41 Mother 1
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Author :Aalis
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41 Mother 1

Alein (Mu Chen) listened till Dawn, the ghost boy had set up a barrier where he could easily hear what he had to say without any worry of the girl eavesdropping.

The rest of the week was spent lazily traveling on the carriage that belonged the man she had killed, her days were peaceful with hardly any disruptions and My Chen was oddly quiet and seemed to be deep in thought.

occasionally he would look at her like he was about to ask a question but would stop and continue with what he was doing. It concerned her, she observed his mannerisms and he didn't seem angry at her, but it made her feel uneasy.

"We should arrive by noon tomorrow if we leave early" he said as he started the fire for her to warm herself up, it had been a while since they found a river she could bathe in, the weather was slowly but surely cooling as winter was coming. She shivered slightly as a cold breeze passed by silently, they needed slightly warmer clothes but they didn't have any money.

"Tomorrow go a pawn any jewelry we have left, use the money the fifth prince gave us to rent a place," she tested her head on his chest as they looked up at the sky. "I will try to look at what jobs I can apply to, we may be there for a while."

"We could always take over the town? I don't think there's going to be someone more powerful than your husband." He commented smirking.

"If you want it to remain like that you'd better start training again and stop goofing off." She was really like a nagging wife, "actually! wouldn't I be better if we split up here?"

"Why?" he asked in a more serious tone than the last time, his eyes grilling a hole through the back of her head.

"So you can look out for another horn, you own one of them already don't you?"

He was silenced, she didn't speak further, she pushed herself off his torso and decided to sleep by herself on the cart.

"Don't look so grim it's just a guess, do you actually have one of the horns?"


She sighed lightly, "you don't have to tell me, I'll figure it out myself."

"You want me to find another horn for you?" His purple eyes were really too much for her. She nodded before laying down to sleep.

In her sleep here mind drifted to another time, another land.

[ 'Are you from the West? your name is Western'. Peter looked up at her, he was currently an orphan struggling to live alone.

'My father was Western, my mother was from the south, that's why my name is Peter.' ]

That land far away, where is that?

By the time her eyes opened the sun had risen she couldn't recall what exactly she had dreamt of but that wasn't her priority, she was alone, covered by her husband's outer cloak, but he was gone, she felt the familiar slithering sensation on her neck and Nagini had subtly reminding her she wasn't alone.

Zhou Lan spread her arms out and two maids simultaneously draped a read cloak on her with gold thread embroidery around the edges of the cloak, a beautiful Phoenix crown was placed on her black hair and she eat quietly as the girls helped dress her for this occasion.

The late Emperor's burial.

Traditionally it was tradition to wear white, however today to her was a joyous occasion.

"May the Empress live for a thousand years!" Her officials shouted before bowing in their white attire, they would naturally not voice their interests but they would definitely slander her and rally up the people the slight her behind her back.

"Why are you all dressed like that?"

An awkward expression appeared on a few faces, was the Empress not aware of the funeral that should be going on? It was strange she called them all to court in the first place, normally the new monarch would spend a days or weeks mourning for the loss of an Emperor.

"Your Majesty! The Emperor is dead!" Prime minister Liu, the self righteous.

"Oh? Why did you just call him the Emperor?"

What sort of question was that? She was fully aware of the controversy she had created, so she wasn't afraid of rocking this society a little more. "Did you honestly just call such an incompetent man the Emperor!?"
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For such a tender hearted princess to be spewing suck vile words, naturally no one could understand why she was saying these things or how she managed to even think of something like that. In their hearts the little princess the Emperor loved with his soul was not this woman!

"You people disgust me, don't return here anymore!"

Liu JiLian was fast to approach the busy town that seemed to be bustling with energy, as a town near the sea most of their income naturally came from fishing, if you were not a fisherman then then you sold the fish at the market! There weren't many other vegetation farms or livestock farms in the area so she could only assume fish was their main consumption with vegetables being a rarity.

Nagini couldn't care less about the human town but rather felt unsettled once they were in the vicinity.

She noticed. "What's wrong?"

He was quick to answer, [My mother is here.]


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