Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 9: The 30th Person in the Coffin
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 9: The 30th Person in the Coffin

“ more person!”

“Who…who is it?”

Someone asked with a trembling voice.

All cellphone screens lit up, they frightenedly looked around, fearing an unfamiliar face might appear in front of them.

People started gathering around and looked around gingerly.

At this time, the crowd did finally identified one more person, leaning against the corner not far away.

“You…who are you?”

“Are you a ghost?”

In the mythical bronze coffin, demons and evil things are possible, the presence of an unknown man made everyone extremely upset.

Coughing hardly from the dark corners, the dark figure moved his body and in a deep hoarse voice, said: “Ghost …Ghost …”

The hoarse voice echoed in the bronze coffin, at that moment, they felt cold from head to toe, coldness spread making them shiver.

It’s as if they dropped in an Icehouse, everyone felt cold, some female classmates let out piercing screams.

“Ghosts… Place …” The voice is slightly weak, you could feel that the person was very tired and he shook his body trying to stand up.

“It’s …Hell, we’re …are we in the coffin?” The figure slowly stood up in the corner, stating slightly confusing questions, with his voice becoming stronger.

Seeing the tall figure stand up, many could not help but move back.

Shadows swaying side to side while continuing to speak and said, “It’s me, Pangbo.”

“Stop, don’t come here! ” All phones, with faint light, pointed to the figure.

Yefan separated from the crowd, slowly walked up and said, “Are you really Pangbo?”

“Can you even hear me?” Mobile phone screens glow lit in the dark, a familiar figure appeared in the front.

Pangbo was Yefan’s best friend in college, because of some personal reason he failed to come to the party. Suddenly appearing at this moment, everybody is full of doubts.

“I believe that Pangbo did not attend the reunion, you…who the hell is?” Behind the trembling voice is heard.

A person that should not have appear, standing in the copper coffin, which makes people feel numb.

“I am Pangbo, who had water? Thirst is killing me.” The figure walked around.

“Stop!” Everyone felt it was hard to believe.

Pangbo had to stop, in order to prove his identity, he tried to explain, he said many university memories.

“I believe he is Pangbo.” Yefan said in a firm tone, and then marched to Pangbo’s side, the two men have not met for some time, even in this case also hugged.

“Initially, because of some things I failed to attend the party. Later I heard that you’re in Taishan, I processed things at home and then came…”

Pangbo took Yefan’s handed water bottle, *Glug* *Glug* continuously had a couple mouthfuls, the subject of the coffin came to pass.

When he arrived, the crowd already was up the mountain, he was along a cableway tram.

Overall he is lucky, before the nine dragon corpses and the bronze giant coffins came to mount Tai, he just arrived safely on the ropeway to the Jade Emperor peak. He didn’t follow the crowd fleeing down the Hill, but tightly hugged a tree, until Taishan calmed down fortunately he was not injured.

Subsequently, in the distance he could see Yefan, who crashed into the crater on the scene, when he came over just to see, he was just out of the crater, it was difficult to move a step further. Until the bronze giant coffin lid came off, he immediately was pulled to the coffin.

It is unknown if it’s due to the multicolored altar, which caused him to fall towards the coffin.

Up to now, people gradually dispelled their hesitation, slowing easing down their strained hearts.

“We need to find a way to help ourselves, the copper coffin, makes it harder for people, and I have a bad feeling …” Li Xiaoman snow white face, beautiful eyes gazed at the dark depths of copper coffin. Compared to the other girls, she and Lin Jia appeared calm.

Hearing this, many felt cold.

“We should go together, not separately.” Zhouyi suggests.

All close together, with the phone giving a faint light showing the situation around. They are close to the copper coffin’s side, you can see a picture of fuzzy bronze engravings, there were nine birds flying, it looked up to the sky and roared.

Engraved bronze figure loaded with patina of rust, and recorded some of the classic ancient fierce beasts, such as TaoTie(A mythical ferocious beast, apparently the 5th son of the dragon king), odd, legendary fierce beast, large and fearsome, lifelike, daunting.

Walking along the copper coffin wall for some distance, there are also many carved figures, like ancient ancestors as well as some of the ancient gods. The whole crowd together seemed like stars on the dark sky.

The giant bronze coffin was up to 20 meters long and 8 meters wide, all carved figures seem to be just a story. They did not continue to look, because at this time, they sensed something else.

All cell phones are held together, they used some courage and took a few steps forward, ambiguously see on the center, there was a vague black rectangular object.

Obviously, it was not a dead body, nor like a living thing, it made people have a little peace of mind, they took a few more steps forward.

“The coffin had a coffin, turns out to be another bronze coffin!” Seeing the thing right in front of them, people drew breath.

In the most central location of the copper coffin, less than four metres long, and less than two meters wide,pristine and dim, marking an ancient figure, covered with patina, engravings had weathered over the years, people felt chilly, intimidate by the sight.

“We’re not in a coffin, this is the real coffin. The outside and this together was the coffin.” Pangbo explained to those who didn’t understand” (TL: Honestly this confused me too, I can’t phrase it any better.”

Hearing about this, people started to pedal backwards, with their hearts being filled with fear again.

Such a mysterious ancient bronze coffin was buried with what kind of person? People inside both were mystified and fearful.

In the past they heard about archaeologists finding tombs, all kinds of emperor tombs, however they can not relate this one to anything.

Has anybody seen 20-metre-long bronze coffin? Has anyone seen mysterious giant coffins falling from the sky? Has anyone seen nine dragon corpses pulling coffins? Makes one wonder whether what’s buried inside is a person’s body, it’s difficult to imagine what’s inside.


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