Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 13: Temple Ruins
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 13: Temple Ruins

“This is..” Although they prepared themselves to face reality, their faces were filled with disappointment.

Affected by the actions of others, other people also started looking towards the stars, the two moons hanging on the sky are facts.

“How did this happen?” A lot of people couldn’t help but yell out, the last trace of hope dashed, never to see their loved ones, many female students burst into tears, everyone understood that this is really very far from Earth, they are unable to return.

“Mars… there are two moons, the equivalent of Earth’s moon … see the moon …” Cade said without fluent Chinese, then talked a lot in English, talking with Li Xiaoman.

For decades, space probes have been transmitting back to Earth a lot of valuable information of Mars. Surrounding Mars’ were two moons, combined with factors such as distance, if observed from Mars, the size of Phobos looks about half the size Earth’s moon looks like. Deimos is smaller, but it is brighter than the stars, it is a tiny moon.

The stars seemed to speak with everything, everyone is filled with disappointment, now it seems there is completely no way home. Now the most important task is to find a way to survive.

They already had left a five-color 600 meters away from the altar, from the faint light that is near, evidently is just 500 meters away. People without further delay, continue to go forward.

Under the night sky, breeze bringing coolness.

Traveled hundreds of meters, the light getting closer. And just then someone screamed out loud, now there are collapsed buildings, this appears to be an ancient Pavilion, erosion over the years caused it to collapse.

“Artificial built pavilions, this desolate planet had humans, we will be able to find a way to survive”

“This is Mars, why are there human buildings? Air, temperature, gravity and so on and is not very different, just like a desert on Earth.”

Although there were endless disappointments, but they do not despair, they still have a lot of doubts.

“We can’t even see dragon corpses, what is this, maybe this is a special region on Mars.”

“Perhaps. There is a huge altar that was able to receive the dragons and the coffin, we may or may not be able to speak with the gods here.”

“If the speculation is true, this is a special region on Mars, then this place is not a good place to stay.”

Words spoken everyone was silent.

“If it were only a small piece of land on Mars, then do we have a way out?!”

Ups and downs in everyone’s mind, it is related to their life and death for the future, no one can feel calm.

“Ah …” a classmate suddenly screams, at the the distant night sky.

“What’s wrong?” All change, quickly asked.

“Skull of a human!” That female classmate looked pale, her body constantly trembling taking steps back.

Collapsed not far from the Pavilion, there was half a white skull in a gravel, and the girl stepped on the foot, no wonder she was so scared.

All male students were clustered up, Pangbo kicks the skull. It is clear that this is an adult skull, I don’t know how many years, already weathered bones no longer smooth, with lots of rough cracks.

Surprising is there was a regular round hole on the frontal bone, finger thick, like a sharp object penetrated, around the hole is very smooth.

“Looks like it’s full of unknowns and variables, although it is bleached, was left behind many years ago, but it is wise to be a little more careful.”

The unfamiliar environment, factors of uncertainty, so people feel chilled to the bone.

(TL: Not sure if that was a pun, but good one.)

“What are those in front?”

Under a hazy sky, the moon and stars are not so bright, can only see a shadow, joined together like pieces of stones, uneven and jagged.

When there were coming closer, everyone froze, which turned out to be in ruins, while standing in front of the only fraction of the vast ruins into the distance.

Ruins, debris, like recounting of a little-known past. Under the Moon, here it is particularly lonely, there should be a vast acres of magnificent palaces of the past, but for the moment it is a desolate scene.

This is an immense ruin, covers a broad, solid foundations were all formed by boulders piled, you can imagine the majestic palaces must have been vast.

The light source is at the end of the ruins, in the back of a broken wall.

“We… are we really on Mars, here, once there was such a magnificent palace complex?”

“Such a massive undertaking, how much manpower would have been needed to finish.”

“What caused this ruins, tall and majestic buildings to collapse?”

People almost forgot to fear, this huge ruins for all to marvel, if at the moment it’s on Mars, this is so incredible.

Yefan very calmly said: “It’s nothing, today we went through a lot that do not comply with common sense, is I was told this vastness were temple ruins, I would not be surprised.”

Pangbo said: “Temple ruins …it really is possible, after all, we even saw dragon corpses.”

Hearing these words, everyone can not help but hesitate, temple ruins, perhaps it is not to absurd to say!

Light in front, letting out a dim hazy glow.

“What is it really?”

Light at the end of the ruins of the ancients, chilly and desolate ruins seem to naturally give a good deal of mystery.

*Ca* *Ca* *Ca*

When the crowd stepped out of the rubble, in this emptiness pass very far, passing a collapsed palace, and finally crossed over this great ruins. At the front, although the road and wall are partially damaged, but enough to be four or five meters, in the past must have been really majestic.

“I want to see what that light truly is!”

The people carefully walked through the road, coming to the end they breathed heavily, all eyes looked into to the void.

The crowd was completely out of the ruins, and appeared at the back of the wall, seeing the front of the light source.

Just fifty meters ahead, a temple is quietly nestled in there, an ancient looking Buddha, a little light.

Before the temple, an ancient bodhi tree vigorous like a dragon, completely dried up body, only two meters off the ground scattered five or six leaves, each piece of crystal clear, seeming like mysterious jade.


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