Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 5: Li Xiaoman
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 5: Li Xiaoman

University never changes, people come and go, in the four years inside the school memories are made.

Under the shade sitting on grass, a female and male were reading books giving a sense of tranquility, peace. Yefan felt like being brought back to the past after being away from school for three years.

After graduation, all in order to have a good life were busy, a lot of people left the city. Except for a limited number of people, such as Yefan, finally returned to their school after sometime.

Light overflowed not too far from the lake, the scenery, reminding them of a dispirited mood, silhouettes of dancing and singing folklore songs.

Even though years has passed, when the melody played it reminded people of that age of innocence. The touch of sadness and heartbreaks, sweet, easily found itself in people’s hearts.

Years of settling down, it left a sour taste in the mouth.

Only now those people playing the guitars are now long gone and after graduation their whereabouts unknown.

“I heard the guitarist is now in another city as a bar singer, after years things do change.”

“Remember the school band: The long-legged sisters, their very beautiful and charming lead singer, is said to be now in a nightclub hostess.”

They can only let out a sigh.

After graduation, many people face realization and shock. Sometimes life is really helpless, people get frustrated and confused.

After a brief silence, they continued to move on.

At this time, Lin Jia came to the side of Yefan.

She was wearing a blue and white chiffon dress, placed under the tight skirt, were two slender legs white legs brushing against each other.. She wore a black belt, so that the waist is more defined, long hair loose on her chest, showing a curvy physique.

Pretty face, snow-white skin, the same style slanted eyes, Lin Jia as a person has a special personality.

“You had a car, why did you not say it to me yesterday? ”

“There was no chance for me to say it.”

“Today invite me to sit in your car, okay? ”

“I’d would love to, I solemnly invite Miss Lin Jia.”

They then both laughed.

Yesterday’s incident was indeed abrupt, however it is now gone with the wind, so she decided to keep a low profile since they has a pretty close relationship.

Having these, Lanjia smiled and turned to leave. She was a smart woman, she knew being friends under false pretense is not natural and will only make things worse.

This subtle change also occurred to multiple student.

Almost noon, when leaving his school, they came to the gourmet Street, boarding and restaurant building.

Wang Ziwen and Ye Fan sat in private on their table. Yefan just smiled and offered a few glasses of wine, those two always sat together.

“Ye Fan, yesterday, my words were due to my drunkenness if you don’t mind. I offer you a drink for the pleasure …” That said his fiancee is a Bank Executive’s niece, yesterday he was preaching Yefan, but now is trying to keep a low profile.

That said, the woman who had a husband that is a corporate vice president is more polite to Yefan now.

“Come Come Come! Everyone lets us toast.”


Compared to yesterday, Yefan’s table is very much alive today. A lot of people came by to toast which tired Yefan. However still more people came and toasted with Wang Ziwen and him.

Liu Yunzhi was calm, although he was embarrassed yesterday, today he did not give any unsual looks, as if nothing ever happened.

“Guys, last night I received a phone call from across the ocean …”

The one who spoke was Zhouyi, a very cultured youth, rumored to have a well-connected family, to fellow students it is no secret. Yesterday, Ziwen Wang even dedicated people waiting to greet him.

Everyone stopped and looked to Zhou Yi, both at school and in the present, he was very easygoing, never feeling arrogant.

Zhouyi told them the news, the three classmates that were overseas are now coming back and joining them, which led to people having heated discussions. (TL: I actually thought he was going to tell them about the dragons and the coffin, but of course the author wants to wait another hundred chapters before this sh*t starts…haayyy)


“After graduation, we departed and everyone had a different path, getting together is not easy. When we meet again, perhaps we all will be fathers, mothers, nor have any idea of the next meeting. Those three are now coming back, I have a suggestion, lets slightly extend the party …”


Ye Fan drove home, brewing a cup of light tea, quietly looking out the window seeing trees, reminded him of the past.

Those who miss people, those who left footsteps, those who gradually left for a journey, all those are just like tree leaves gently falling to the ground.

Li Xiaoman, a name has been slowly leaving Yefan’s memory for a long time.

During college, Li Xiaoman went across the ocean to study.The first few months there was still contact, but as time passes, fewer exchanges of e-mail and telephone were made; until all contact was cut off.

Not so much across the sea, as it is across the sea. Some friends are not optimistic about love, as expected, it came to an end.

From Zhou Yi, Yefan knew Li Xiaoman is about to return home today. Ye Fan had a strange feeling when he hears the name, when you look back, it has been more than two years away.


Meeting time is extended, they will go to tour Taishan(a mountain), All this payed for by Wang Ziwen, for some it might be a lot spending, but for them it does not matter.

Three days later, Yefan saw a familiar figure on Mount Taishan. Three years later, Li Xiaoman remained gracefully tall, there was no significant change.

She’s 170 cm tall, and wearing a pair of sunglasses, black hair flying in the wind, proud and slim. She dressed very casual and cool, a pair of shorts above the knee, white legs, slim and moving, while the upper body had an Indian cartoon logo shirt.

Li Xiaoman is undoubtedly very beautiful, with her white delicate skin, big eyes, and long eyelashes. She emitted a great aura, which people can immediately tell the confidence.

She let herself talk with the students around, Li Xiaoman apparently became a central figure, capable of giving a warm feeling.

Here with Li Xiaoman, was a tall young man, according to her, he was a student from the United States. Compared to the oriental face, soft and smooth, he had a typical Western face, a lot of depth, sometimes the nose, blue eyes were a little hollow, blonde curls, in terms of Western aesthetic, very handsome.

“Hello, I am Cade. I am happy and looking forward seeing this mountain.” The american man was known as Cade. The youths words, although not very fluent, but enough to be able to express was is clearly intended.

The two students were surrounded by all the other people, being asked about life overseas.

After three years, Yefan seeing her again felt a change in time.

Both men were calm, polite greeting, no joyful reunion, just like plain water, it tasted that of a clear sky.

Not too many words were said, as if just brushing past each other, silence was the result of this encounter.


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