Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 4: Ancient Engraved Copper
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 4: Ancient Engraved Copper

Night had fallen and the roads lined up with neon. The night the city exudes boundless energy, blocks of skyscrapers, rise high into the air.

However, if looked down from space, all this appears to be negligible, merely like a fangcun(Chinese unit of area: 1 cun × 1 cun, or 3⅓ cm × 3⅓ cm).

This is a very unusual night, destined to be disturbed. The head of the station continued to monitor the endless dome of the the night sky.

The dark universe, nine dragon corpses flashing metallic coldness. Their whole bodies covered in Palm-sized black scales and black dots.

Dragon legends exist in folklore, it should not be real at all. However, at the moment it is truly seen across the sky.

Captured images of the the blackness of space, shows shocking and daunting pictures. Huge and enormous great dragons, there was a strong sense of mystery, such as mountains, bold and powerful. scales such as blades, coldness and majestic.

Nine huge corpses, it is a huge impact to the human mind, it overturns any sort of commonsense.


“Yefan, in the past three years, how was your life?” Many people are concerned about Yefan, they verbally asked with concern.

“My life is so bland, nothing special happened in past three years…”

At the same time, Liu Yunzhi in another table is toasting. Saying a lot of greeting to onlookers made him very busy.

Earlier people wanted to punish Yefan for being late, now Lin Jia and Wang Ziwen arrived with a cup in their hands.

After a while, many are now drunk, then they go to the karaoke. Singing songs like being a young student again.

“How many young people have loved your face, we can see who is willing to withstand years of relentless change, how many people have come and also, I have found that life with you, at your side …”
Perhaps because they were drunk, a couple that fell in love and broke up on graduation didn’t seem care of the past fights.

While the song was being sang, the girl started ti get misty eyes and tears fell. The crowd of people tried to comfort her.

For various reasons, couples that were in college at graduation ended their relationships. In the end, the relationships did not get any better.

Graduation means breaking up, it’s like a magic spell. Always ending couples’ relationships in university tragically.

Unfortunately, this tragedy is likely to continue for a long time. Young impulse, associated with job stress,and social situation, many others may have been a victim to this.

Almost everyone chose this song three years ago. Some people still sing it, everyone’s thoughts is pulled back to three years ago, scenes student days, one after another is still vivid in everyone’s minds.

Then the “Maiba”(people who like to hog the microphone) started to sing. People are unable to compliment the sounds because it was horrific and destroyed everyone’s ears. It however brought a wave of joy and everyone started laughing.

The whole night they enjoyed the company of each other. Tomorrow life will go on and they need to go back to their usual lives.

The students that were from far away all booked a hotel near by. Now there were a lot of cars in the care of the owners.

“Lin Jia, I will send you back to the hotel. ” Lin Yunzhi says while parking his Toyota beside her..

Others left by taxi, the car had limited sitting, they were too embarrassed to volunteer to sit with people such as Liu Yunzhi.

Then a Mercedes car parked on the roadside, Fan Ye came off looking towards the female students, he said: “I send you back.”

Yefan felt heart compassion to this female classmate. In college she was a happy and pure girl, like cheering for students outside the soccer field, sometimes even shyly sends them several bottles of mineral water

Due to life’s sorrow, she looks depressed, had a very pale face and said talked very little throughout the night.
Now suddenly see Ye Fan parking on the roadside, with the car and she was so grateful. She was overwhelmed, one night, she did not concern herself with anything, but now all her classmates are paying attention to her.

The other side, Liu Yunzhi saw Yefan drive in, he looked stunned, then suddenly ashamedly looked down.

All around, people looked with different expressions, some have puzzled and complex looks, but also some were surprised and amazed.

People looked intentionally or unintentionally to Liu Zhi, eyes can see the truth and their circumstances were completely different.

At this moment, Liu Zhi face burning face is seen, like being mercilessly slapped in the face.

Several high profile people who sermon Yefan also feel embarrassed and wanted to say something, but don’t know how to start.

There were a few people revealing strange looks, especially the people in Yefan’s table. Liu Yunzhi’s status fell by a bit due to this incident.

The two came over and sat in the car. He was fairly familiar with the girl.

While in the mercedes, several people started leaving while some still have not recovered. Lin Yunzhi glared at the crowd and me feeling as if there’s a thorn in his back.

At the moment, far away in space, in the Earth-orbiting international space station, astronauts look grim, nerves in a state of tension, it can be said they were extremely nervous

In the darkness and cold of space, nine giant dragon corpses seem like eternally have been there, unexplained energy and strength can be felt. Even the giant bronze coffin, made people feel desolate and remote.

Government officials have already agreed that if major change occurs, they will immediately destroy the nine dragon corpses and the mysterious ancient bronze coffin.

But no one wants this to happen.

The Jiu Long coffin, from the dark and dreary depths of the universe, the value and meaning is too big, difficult to measure.

Suddenly, the main control room of the International Space Station captured a group of mysterious signal, it is some kind of extraordinary volatility. The source is in close proximity, it is from the giant bronze coffin that the dragons pulled. Mysterious fluctuations emitted from the surface of those ancient and obscure patterns.

“Hard to decipher…” The signals were transmitted back to Earth. Even the most sophisticated supercomputers were used however, it is still unable to decipher the signals.

The giant bronze coffin was covered in rust, making ti difficult to see it wholly.

“Preliminary analysis of those engraved bronze figures show ancient legends in China. The national control room came up with the same conclusion: “The bronze giant beasts of the coffin-shaped patterns show China’s recorded classical fierce beasts. The bronze patterns figures are suspected to be divine…”

Despite the identified part of the history of the engraved bronze figure, the signal was very weak. Still unable to crack it, it simply doesn’t make any sense.


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