Solo Leveling Novel
4 Chapter III
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Solo Leveling Novel
Author :Mackoy_Macasampon
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4 Chapter III

At the moment of the attack that started, the gigantic eyes of the gods turned red.

Hunter's sense?

No, instinct as a creature warned of danger.

Something is coming.

Something you can not afford!

Jinu exclaimed with all his heart, turning around the hunters behind him.

"Get down!"

Almost at the same time, red rays emanated from both eyes of the image.

Jin-woo grabbed Zhu Xi and threw herself.

Guy Ying -!

The ray went over the place where Jinwu stood.

One tenth of a second.

No, a hundredth of a second.

It was a breathtaking moment.

But other hunters were not as lucky as Jin-u.

"Ah, ah!"

"Ah, ah!"

The hunters that hit the rays literally evaporated.

At the spot where the ray had passed, only the remnants of the Hunters remained.

The screams came not from them but from the mouths of other hunters who witnessed their last.

"What is this?"


"Why does this happen …"

The Hunters were astonished.

Of the 16 people, only 11 survived.

I have never experienced such an edgy attack.

'I barely avoided it because of the sound of Sook.'

'If Mr. Seong just did not shout …'

The Hunters swallowed their saliva while gazing at Jinwoo.

Jinwoo was a life saver.

If it was not for Jinwoo, what would have happened just now, the chat was cool.

"…"Jinwoo stared at the statue while lying down.

The eyes of the gods were still shining red, but no more attacks.

'The attack … Is it over? '

Jin looked down.

Frightened Zhu Xi trembled in his arms.

That's why she is a B-class super hunter, but instead of a large guild, she works for the Association and only participates in simple raids.

Zhu Xi 's breath was getting more and more rough.

I could not leave her alone.

Jin-woo is trying to raise his mind to think that he should do something, but someone pushes his shoulder with a strong force.

"Do not stand up."

Song was approaching soon.

Jinwoo was embarrassed, but he listened to him quietly. Song also shouted to other hunters.

"Do not move everyone! Stay in that position! "

Song looked around and turned his head back to Jinwoo.

"Only those who moved were hit. Those who listened to you and drowned lived. "

"i See."

Song looked up at his head.

"You know everything, did not you yell?"

"I just thought something was dangerous …"

Song's eyes widened.

'A good friend. Did you say it's E grade? Even if the stats were a little higher … '

While Mr. Song looked at Jin-woo with his unhappy eyes, Jin-woo got a chance to look at Mr. Song's condition.

Jinwoo discovered something and circled his eyes.

"Oh, man … Your arm? "

"It's okay. I can not bear it. "


Jinwu swallowed his saliva.

The opposite side of the arm holding Jinwoo's shoulder, so Song's left arm had disappeared.

"…"Song, who looked down on Zhu Xi without any words, was tired but touched his left arm.

"Are you tied up at the end? It is difficult with one hand. "

Jinwoo nodded his head.

Simple hemostasis is over.

Song took a long sigh instead of screaming or moaning.

It was a sigh with a long age of ten years of life in Hunter.


After the first aid, Song looked around with a keen eye.

Although the statue stopped the attack, the situation did not improve.

So time went by.

"Oh, huh, huh …"

"Why do we look like this …"

Some hunters began to shed tears.

"You can not stay this way until!"

The Hunters' patience was revealing the bottom.

Jinwoo also agreed.

'I can not be here forever.'

But how do you do it?

If Mr. Song's guess is correct, he will be attacked at the moment he moves.

There is a gatekeeper next to each side of the door, even if it luckily escapes to the door to avoid it.

They are the problem.

The movement of the gatekeeper was fast enough to be invisible.

Can they open the door before they attack?

It seemed impossible.

In other words, the annihilation of the Hunters was a matter of time.

'awhile… It's a matter of time? "

I felt a strong sense of incongruity when I got there.

It could not happen but what happened. But no one has not noticed yet. 'Something… I missed something. '

Perhaps the answer is in it.

It was then.

"Do not move!"

Song screamed at Mr.

But Mr. Ju revealed this.

"Noisy! You do not know when he's going to attack again, but you keep waiting here? "

Zhu was a battleground hunter.

The battle system is a body fighting hunters, and the physical ability is superior to that of the general public.

In addition, Ju was recognized for his skills and was in the process of signing a contract with a large guild.

"I can not die like this."

She lowered her body and gave strength to both legs.

The direction is on the door. His leg muscles were bulging up.

"Well …"

Song muttered.

Momentum jumped out of the ground.

Dada Dash!

Jin turned his head toward the statue.

It was different, but the eyes of the gods were pointing at Mr. Ju.

Within a couple of eyes, an eerie ray of light came out.


The ray was behind Mr. Ju's back.


A woman hunter screamed like she was sleeping.

There was yellow water splashing in the place where she was sitting whether she was incontinent.

The faces of the male hunters also stiffened.

"Oh My God…"

There was no Mr.

Only the two legs that were cut were left.

A man with a weak stomach relieved what was inside.


Jinwoo also beat Migan.

These guys, too, were able to annihilate the hunters at any time.

It seemed to be an easier task than stepping on a worm.

'But why … Does not it? "

Even if it can kill, it does not kill.

The Hunters have a very different pattern from those of the witches.

These guys only work if they have certain conditions.

A gatekeeper that attacks when you approach the door. Like a game with rules.

'surely… Is there room in this room? '

At the moment, a puzzle was set in the head of Jinwoo.

It is because the contents of the slab that Mr. Song had read came up.

'The discipline of the shrines of Cartenon.'

Rules are rules, rules are rules.

If there is a way to survive in their grasp, the warning on the slab was the only key.

"…Worship God. "

That was the first rule.

"Well? What did you say? "

Song looked around Jinwoo.

Jinwoo puts index finger on his mouth instead of the answer.

It was a gesture to ask for time to think.

'If I think right …'

Jinwoo slowly raised his body.

Song tried to catch Jinwu in a hurry, but Jinwu shook his head with a spirited expression.

'…It is not the eyes that gave up living. '

Song nodded his head.

Jinwoo carefully woke up from his position without taking a glance at his image.

Then, the pupil of the statue immediately turned to Jinwoo.

Guying -!

The rays were shot.

If the speed of hesitation was a little bit late, my face would melt instead of a few strands of hair!

Jinwo, lying flat on the floor, took a rough breath.

"Huck, huck, huck, huck."

I almost died.

When I saw my face with the statue, I thought I was dying.

I tried to avoid the car, but my legs still shook.


Income was.

'I'm not attacking a moving target.'

If you are bowing, your pupils will not move even if you change your posture.

But if you just try to get up, it starts to spread its rays.

'He attacks at a height above a certain level.'

Jinwoo just took his life to check it.

And I got conviction.

The meaning of the first discipline!


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