Solo Leveling Novel
2 Chapter I
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Solo Leveling Novel
Author :Mackoy_Macasampon
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2 Chapter I

Class E Hunter Class E Hunter Sung Jin Woo.

Regardless of what Jinwoo was, it was a follower of the tag.

Jin-woo's stats are almost the same as ordinary people.

Except for those who are a little stronger and a bit faster than others, they were not much different from ordinary people.

So I always lived with injuries.

There were many times that I died and survived.

Of course, I'm not doing Hunter because I like Jinwoo.

Work is dangerous, always neglected, not even punitive.

If there was no medical subsidy to the Hunter who belonged to the Hunter Association, I would have returned the Hunter right now and lived a normal life.

But now, in the mid-twenties, Jin-woo, who does not have any special skills, has become a hunter for the hospital expenses of her mother who hurts hundreds of hits each month.

Do not you think there was no choice?

So that day, Jinwoo was crying and participating in the raid organized by the association without a number of mustard to eat.

*** Hunters working in the same area usually know each other well.

When the gate is opened, the hunters in the area are gathered together.

First, the hunters greeted each other by sipping warm coffees handed by association staff.

"Hey, Mr. Kim. Here. here."

"Oh, what is Mr. Park doing? Do you think Hunter is quitting now? "

"that… My wife is pregnant with her second duck. "

"Ha ha ha hot. Yes. The Hunters have not done anything to rave. "

Mr. Kim smiled with excitement and Mr. Park smiled and laughed.

"But nowadays, the association call is missing. Did the number of gates decrease a little? "

"Oh, what. Nowadays the guilds are more enthusiastic than the associations. As the big money moves, the guilds turn on their eyes very lightly, and they only bother. "

"So this raid is going to be conducted by the association Is it safe to see?"

Park was worried about his surroundings.

The fact that the guild does not move is not big money, and the gate that does not make big money usually has a very low level of difficulty.

But there is no 100 percent of anything. Park, as well as other hunters, was looking around with an uneasy eye.


Kim, who had just left the remaining coffee and refused to answer, found a person approaching from afar and shook his arms gladly.

"Uh, there it comes. Sex! Sex! "

The other hunters saw him and he had a nice smile.


The main character of the voice was Sung Jin Woo.

Jinwoo passed lightly to Kim, who welcomed us with grace.

Kim confirmed that Jinwoo had passed and laughed and gave a rant.

"You are here. Then it's safe here. "

Mr. Park, who has a rounded eye, stuck to Mr. Kim.

"what? Hunter named Sungjin is so strong? "

"Oh, I do not know Mr. Park. Mr. Park, Hunter who started coming soon after leaving. There's no one here who hits the Hunters and does not know Sung-jin. "

"You're so old? Why did he work for the association? I do not have a large guild or a freelance. "

Kim, who laughed and laughed, saw his eyes.

"You know that nickname is far?"

"How do I know that? Do not be stupid, but let's talk quickly. "

"Mankind best armor."

"…The ultimate weapon? Not the final weapon? "

"This man. That's the S-class finalist Hunter nickname. That man is an armory of healing. Probably the weakest of the Korean hunters. "


Mr. Park frowned.

If Hunter is so weak, why did everyone reject him?

He is the one who should leave his back behind in case of need.

I could not understand the reaction of the other hunters.

Park smiled at his head, and Mr. Kim smiled and stabbed Mr. Park 's side with his elbow.

"a! So the raid that Seong Jin-woo comes to is that the difficulty must be low. For him, the association does not do any hard work. So who is going to die? "

Then Park 's face brightened as well.

"Is that so?"

I had a lot of worries about my wife Ray Draham for a long time.

In fact, I was anxious myself.

By the way, Mr. Kim, I feel much more relaxed.

Mr. Kim said.

"There's a rumor that I was hospitalized for a week with that E-class gate," he said.

"Hunter hurt at the E-level gate?"

"Yes. I did not expect anyone to be injured at the E-level gate, so I did not bring a healing hunter. "

"So the hospital for a week? Fu hahaha hot! "

Mr. Park noticed Mr. Kim when he laughed too loudly.

"Eh, this man. The castles. "

"Oh, I did not think of it."

Park giggled carefully as he watched Jinwoo's eyes.

Fortunately, the streets were so far away that I did not seem to hear this story.

But that was a misjudgment.

'I can hear you, you dudes.'

Jinwoo pretended not to care for their eyes and laughed.

At this time, his exceptionally bright ears were resentful.

It's still early in the raid.

'Did you arrive too early?'

Jin Woo, who was looking for a time to go for a while, found an associate employee to distribute the coffee and went there.

"May I ask you for a cup of coffee?"

"Oh, Sung Jin Hunter … What am I supposed to do about this? The coffee has just run out. "

"…"The winter wind rubbed past the tip of the nose.

Jinwoo steals his nose with his index finger.

It was a hard day for coffee that was frozen in his own turn.

*** "Why is Jin-ju insisting on the job of Hunter?"


Jinu bowed his head.

The beauty, Lee Joo-hee, who is casting a healing magic in front of Jin-woo, complained with a silky face.

"I am not trying to apologize to Mr. Jin. I am worried about Jinwoo. Every time I fight like this, someday it will be really dangerous. "

Jin looked at his fellow hunters fighting over Zhu Xi's shoulder.

When you enter the gate, you will see a dungeon.

The rank of this dungeon is D class.

A dozen hunters were dealing with the monsters in the dungeon without much effort.

But even for Jeun-woo, an E-class hunter.

Normally injured Hunter's treatment is the healing hunters waiting in the rear. Jin-woo, who was injured every raid, was a celebrity among healing hunters.

Zhuhei asked carefully.

"Is there any reason you can not quit Hunter?"

Jinwu decisively shook his head.

I did not want to reveal to others a very personal affair.

"Hunter is a hobby. If you do not do this, you'll probably die bored. "

Then Zhuhei pierced his mouth.

"I'll be raiding in the last two hobbies."

Jinwoo, who was worried, burst into laughter.

Thanks to Zhu Xi 's nagging.

"Alas! Do not laugh, do not laugh! It hurts! "

I asked Jinwoo.

"No, where did you learn that?"

"Where to learn. It's from Mr. Kim – Mr. Kim. "

"Oh, I do not really care about that …"

The treatment was ending while laughing and talking.

But I was already late.

The raid was a sort of atmosphere.

Jin-woo's expression settled.

'I have only one catch today.'

It is also E grade.

Jinwoo touched one of the E grade marbles in his hand.

The lowest level of marine stones from E-class marsh will not cost 100,000 won. It was a terrible pay for the cost of his life.

'It is said that only Myeongseok which comes out from class C classmaster is over ten million won …'

However, Jin-woo, who was only an E-class hunter, was a class-mate.

Then, someone shouted.

"uh? Is there another entrance here? "

The nearby hunters rushed forward.

"Uh, are you?"

"Is there another real entrance?"

The entrance of another dungeon was hidden in the dungeon as the first discoverer said.

"Double Dungeon … There's actually something like this. "

Song, a 10-year-old hunter, was amazed at the entrance of the dungeon.

The inside of the cave was dark and did not look well.

Song threw his organs, the flame magic, and threw them inside.

The flame swirled and flashed.

The runway was endlessly stretched.

Within a few minutes, the flames that fell to the floor lost a momentum.

The cave was back in the dark.

"Hmm… Everybody look at me for a moment. "

A real leader, Song, called all of the Hunters.

Jin-woo and Zhuhei, who finished treatment, gathered there.

Song looked around the Hunters and said.

"As you all know, all the gates do not close unless you take the boss of the dungeon. Even though I have arranged this place, I can see that the gate is fine and the boss is in there. "

Song pointed to the hidden dungeon entrance.

The hunters exchanged their eyes and nodded.

There was no controversy.

Song was speaking.

"Originally, in this case you have to report to the association and wait for the decision … Then, if we take the boss to other hunters, our income can be significantly reduced. "

The hunters' faces were wrinkled.

Mr. Park's face, which was especially needed for his wife's pregnancy, got harder.

'Nowadays, I can only make money for postpartum cooking …'

There is no sense in raiding for life.

"So I want to get rid of our bosses and go out … What do other people think? "

The hunters were thoughtful.

"…""…"Of course, it is not a situation that you can easily see, and it is true that you can not guarantee safety.

However, this dungeon was very difficult.

So it seems that the other dungeons hidden in the dungeon were not too difficult.


Song made a break.

"We have 17 people, so let's vote. If it is decided, do not say it. What sense? "

Everyone nodded at Song's proposal.

No one objected.

"I go."

Song raised his hand.

Then the people who had noticed their hands took their hands in turn.

"Me too."

"I go to the table."

Mr. Park first raised his hand, and Kim and other hunters raised their hands.

Of course, there were many negative votes.

"Do not go."

"Would not it be nice to wait for the association's decision once?"

While Gaza and Malaja confronted each other, the vote turned and came to the last remaining two people, Jin-woo and Ju-hee.

"I'm sorry…"

Zhuhei added a mark to Mr. Song 's head.

As a result, Gaza and Mali are 8th to 8th.

It became a tie.

Song asked the Jinwu who was hesitant to make a decision.

"What is your name?"

Everything ran on Jinwoo's judgment.

Jin-wook looked at the side of the E-class marble stuck in his hand.

Zhuhei shook his head to Jinwoo.

It was probably uneasy.

In fact, it was uneasy, too.

I would never have risked it if it was usual.

I did not have the ability or the guts to do that.

But Jinwoo had a sister who had to go to college soon.

'I do not have any money …'

Jinwoo's age is twenty-four.

I gave up college because I did not have enough money to study.

I did not want to go through that pain until my brother.

Now it's a pity.

Mr. Park was not the only one who needed a pocket.

Jinu lifted his hand.

"I'm going, too."

Then a small sigh of relief came out from the side.

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