Strongest Protagonist's Aura
-3 About The Author
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Strongest Protagonist's Aura
Author :Fluffypie
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-3 About The Author

@@[Author : Fluffypie]

The Author is an honest, poor, little individual who is trying to write for passing time. As you can see by the Author's Pen name Fluffypie, the Author loves to write stories that mostly belong to the fluffy romance genre. Note that the Author is a serious individual, so most of the Author's stories have a boring, serious tone to them.

[Release(s)] (Besides the first couple of days of new volume)

The Author will try to drop one chapter a day at 10:00 P.M. Los Angeles Time.

Note: If Author is not inspired to write for a day, then apologies. Rather than a bad chapter, Author would rather have something that is still bad, but not as bad before releasing.

[Weekend Release(s)] (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

The release times on weekends may vary. No worries, there will still be at least one chapter released per day by 10:00 P.M. Los Angeles Time, but it may simply be earlier on some days.

[Bonus Chapter(s)]

There are none. Especially when the Author is in a good mood.

Caution : Please decide how much of the description of the Author you should trust


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Content references (e.g. Fairy Tail, Naruto, Family Guy, Monster Musume, League of Legends, etc.) are not owned by the author.

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    《Strongest Protagonist's Aura》