Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 7: Multicolored Altar
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 7: Multicolored Altar

Since I took the effort in creating this website in the first place, I decided on posting my newest translations here first. I still will post in SPCNET but only slightly later. I kinda feel it’s finally moving, the story that is, but the author always somehow drags it out. Oh well more things to look forward to I guess.

P.S. I wasn’t suppose to translate anything today at all cause I played ball all day, which is why I am extremely tired. BALL IS LIFE! However, curiosity won over me and I decided to translate it. Enjoy!

Things happened so suddenly, it was beyond people’s imagination!

“This…” People couldn’t believe it.

However, the nine dragon corpses and the copper coffin are hard facts right in front of them.

All this was a serious breach of common sense, it toppled people’s awareness, everyone’s minds were attacked by the incident.

Just when the chaos occurred, Yefan’s party were unable to fled. Now all together calming down. though many feel, there was no major injuries. Only a few with people bruised arms.

Now, their faces filled with shock, these incredible images they will never forget!

Nine giant dragon corpses were silently lying across their front, as well as the huge copper coffin impacting their vision. It was shocking and mysterious.

Everyone was speechless, faces full of shock, anxiety, fear, it was difficult to calm down.

After a very long time, Lin Jia just whispered, “We should go down now.”

Nods from the crowd were seen, they had to leave the area at once, no one was willing to stay. Jade emperor peak had a cold atmosphere. Where did the nine giant dragons pulling the bronze coffin come from? Why did it land in Taishan mountain? Even if the facts were right in front of us, it was hard to take, their hearts felt very upset.

Bloody sunset, Jade emperor peak in ruins,the ancient bronze coffin in particular was the most severe. It created a big hole with its impact, big cracks near one to two meters wide, like a cobweb spread far and wide.

A crack as if a centipede crawled towards Yefan’s feet, but fortunately the fracture on the ground were not significantly wide and did not create any pits.

As they prepare to leave, Li Xiaoman, pointing to the front: “What the hell is that?”

At the gaping holes of the earth’s surface, something reflected the sunlights reflection.

Although everyone had fearful hearts, they still moved on forward towards the object. On the far of a one-meter wide altar, something was exposed. A book that appeared to made out of Jade was broken in half.

“”How can this be, what is buried underneath that?”

That circular altar is not large, rustic and simple, the five colors of the odd earth is seen, filled with years of atmosphere, unknown years of existence.

“Quick, look ahead!” Ziwen Wang surprised, pointing at the farther large and wider cracks.

Under that nearly two meters of wide cracks, there is also a colored altar of earth, the circular altar has been shattered. Sealed inside a jade plate was exposed with complicated texts and symbols, people could not recognize it.

In an instant one word seemed to be familiar, it was the word “worship”. This could very well be the ancient altar of the gods!

Inside the multicolored altar was a jade book, it was from the han dynasty written by Ban Gu(A han dynasty historian) called White Tiger Justice. Written on it: “Perhaps its trying to confer. gold silver rope,trying to illuminate the stone rope,the official seal.”

The book of worship by Sima Qian(The grand historian) who also abdicated also had written,“ To bravely fly, to truly soar, the golf mud stone has records.”

Just at this moment, everyone was surprised to find that, in the big crack, there is such a multicolored altar, there are even dozens of stands.

The altar was very ancient, engraved with marks of the years, at a glance, the endless years of existence, the colored altar and the jade book were filled of ancient texts that was now illegible.

Everyone was amazed, they vaguely felt the dragon corpses and copper coffin might be correlated with what they found.

Yefan compared to others was more fond of ancient texts, was completely shocked. Were this left by the legendary emperors and 72 monarchies for the worship?

Maybe the legends were true, otherwise, why are there so many colored circular altars. From the text on the view, most of the inscriptions, seem to confirm this speculation.

They should have left long ago, however they were attracted. Despite the dragons and the coffin, they found mysterious altars.

“There seems to be no danger, but those dragon corpses …”

They quickly turned around, with fear slowly diminishing still felt uneasy, decided to go down as quickly as possible.

“Look, a giant altar in the center of the crater! ”

The giant ancient bronze coffin created a big crater, they turned towards the giant bronze coffin to the other side, suddenly they felt fear again.

Under the big altar was a big pit, it firmly stood on the colored soil while the coffin was on top of it. Not even the slightest crack could be seen from it.

This very large colored stone altar is significantly different from the other altars, located on the center of Jade emperor peak, it was majestic, much larger than the previous altars.

The copper coffin that fell from the sky had an impact that was greatly strong, but it did not create a slight to the ground, it was hard to imagine the rock it was on right now.

Sitting on the base is a large-scale god altar, aside from the bronze coffin, there was a pile of jade, slabs and ancient paintings.

Regardless of the jade pieces and stone slabs that had incredible characters encrypted on, on top of the colored altar was a primitive oracle inscription, demanding as if it was some sort of imperial edict filled with strange symbols.

With the stone altar, jade pieces and stone slabs, people wondered how the coffin was able to withstand this weight.

“We better get out of here.” Yefan and Zhouyi urging everyone.

Nods from the crowd soon appeared. In spite of the endless secrets that they discovered, the nine giant dragon corpses and coffin was extremely unsettling.

As they turned to leave, a scream can be heard from a girl. A huge rock was tumbling down towards the pit, legs getting weak she fell.

“Watch out!” A male student yelled and pulled her aside, with some classmates helping her up.

The rock crushed everything in its path, with a *Rumble* rolled to the pit, and then *bang* smacking to the colored pillar..

The altar emitted a hazy glow, huge power was felt by their bodies, there legs feeling like were tied to the earth were unable to move.


The colored stone altar constantly shook, making the Jade emperor peak tremble, the people standing at the edge of the pit started to feel dizzy and were unable to move on more step.

One man fell on top of the multicolored altar, fear was felt in the deepest ends of the heart.


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