Solo Leveling Novel
3 Chapter II
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Solo Leveling Novel
Author :Mackoy_Macasampon
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3 Chapter II

The double dungeon path was endless.

The lead, including Song, led the strongest hunters.

Song, walking at the front, made his way with a small flame summoned on the palm of his hand.

Mr. Kim asked by the side.

"Is not it going too deep? I have to consider the time to get out of it. "

"How long have we been walking?"

Mr. Kim looked at the clock on his wrist.

"about… I walked about 40 minutes. "

"After grabbing the boss, the gate is completely closed in an hour, so I can afford 20 minutes."

"If you can not see the boss in 20 minutes, I'll pull you out."

"That should be."

Song nodded his head and pointed his thumb over his back.

"Mr. Kim, the front is dark, so come back behind me."

Mr. Kim looked at Mr. Song 's flame and pulled out his cell phone and turned on the light.

Then the front was very clear.

"…"Song began to turn his back on his pocket and his cell phone light.

*** In the back of the party, Jin-woo, who suffered severe injuries, and Ji-hee, who had no combat skills, stood.

Jinwu scratched the back of his head.

"there… Sorry."


"I dragged him."

"I'm fine, so you do not have to worry."

Jinwoo looked at Zhu Xi 's expression.

It was not a good face at all.

Jin-woo, who had a headache, looked carefully and asked again carefully.

"Are you really okay?"

Then Zhuhei looked around this way.

"Of course not. Are you out of your mind now? If the place where Jin-woo was stabbed was a little more upward, there would have been a hole in his heart. What about the wounds on the wrists and thighs? I just barely cured it, and now I'm going to another dungeon? You do not even know what it is? "

When I heard that it was so fast, I felt like my mind was dull.

But there was no wrong word.

It was hard for him to do everyday life for a while, not to mention the Hunter thing.

'I see that every time I have to take care of Zhuhei.'

Ju-hee is a precious healing hunter.

It is also B-class talent.

The association naturally asked her to treat the hunters every time a gate occurred, and she had to sit in front of her almost every time she attended the raid.

"Are you sick? Be patient. "

"It's familiar … Have you ever been that last time? "

"Did you get hurt again?"

"We look pretty often."

"You said Mr. Jinwoo? There he … Are you okay? "

"Maybe Hunter's job does not fit his aptitude …"

"…You are here again. "

"Hold your arm, no, you can put a bandage at home, it's broken."

Now I am sorry to go beyond my gratitude.

"…"Jin-woo's prosecution is in trouble, and I feel sorry for Ji-hee.

"I'm so sorry?"


Junhee, who was thinking about something, looked up at Jinwoo and raised his mouth.

"If you are so sorry … How about buying a meal? "

It was an invitation that I did not really think about.

Looking at her in amazement, Zhuhei was making a playful smile like an adolescent girl.

'Girl …'

Now, Junhee is a virgin who is now in his twenties.

Did he say that he will be 21 next year?

Instead of a long straight hair, I wear a uniform instead of the clothes I am wearing now.

The face of the school uniform reminds me of Zhu Xi.

When Jin – woo 's answer was delayed, Zhu – hee inflated her cheeks like a balloon.

"what… Do not you want to eat with me? "

It was then.

Suddenly, the front was loud.

"It came out!"

"It's the boss room!"

The gaze of Jinwoo and Zhuhei moved forward.

A huge gate was blocking the way.

The hunters surrounded the door.

"No, the gate at the end of the cave?"

"Have you ever had a room with a door?"

"This is the first time …"

"this… Is not it dangerous? "

Male breeding.

The hunters showed anxiety.

It was a life – threatening thing and I had to be cautious.

But if you are overly cautious, you may not be able to do what you need to do. Song decided that this was the case.

"Is it true that I will come back here empty-handed?"

Song put his hand on the door.

"To say that. I'm going to go alone. "

Song was a C-class hunter with 10 years of experience.

Even if I was not older than 60, I was able to work in a large guild.

As Hunter said confidently, everyone felt a little less relaxed.

"Come to think of it."

Some of the hunters have come up with rumors about double dungeons.

"I have a tremendous treasure in a double dungeon."

"I heard that a small guild has discovered a double dungeon and has grown to a large guild at one time."

"The hunters in the dungeons are not difficult to hunt because they are all at the same level wherever they are …"

What if, like rumors, the real treasure hides in a double dungeon, and the masters in the dungeon are only dealing with class D and E as before?

'That inspiration alone can not keep the treasure alone.'


'In nursing home care, big school expenses, we should raise charter soon …'

The understanding of the Hunters was consistent.

Jinwoo was also determined.

'You can not go back to one E-class stones. At least I need to get one more grade D, no E grade. "

It's okay if you do not have to.

'If the treasure comes out …'

It was customary to divide the treasures and rare items from the dungeon evenly.

It was different from the hunting, which only had to take care of the marjoram of his hand.

'If you take a share here, you can be a little easier.'

Jinwu swallowed the gulp.

Zhuhei asked Jinu's spirited face.

"Is that the hunter's hobby?"

Jinwu shrugged his shoulders.

"Who loses his life these days? I do not know if it is a hobby. "


When Joo – hee was face to face, the door of the dungeon where Song started pushing was opened.

Grgggg -!

The massive door was easily pushed by the force of the old man in 60s.

Kuwoong -!

When the door opened wide, the wide interior was revealed.

The hunters came in front of me.

"We'll go."

I wonder if I'll be left behind, Jinwoo grabbed Zhuhei's wrists.


Zhuhei followed her with her face blinking slightly.

*** As soon as the hunters stepped in, the flames rose at once from the torches filling the wall.


Thanks to that, the inside has turned bright.

"what? Is the light on? "

"This is the first dungeon."

"Something… different."

The hunters looked around.

The inside was like an ancient shrine.

An old, graceful temple that seems to be hidden underground.

There were mosses in the floor, wall, ceiling.

Some hunters shrugged and shivered.

"Why is it sulky?"

"Does not it look like who's watching?"

Behind the frightened hunters, the strong hunters struggled to get inside.

""ø¤! Do not be silly. "

"Let's finish quickly and let's go."

The inside was too wide.

Large dome-shaped room. It seemed to be bigger than the sum of a few Olympic stadiums in Seoul combined with a few.

However, it seemed somewhat narrow.

The reason was clear.

"that… that…"

"Do not you think that's not a boss?"

Something gigantic in the innermost sense of common sense was sitting on a huge chair as big as he was.

It is indeed a magnificent figure!

"Oh My God."


The elasticity has flowed out.

The first image that emerged in Jinwoo 's mind at that moment was the Statue of Liberty.

Would not it be that size if the Statue of Liberty sits on a chair?

The Statue of Liberty is a woman's figure, and the figure in a chair was a male figure.

'Maybe it's bigger than that …'

The hunters swallowed their saliva from the backs of the gigantic statues.

Everyone thought that if it was a boss, it was nervous.

'…'But the statue did not move.

It was a good thing.

"Hoo -" Song shed a relief.

"Let's go, let's disperse."

The hunters who had room to spare were scattered and began to look around.

"I do not see anything like this here?"


"I do not see a worm in my mind."

The room with the statue was simple compared to its vast extent.

On the wall there were a number of torches used for lighting, and in front of it were rows of stones slightly larger than the height of the people.


"It looks like an artwork?"

The stone statues were different from each other.

Some were carrying weapons, some carrying books, some carrying instruments and torches.


"It's like a piece of a temple."

Song replied to what Mr. Kim was going to say.


Song found something in his foot.

"This… Is it a magic circle? "

At the center of the temple was a circle of shapes that were first seen.


"Hey, Mr. Song, what's it say here? Can you take a look at this? "

One Hunter found a unique stone statue in the corner and called Song.

Song, who looked at the magic circle, stood up from his seat.

All the other hunters also poured into the stone statue of Mr. Song.

He also had a poisonous stone statue with wings and holding a slab.

What the Hunters paid attention to was the letters engraved on the slabs.

Song, who looked over the slab, muttered.

"Runic characters."


Only characters found in the dungeon, not visible anywhere on the planet, could only be interpreted by hunters who woke up with magic lines.

"The discipline of the shrine of Cartelon."

Mr. Song read the first sentence.

Jinwoo was nervous and listened to Song 's reading of the slab.

But someone pulled his arm.

I turned around and saw Zhu Xi, whose face was blue.

I was surprised to see Ji – hee 's complexion too bad.

"why? Are you sick?"

"that… there."

Jin-hee's fingertips followed Jin-woo's gaze.

A giant statue.

Zhuhei was pointing to the face of the person.

It was the same as when I first saw it, so Jin woke up.

"…?"Zhuhei stuttered.

"Nu, the eyes … The pupil's eyes just moved toward us. "


It was the same again a few times.

The statue was intact.

"a… It will be mistaken. "

But Ji-hee's ear had already heard the voice of Jin-woo, and she bowed to Jin-woo's arm and shook her head.


Suddenly, Jinwoo sensed an ominous aura.

The surrounding was bizarrely calm.

'Sound …?'

I could not hear the sound of the torch that I had tacked on.


In the meantime, Mr. Song's voice, reading down the slab, continued.

"Worship God. Second, praise God. Third, prove your faith. He who does not keep this discipline will not be able to return to life. "

It was then.


Everyone was amazed at the sudden burst of noise.

"What, what?"

"What do you mean suddenly?"

The first person to notice this was Jinwoo.

Since I was feeling my senses, I was able to know immediately which sound was coming from.

"door! The door is closed! "

As Jinwoo shouted, everyone looked at the door.

The door that I had opened was firmly closed.

"Eli! I can not take it anymore! "

The man who was the first to go into the dungeon spit out his disgust and walked toward the door.

"I will go back to Boss and treasure, and you can just show off."

A man who would have blindfolded his protest against Song.

He swung his head and grabbed the door knob.

That moment.

Song's eyes grew bigger.


Fuck it!

The top of the neck of the man who held the knocker disappeared.

The body that lost its head went back without power.

It is folly!

"Aw, awake!"

"Uh, oh!"

The hunters screamed.

The stone statue, which smashed a man's head with a mallet, went back to its original position, as if nothing had happened while the blood was overturned.

"Well, that's moving!"

"what? So you can move all the statues here? "

"Fight those things?"

"I did not see you wielding a mule!"

But Jinwoo knew.

The fact that the disaster will not end with this.

I just said Zhu Xi.

"Nu, the eyes … The pupil's eyes just moved toward us. "

'If that is true …'

The back of the back was creepy.

Jinwoo forced his throat stiff neck and turned around.


The statue was looking down on himself.


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