Strongest Protagonist's Aura
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Strongest Protagonist's Aura
Author :Fluffypie
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-2 Reply to Readers

[June 25, 2018]

Requested by an avid reader, newdate.

Went through and removed pretty much all the stars on names and such, with the exception of cuss words, but one should be able to deduce those easily, unless you're too innocent. If I missed any, please ring me up somehow. Also, thanks for the compliment, but sorry the MC will be getting very "OP" and "ruin" the story. No can do, it's the MC with the Strongest Protagonist's Aura so everything "good" happens to him.

[July 3, 2018]

Reply to Precheur:

Alright, I may have made a mistake there. At the time, I was thinking that transparent was like a glassy wavy look, like how you see those invisible Qi in Wuxia Dramas while colorless just means you have nothing. But it's difficult to tell I guess; however, we haven't actually gotten there yet, so there might be fixes in the future, haven't thought of it yet. Thanks though.

Reply to SleepDeprivation:

Okay, I don't really see the point in my system either. I just threw that in there just to mess with the MC because it's there to stunt his growth while providing a clearer representation of the MC's data. As for choosing the system, no the system was not chosen. The power that was chosen was the {Strongest Protagonist's Aura} which does not come with the system. The system came as like a monitor/inspector/side you would say for the MC through transferring worlds (like in "isekai" novels). I think this was mentioned like at the first chapter where he was transferred, how the system was provided by the Gods of whatnot. Thanks for pointing it out though. The system will have some changes in the future for sure, but I haven't gotten there yet, and I don't want to spoil.

Reply to Project_Traveler:

Because power of creation was too OP such that I didn't know what to write. Okay, maybe I just simply randomly chose a topic based on a random pop up idea I had without further thoughts. *cough* But a valid explanation would be that without the Protagonist's Aura, the MC would have died in the first scene of the book where he was rained by arrows.
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    《Strongest Protagonist's Aura》