Strongest Protagonist's Aura
-4 Terminology, Explanation s + More
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Strongest Protagonist's Aura
Author :Fluffypie
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-4 Terminology, Explanation s + More


This story takes place in a cultivation world (xianxia? wuxia?), but it has (eastern?) fantasy elements in it, including a (game-like?) system and monsters/organisms from other cultures.

Although the story was marked for general audience, viewer discretion is advised. Author is unsure about the specs for each of the age limit requirements, so author simply marked general audience. But the story may have what is considered blood and gore, along with foul language, and other use of language that may not be appropriate for children under 18, but it's usually *** out.

Notice the inconsistency of the skill description organization. The Author apologizes for that, but please deal with it.


Red | Orange | Yellow | Green | Blue | Indigo | Violet | Brown | Gold | Cyan

Each with 10 levels

Organisms can increase cultivation through absorbing Qi from the world, through consuming treasures with Qi, and through other Qi-Infused sources.

Absorbing world Qi is usually the slowest, depending on the talent of the individual and the density of world Qi.

Cultivation requires a cultivation manual of some sort. Most cultivation manuals would have a limit to the max strength it could reach. Once a max strength is reached, a new cultivation manual, which starts at the current cultivation level that the cultivator is at, must be practiced in order to further progress cultivation. Most manuals can automatically meld or are compatible with one another without causing much consequences, but usually more manuals mean less power due to different cultivation types conflict. Hence, usually different manuals would require those of same type, unless it's the hybrid type.

Types: Body Strengthening, Mental Fortitude, Hybrid

Note: Types are not denoted inside story on cultivation manuals. Reader would probably have to deduce it.

[Evil - "Black Qi"]

Cultivators with evil cultivation techniques (dual cultivation, life/Qi absorbing, slaughter, etc.) will have the regular Qi colors when using Qi, but there will also be black Qi mixed with their Qi.

More details will be released further in the story.

[Treasure Grades]

Colorless | White (Common) | Green (Uncommon) | Blue (Rare) | Orange (Super Rare) | Red (Ancient) | Purple (Mythical) | Rainbow (Legendary) | Transparent (Godly)

Denoted as "color" grades, each of the above grades, with the exception of Transparent, are split into three sub-grades, lower grade, mid grade, and upper grade. A sub-category peak grade is also denoted to represent those treasures whose grade has reach the peak of the upper grade. Treasures that have reached peak grade may upgrade to the next "color" grade if there is a possible upgrade.

Transparent grade details shall be announced further on into the story.

Note: Usually one can tell what grade a treasure is by the glow/glint on the treasure, with the exception of some treasures due to natural coloring of the treasure.

[Level Vs. {%}]

{%} denotes progresses towards completion, meaning there IS a max level. Usually full 100% would lead to a rise in level with some exceptions on cultivation manuals (where 100% would mean that cultivation manual is now useless)

Level denotes abilities that have NO max level. Levels can usually go up to infinitely, but by around 100 or so, it's probably impossible to level further, unless it's the MC OP Mary Su Buff Leveling, if you know what I mean.

[Innate Ability]

Completely belongs to the host, cannot be stolen. It is usually inborn, but any gained innate skills permanently belongs to host. This is an always active, passive ability usually.

These skills usually don't overlap, kind of like a "shared" skill between clones. (Would be too OP if {Strongest Protagonist's Aura} overlapped on one another)


These abilities are usually the common passive abilities gained by host. They are generally always active.

These abilities are usually the ones that don't affect the outside world. They are the "internal" type that affects the host.


These abilities are usually the common active abilities gained by host. They generally requires some sort of condition to activate such as Qi or some sort of other resources.

These abilities are usually the ones that affect the outside world. They take resources or generate resources into the outside world. They are the "external" type that affects the outside world. For example, language speaking can affect outside world because host can converse with others to change the plot, so it belongs to skills.


These are the effects that the host currently hold. These effects may not be permanent, and some may seem permanent but still can be resolved. Notice, the default host body is a healthy human male, so any other changes to body will be a type of status, for example crippled meridians or poisoned. Both harmful and positive effects will appear here. It's pretty cheat because it's like a medical diagnose of the host, except host has no control over its updates because it automatically scans and updates.


The common cultivation "resource". There are two types of Qi. The Qi that can be used and the Qi that is used to cultivate. They are of the same source, meaning that they come from the air/Qi of the world, except that they are generated differently. Qi from the world would be converted to cultivation points for a cultivation manual when absorbed. Once the host cultivates to a certain level, host's max usable Qi will increase. Host's max usuable Qi is the Qi that is kind of like "mana" that can be used to activate skills. It can't be used to further cultivation, not that there is a need to because the Qi from the world is enough. The Qi from the world, can also be referred to as world Qi, can also be used to recover usable Qi. This is usually done automatically unless host gains a cultivation technique/manual that enhances the recovery speed through actively converting world Qi. Unless there's a skill to do otherwise, cultivation would require actively doing nothing and absorbing Qi (maybe until later stages).


Luck is an abstract concept. There is not really a way to measure it because we can't see, feel, touch, or imagine it in any way (although it may seem we can). The luck stat in the story only denotes the boost in points that is added to the host's default luck. If the host's default luck is bad, it just makes it a little better. Higher luck boost means higher chance in this story just means a boost in percentage in the percent increase of each of the abilities of the {Strongest Protagonist's Aura} and other skills that are related to luck. This is not clearly denoted in the story as the Mr.Author is too lazy to write it out.

[Stack-able Items] (Usually things smaller than one cubic meter)

Money (coins), basic natural items or building blocks (such as regular rocks/stone, bricks, dirt, etc.), special currencies (Spirit Stones and Power Stones), Small and common plants/herbs (such as grass, Qi-Infused herbs/plants, etc. excluding plants/herbs of size larger than one cubic meter), talismans or paper product, etc.

{brackets} usually denote skill/ability when used inside the story.

{brackets} usually denote the percent progress towards next level when denoted inside/next to a skill description

X -> Y is used to denote stat growth from X to Y

??? in item grade descriptions would denote a treasure that is such a high level, that the grade cannot be determined. These treasures would usually have effects that are beyond common sense, OP, or hidden. Usually these treasures are important for story progress somewhere.

More terms added in future as story progresses.
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    《Strongest Protagonist's Aura》