven and Earth Farmland was full of vitality now, so Bu Fang was very satisfied. Every time he came, he could feel more and more spiritual energy filling the space.

Because he had planted spirit herbs and other medicinal herbs, more and more spiritual energy was released together with those vegetables' spirit energy. Therefore, the spirit energy in the farmland was getting stronger. 

For other people, this farmland actually became a sacred place for cultivation.

However, Bu Fang did not depend on this practice to enhance his cultivation level, so the spiritual energy here was no use to him. His requirements were not that high, though. As long as he could grow good fruit and vegetables, he would be able to improve. 

After a while, Bu Fang returned to the Netherworld Ship. The Black Dragon King was somewhat surprised by his disappearance. 

Of course, Bu Fang was too lazy to explain anything, so he just nodded at the Black Dragon King. 

A moment later, in front of everyone's stunned gazes, he took out a long and fat octopus tentacle. 

Not only the octopus tentacle, Bu Fang also took out the demon frog meat that had been stored in the system dimensional bag carefully.

The demon frog meat was a demon king grade ingredient, so of course, it was superior compared to Brother Octopus' tentacle. 

Bu Fang thought that while they were waiting for the Dragon Gate to open, they might as well eat a delicious meal. 

Anyway, they should not starve themselves while waiting. 

In an instant, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, cooking oil, seasonings, scallion, purple garlic, good wine, and fragrant vinegar all appeared…

As Bu Fang took the ingredients out of the system dimensional bag, the gazes of everyone around him became more and more weird. 

Other people who came to the Endless Sea were faced with strong enemies, so they were very vigilant, but this Bu Fang, on the contrary, came here to the Endless Sea to eat?

If the oceanic species experts were to know that Bu Fang, since entering the Endless Sea, had been continuously eating delicacies, perhaps they would be stunned speechless. 

After setting up the grill, Bu Fang opened his mouth and spurted out the dark golden Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. As the mysterious fire fell into the wok, it burst out into roaring flames, causing the temperature in the wok to immediately increase.

On top of the wok, the iron net reddened as the temperature became more and more hot, causing the air above it to twist. 

As Bu Fang cut the octopus into several sections, its lush and juicy meat was revealed to everyone. After washing the octopus, he sprinkled some seasoning on it, then placed it on a tray to marinate for a while.

The Black Dragon King and many other sea creatures watched Bu Fang with a dazed look.

They had never seen such dazzling cooking skills. 

In the Black Dragon Palace of the Black Dragon King, they basically did not have the said cooking skills as they all ate raw ingredients.

Can such roasted and grilled ingredients be eaten? 


When Bu Fang placed the well-marinated octopus on the grill, loud sizzling sounds broke out, shocking the oceanic species experts who had been paying attention. 

There was actually a sound! And... Why was it so fragrant?! 

As the fat and juicy octopus cooked, a fragrant aroma dispersed. 

This aroma, which was coming from Netherworld Ship, spread out, attracting the surrounding oceanic species creatures in an instant. 


Smearing some golden oil, that octopus rolled up, and its juice fell into the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. In a blink of an eye, it evaporated, emitting a different kind of aroma.

The Black Dragon King stared at the grill with surprise. 

"Little Brother Bu Fang, what are you doing?" The Black Dragon King was curious.

Ao Bai, who had witnessed Owner Bu's skills, was naturally aware that Bu Fang was good at cooking. 

Ao Bai was also familiar with the Black Dragon King, and he knew that the moment the Black Dragon King opened his mouth, this inconsistent Black Dragon King would start to cheat just to eat and drink. 

Turning over the octopus on the grill, Bu Fang increased the heat, causing the smoke to waft out fast from the Netherworld Ship. However, in a moment, the smoke was dispersed by the winds. 

Flowery was awakened by the aroma. Her eyes suddenly shone as she held her knees, squatting not far from Bu Fang. 

Bu Fang glanced at Flowery, who was staring hard at the fat octopus on the grill, and the corners of his mouth raised into a smile.

With a flick of his hand, a piece of octopus was sent flying away. Its golden liquid, which was sprinkled with seasonings, was moving as its fragrant aroma filled the air.

Sensing this aroma, people couldn't help but be moved. 

"The first piece is for you, little girl," Bu Fang said.

In response, Flowery revealed an overjoyed expression. She stood up and reached out to grab the hot grilled octopus meat.

Because it was too hot, Flowery blew on it first before chomping on it.

The juice from the meat trickled down from the corner of her mouth. As the golden yellow liquid dripped down, the meaty taste wrapped around the mouth. 

Bu Fang's grilled food would definitely make people completely addicted.

He put all the remaining demon frog meat and octopus on the grill, roasting them. The sizzling sounds, which were accompanied by the aroma, immediately floated out.

After eating a piece of grilled octopus, Flowery wanted to eat more, expecting Bu Fang to continue roasting and give her another piece.

Flowery had already tasted the demon frog meat, so it was only natural for her to want a piece of it as well. After all, a demon king grade ingredient would make people want to eat without stopping. 

The Black Dragon King looked hungry, his drool kept flowing down.

Smells so good! 

Really, really good! 

That flavor filled the air, and it made the stomach of the Black Dragon King rumble and squirm unceasingly. It seemed like the sweet smell could take away people's souls! 

"Bu Fang little friend, could you give this dragon king a piece of meat? It looks very special…" the Black Dragon King said. 

Looking at Flowery, who was eating a piece of demon frog meat with her mouth full of juice and grease, his heart… felt like there were ten thousand claws scratching at it.


After Bu Fang turned over the last piece of demon frog meat, he stopped roasting.

Grabbing his chopsticks, he picked up the piping-hot grilled demon frog meat and put it into his mouth. He then turned to look at the Black Dragon King.

After Bu Fang swallowed the demon frog meat, he said, "Do you want some? The ingredients are not enough, though... If you give me some ingredients, I will help roast them for you. Oh… I accept all kinds of ingredients, whether seafood or birds, they will be just right. By the way, do you have oysters? Grilled oysters are actually good."

The Black Dragon King suddenly got excited. Getting ingredients was a very simple task.

As the Black Dragon King of the Black Dragon Palace in the Endless Sea, what ingredients did he not have? 


If Bu Fang wanted big oysters, he could get as many as he needed. 

Therefore, the Black Dragon King hurriedly called a subordinate and ordered that subordinate to get the ingredients that Bu Fang mentioned.

Meanwhile, in the sky, the Demon Hawk demon king flapped his wings and flew quickly. His wings were so huge that it seemed like they were covering the sky. 

When the Demon Hawk demon king saw the Netherworld Ship, he was shocked, and a restless feeling suddenly spread in his heart.

Netherworld Ship?

How could the Netherworld Ship be here? Shouldn't it be in the Valley of Gluttony?

The eyes of the Demon Hawk demon king shrank. Then, he saw the smoke rising from the ship's deck and smelled the familiar aroma spreading out.

This smell… My god! It was the demon frog! The all-powerful Demon Frog demon king… In the end, he became an ingredient?

Grief washed over the Demon Hawk demon king's heart. 

Suddenly, the Demon Hawk demon king realized that the chef on that ship seemed to look at him, then said something to the bald-headed man in front of him.

The bald-headed man lifted his head, and his eyes sparkled, as though he had just seen a treasure. 

An uneasy feeling crept in the heart of the Demon Hawk demon king.

Bu Fang looked at the Demon Hawk demon king. A smile pulled up the corners of his mouth as he said to Black Dragon King, "Old Black, do you see that pair of wings in the sky? If you could get me those wings, I will make you taste some delicious roast wings!"


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