Strongest Protagonist's Aura
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Strongest Protagonist's Aura
Author :Fluffypie
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@@[July 4, 2018]

July 4th celebration! Look out for incoming bonus chapters! Remember, don't get drunk from celebration or you'll miss it! (Don't shoot too much fireworks or you won't have energy to read *cough*)

[July 26, 2018]

Author is really busy to come up with second arc, hence novel will be suspended until further notice.

[September 17, 2018]

Story Arc 2 begins today! Although there isn't many chapters (unfinished Arc 2), chapters will come daily at 10:00 P.M. LA Time until it runs out! Then hiatus~ Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the more cliche chapters to come as there is nothing else to write about.

[October 14, 2018]

And yall know, it's time for hiatus again. Later~ for a long time this time.

[December 20, 2018]

It's almost Christmas, and yall know what that means~ The end to Volume 2 (Changes of Fate) is currently being written and I hope to complete it soon. I am looking forward to releasing after Christmas (or maybe even before!)! So, look out for updates in the coming week! If I don't make it (due to Christmas gathering with family), then I will post another update. Thanks~

[December 24, 2018]

It's Christmas eve~ Not much special today, but you know what's happening tomorrow? Nothing special either. Just that I prepared a special mass release drop for not honest but naughty children. Oh Oh Oh! Christmas Merry!

[January 2, 2019]

A Late~ Happy New Years, and a late~ message of "Hiatus". So later yall~ I don't know how long this time as I'm just sitting by the tree stump waiting for the inspiration rabbit.

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    《Strongest Protagonist's Aura》