Strongest Protagonist's Aura
93 Most Pleasurable Torture
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Strongest Protagonist's Aura
Author :Fluffypie
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93 Most Pleasurable Torture

This is not a chapter~ Technically it is, but it's not here!

(If you want to skip reading this page, so be it, you'll just miss out on some funny statements that's all)

As this chapter will include 18+ Content, I will be releasing it on my newly created Patreon!

Don't worry, I am not charging for a read as it is available to public (if I had set it up right); however, as I said, it's 18+, so a Patreon account above a certain *cough* above *cough* age is needed *wink* *wink*.

As for if you will regret reading it ... I don't know, maybe as this is my first time writing 18+. You can just skip over it as the story progresses on perfectly fine without it. (It is an extra side chapter with adult content just for the fun of it - you can also see it as a reward for loyal readers).

As for why it's not posted here with the rest of the story? Well, I don't want to mark my entire story as 18+ only just for one chapter (or maybe more chapters to come, depends~). I already had a difficult enough time setting it to parents discretion from general audience (which means smaller audience for my already not so popular novel). As you know, this is a kid-friendly story with no dirty content with pure fluff in romance! *cough* (Will Mr.Aura lie?)

Here are the warnings for the chapter:

/* WARNING: This chapter contains 18+ Sexual Content that may or may not be disturbing. Reader discretion advised (18+ ONLY). */

/* WARNING: Read at your own risk! Do NOT take 'physical' action as any 'injuries' are not my responsibility (nor Patreon's) */

/* WARNING: IF any unknown or abnormal feeling occurs, please stop reading (and contact your doctor)! */

/* NOTE: It is not required to read this content for the story Strongest Protagonist's Aura as this is an extra chapter */

So if you still want to read it after all of that (For science!), then just head over to my Patreon and look for the post (with same title)! (Should come out on same day as the previous/this chapter if I scheduled correctly, time may be off - if chapter after this one came out, Patreon post should be out already)

My Patreon:

Or simply move on with next chapter and continue the non-adult journey (If you skipped both last chapter and this one, then good for you).

For those that took the dirty road not walked by others, and did the dirty job that wasn't done by others, please leave a kid-friendly comment about the writing style, whether you liked it or not, etc. Feedback is always appreciated. We all know you're not 'dirty', so have no worries and leave a comment.

Of course if you're embarrassed (no need to be for we are studying for the future of mankind!), you can leave an anonymous comment like so:

Anonymous: {Your comment}

No one's a sadist, so no one will berate you for doing so~
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    《Strongest Protagonist's Aura》