Solo Leveling Novel
5 Chapter IV
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Solo Leveling Novel
Author :Mackoy_Macasampon
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5 Chapter IV

Three Disciplines Jeunu shouted at the Hunters.


The Hunters' gaze gathers to Jinwoo.

Jin looked around them and said.

"Please bow to the statue!"

The hunters glared at me.


"Do you want to bow to the priest?"

The Hunters, who had noticed each other, immediately poured out their words to Jinwoo.

"Fuck … What are you talking about now ?!

"No, is that what you say in this situation?"

"Are you already crazy, Sung-jin?"

Kim poured a snot into his earned face.

"I've seen Sung very wrong! If I could move now, I would have kicked my ass! "

Jin woke his lower lip.

Six colleagues were killed by that statue.

It was natural for me to swear that I was supposed to bow to such a man.

I could fully understand the feelings of the Hunters.

'And the most important thing …'

There was no logical basis for him.

Just feel. I could only express it with the word persimmon.

By the way.

"I will."

The voice came from the back of Jinwoo.

Everyone looked and moved.

It was Mr. Song who could be called a leader.

"Uncle Song …?"

"Do you bow to that fucking god?"

While other Hunters were embarrassed, Song looked into Jinwoo's eyes.

"Did you find something?"

Jinwoo nodded his head.

"Is that a sensation?"

"…Yes. for now."


Eleven people lived because of the feeling of Jinu.

Right now, Mr.

If you have such a sense of honor, can you believe it?

Song thought so.

Mr. Song fell down to the statue, and the atmosphere became lax.

"Are you real?"

Jinwoo pushed the momentum and gave strength to the voice.

"Please! Everybody, get down to the statue. Maybe we can survive! "

You can buy.

I can survive.

The power of the word was great.

'Can you live?'

'Can you get out of here?'

'How about once?'

The hesitant Hunters began to fall down one by one.

In the form of a temple.

The number one and two increased.

Kim, who grumbled, eventually bowed to the priest.

But there was no change in the image.

The two eyes of the gods were still glowing with a creepy red light.

Jinwoo was feeling the heart sank.

'Was not it?'

Suddenly, the gaze of Jinwoo turned to Junhee.

Zhuhei, who is leaning against his body and shaking his head with both hands and shaking his head, was not able to see him as if he were bowing even if he looked good.


Jinwoo grabbed Ju – hee 's wrist.

Then Zhuhei lifted her head like a frightened cat.

Jinwoo nodded silently.

Then Zhuhei solved the strength that was given to her hands.

Jinwoo slowly changed his position.


Now the last one is left.

Just yourself.

Jin-woo also kneeled toward the statue, pointed at the floor of the sheep, and slowly bowed his head.

Then the change began.

"Uh, huh?"

The hunters who recognized the change screamed.

"The Statue? Look at everyone! "

"The eyes of the priest!"

The red light glowing from the eyes of the gods was gradually diminishing.

"what? Is this really going to happen? "

Soon the red light disappeared completely.

Oh oh-!

The Hunters cheered.

"The flame is gone!"

"I lived!"

The excited hunters woke up and screamed.

Still, the eyes of the gods no longer emit rays.

Jin-woo, who was late, also sighed a relief.


It was as expected.

This room was moving like a game with strict rules.

'if so.'

The game is not over yet.

Two more disciplines remained.

Second, praise God.

Third, prove your faith.

Right then.

Kugugugugu Palace – The whole room began to shake with terrible noise. Jinwoo's face got hardened.


Hope was good.

It was not the end.

The statue was slowly raising its huge body.

"Oh, huh?"

The hunters, who held each other in tears and cried, realized this and settled like a stone.

"What… what? Was not it over? "

"Do not say that!"

Everyone was freezing and unable to speak.

There was despair over their faces.

"Ah… Alas…"

Finally, the statue got up completely.

He glanced around once, and then he stepped toward the Hunters.

*** Boom!

Every time the statue stepped on the ground, the earthquake shook.


The head of the head seemed to reach the ceiling, which seemed to be so big and big.


Even at this moment the size of the man is overwhelmed, the distance from him has been decreasing.

"Hey, Sung! Seong Jin-woo! "

"What's wrong?"

Until just before, the Hunters who had been rubbing Jinwoo rushed around Jinwoo.

"Is not there a way?"

"Say something!"

The bigger adults were making facial expressions that would burst into tears at the very least.

Jin Woo was the only hope at present.

Jinwu raised the frozen Ju-hee and talked about the second rule.

"Praise the Lord. It's open. "

"Oh, that!"

Kim pretended to know.

"What was written on the slab?"

"Right. Worship God, praise God, prove faith. We have to satisfy all three rules. "

Jin-woo's words got faster.

The statue had already approached the nose.


The huge shadow of the guy was on the hunters.

The hunter's complexion was pale.

"I'll try it."

One young young man hunter, who had almost no words at all, stepped forward.

"Hey! What are you going to do? "

"I am from church choir. I am proud of it. "

The young man walked slowly in front of the statue despite Kim 's briskness.

The last time he looked up at his image and breathed his breath, he breathed a big breath.

"Go to the Lord."

In the room a pure voice rang.

"Make me renewed – pour out Your grace."

The statue stopped in front of him.

Oh – the Hunters gave out their elasticity.

The priest did not move as if he were singing.

All the noise in the room disappeared.

Only the voice of the young man trembled inside.

The young man who gained courage further strengthened his voice.

"All my weaknesses I have found in me – will be taken away by Your love."

Only one of them, Jin Woo, was tired of an ominous feeling.

'no… no.'

Jinwu repeatedly swallowed words.

Inside this room is the rule of this room.

Now the young man is not the rule of this room, but the rule of his religion called Christianity was praising.

Fortunately, the statue did not move, but could it be said that it kept discipline?

Jinwu shook his head.

Yet the only reason I did not let the youth go was because there was no other way to stop it.

Right then!


A heavy noise rang inside.


She screamed like a torn girl.

As the priest lifted his foot, the naked young hunter appeared naked between his soles and the floor.

Other hunters screamed.

"Aaaa -!"

"Uh, ah, ah!"

The face of the image which had never been expressionless was disturbed with anger.

"I'm angry!"

"Do not run away!"

The hunters quickly ran away from the statue.


But Hunter, who witnessed the young hunter stepping on his deathbed, immediately screamed as if he had already lost his mind.


'Damn it…'

Jin-woo, who was holding her back and ran away, turned to save her.

However, Song stood up.


"It's already late."

The priest hit the woman with Hunter in the palm of her hand, beating the fly.


"'�_ …"

Jin turned his head.

It was a disastrous sight that both eyes could not see.

"There is no time for this. Are you going to let that girl die? "

At the end of Song, Jinwoo was spirited.

It was literally.


"Ah, ah!"



"help me!"

Now the statue did not walk.

I ran around and crashed people at random.

Every time he ran his foot, the whole room shook.



Jinwoo started to run with his hands.

Zhuhei closed his eyes tightly and held on to Jinwu.

"Fall off!"


Jinwoo and Song were scattered in the thought that it was dangerous if attached.

Jinwoo went to the corner as far as possible avoiding the raging image.

But there was a Hunter who ran faster than Chinu.

It was Park.

Park ran to the power of sucking.

The tears poured into the family thoughts.

"Cry -."

In the house, my son, who is very like himself, and his second wife, van waited.

I could not die here like this.

It was the earliest of the hunters to be away from the image because of the evil.


Mr. Kim, who was close to him, shouted to Park, who was barely breathing in the corner.

"Mr. Park!"

Park looked back at his familiar voice.


Kim shouted over Park 's back.

"rear! Look back! "

At the time, there was something sharp in the back of Mr. Park.



Park sliced straight from his head to his groin.

The body of the torn Mr. Park fell on both sides.

"Mr. Park!"

The statue, which hit Mr. Park with his sword, returned to its original position as if the gatekeeper had done nothing.

Mr. Kim looked at him and screamed.

"These cobwebs …!"




Behind him was a huge stone statue stepping on people one by one, and when they ran to the corner to avoid him, a stone statue placed there attacked the people.

"Ah, ah!"

"My arm! My arm! "

The inside turned into a crucible of fear and confusion.

"Huck, huck …"

Jinwoo's forehead was filled with sweaty bones.

My legs were getting heavy.

The more you breath, the worse it gets.

But Jin-woo's mind was filled with only one idea.

Praise God, Praise God, Praise God.

A second discipline that revolves around your head.

The key to pulling that mystery is obviously in this room.

Inside this is something we can use!

But when the Hunters came into the room for the first time, they searched around but could not find anything like a device or tool to use.

'Only stone statues are moving now and then.'


Something rubbed through the mind of Jinwoo.

'Moving is only stone statue?'


Jinwoo's eyes grew bigger.

"Why did not I think that!"

If you can move only stone statue, you can use stone statue only.

The stone statue should only be used when a person comes nearer.


Jinu panting harshly, but shouted whale whisper enough to leave the room.

"Everyone goes to the gargoyle with the instrument!"


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