Sounds Of A Metal Gong
50 Acknowledgements
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Sounds Of A Metal Gong
Author :Sevhage
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50 Acknowledgements

All Glory to God who saved me by mercy and has kept me by His grace up to this moment. This poetry collection is possible due to the efforts of so many loyal and phenomenally selfless family members, friends and co-writers. I acknowledge my mother, Mrs. Janet I. Jam, your love is my strength and nothing is more important to me. I am grateful to my siblings Meg and Doo for their contagious zest for knowledge. They are both responsible for whatever efforts I have made so far. I am humbled by the disposition of Prof. James O. I. Ayatse who remains a major source of inspiration that has greatly influenced my upbringing. I acknowledge the guidance I receive from Mrs. Felicia H. Ayatse. They are a rare combination of Gods rich and matchless grace and the rigorous discipline of the academic.

Thanks to Mr. Francis Jam, Mrs. Grace Jam, Chief John S. Ayatse, Prof. & Mrs. D. V. Uza, Prof. & Mrs. N. A. Ada, Dr. & Mrs. F. A. Ayatse, Mr. Justine Kuatsea and Mrs. Teryila Jam. Special thanks to Emmanuel, Julie, Martha, Biddy, Richard and Kenneth. I am indebted to Aya-mnger Tytus with whom we have been friends for years. To Su'eddie Vershima Agema and Debbie Iorliam for sharing their wisdom and generosity and for their expertise and patience. I appreciate Mr. Maurice Ayu who never accepted that something was impossible; he has kept me on by believing in me. Thanks to Mr. Terna Uza whose mark of genuineness has always kept me honest.
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Without doubt, Mr. Adaa Maagbe has been an influential person to me. There are others to add to this list; Dr. David Iordaah, HRH Chief Hilary Ikima, Mr. J. I. Sabe, Richard Gbande, Tony Damkor, Richard Mnenga, Mfa Sabe, Lillian Kachina, Fanen Terdoo, Dorothy Hom, Egye Otsenye, Kenneth Azahan, Beatrice Ikyaagba, George Tyobee, Gom Terungwa, Robert Waya, Ikyoga Emmanuel, Edward Ayatse, Baaki Felix and Qua-Aondo Terzungwe.

Dorcas Doofan Akume, my first cousin and many others have kept on spurring me on and challenging me, I am humbled by it all. Thanks to all the Jams, the Ayatses, Ayus, Uzas, Agias, and the Akumes for showing so much love. I couldn't have made it without you.


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