Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 14: “Da Lei Yin” temple
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 14: “Da Lei Yin” temple

CHAPTER 14 “Da Lei Yin” temple

At the end of the temple which had ruined, silent and very small, not to mention the magnificent. Only an old temple which had a statue of Buddha, covered with thick dusts, beside it had a bronze lamp swaying a little light.

In front of the temple, accompanied by a strain of vigorous bodhi trees, six or seven people also cannot hold up, the old trunk is hollow, if do not have five to six pieces of green leaves are dotted on tree, the whole tree will such as dead.

Temple and bodhi trees rely on each others, let a person feel hazy circulation time, changes in the years, bring a person to endless tranquility.

When walk until here, everyone cannot conceal their surprised. The magnificent and huge palace at the back had already turned into ruins, but the little temple still forever, let a person has some special feelings.

“How can there be such a temple?”

“The remaining leaf on the bodhi tree had a bright green light circulation!”

The bodhi tree, which can be called the Buddha tree, has a deep origin with Buddhism. According to legend, 2500 years ago, the Shakya Murni discerning and apprehending below the bodhi tree, and get the achievement of Buddha.

In front of the bodhi tree and temple concomitant, extraordinary, made people very surprised.

“Why do I feel like a long story in the surging, in front of all these things seems like very long, like the precipitation of history.”

Fifty meters distance is very short, all the people soon came near, everyone heart filled with strange feeling, in front of old historical scroll of picture, time breath in diffuse.

“Is it a temple living by Gods?”

“In this world doesn’t really have Buddha, although the ancient temple had defeated, but still let people feel the peace of environment.”

The temple was silent, very quiet.

“There is a bronze plaque, above it has writing.”

The temple had rusty plaque, engraved with four ancient words, like a snake, it is still difficult to differentiate the “Zhong Ding” words, but the first words “Da” (big) is easy to recognize, even though many people cannot understand Zhong Ding words, but it still can be identified.

The last word is “Shi” (temple), Zhou Yi had some knowledge about “Zhong Din” words, so he can identify the last word.

“This four words are “Da Lei Yin Shi”. At his time, Yefan read all these four words.

All of the people surprised, all with an unbelievable look.

“The “Da Lei Yin” temple, I’m not wrong?!”

“How can it be…”

In the legend, “Da Lei Yin” temple was the living place of Buddha, is the supreme holy land of Buddhism. However, in front of the temple very small, only the ancient temple, how the name for it is “Da Lei Yin” temple?

Have seen the “nine dragon corpse pulled the coffin”, everybody already been prepared, almost had believe that the existence of Gods. But now some of them still scared, on Mars, there is a temple called “Da Lei Yin” temple, what it means? Perhaps, all the history and legend will be had new explanation, annihilation will be revealed in the corner of the veil of mystery.

“Music of Buddha, sound like thunder.” It is the “Da Lei Yin” temple!

Is in front of the temple is the temple in legend?

If it is true, it is very shocking. Everywhere is reddish brown soil and sand on Mars, an ancient temple is obscuring with dusts, but actually had a shocking origin.

Everyone are watching again and again and think that this temple is extraordinary.

In the past, the palace in the back of temple is magnificent and majestic, but ultimately destroyed, leaving only a rubble. While this temple seems like ruins but it still exist, this had form a singular contrast.

The bodhi tree and lamp of Buddha, a light like a beans.

Quietly, able to withstand the test of time, the left is “true”, the luxury just like clouds floating.

A lamp, a Buddha, a temple, a tree, like a immemorial, forever in this world.

All of this, peace and tranquility, so inspiring, as singing sounded ethereal meditation.

“If it really the “Da Lei Yin” temple in the legend, does this tree besides the temple is the bodhi tree?”

“How can it be, it is only a religious legend. Do you really think that 2500 years ago, the Shakya Murni had sit below the tree for seven days and seven nights, and then later become a Buddha?”

“From our experience, nothing is impossible!”

What had been experienced by all the people present today, make them feel like a dream, but it is a true facts.

Yefan suddenly went forward, Pangbo walk with him, two people directly enter the temple. At the same time, Zhou Yi quickly followed up, followed by Wang Ziwen, also entered the temple.

Liu Yunzhi seems to remember something, his face suddenly changed, quickly rushed forward. The other people also wake up, if here is a “Da Lei Yin” temple, then it is the home of Gods, although it is ruined and covered by a thick layers of dusts, but it is still uncommon place.

The temple is very small, only a small temple and empty, almost nothing. Yefan went straight to the statue of Buddha and grabbed the bonze lamp.

The copper lamps mundane, ancient style, but put on hands very warm, do not feel very hard like a metal, this like holding a warm jade. Amazingly, the temple is full of dust, but the ancient bronze lamp be spotlessly clean, like can isolate the dust.

The temple not been cleaned for many years, dust accumulate for a thick layer, but ancient lights can avoid dust, still burning, let Yefan feel amazing, isn’t it has been burning up from ancient times until now?

“It is clean, except the Buddha stone and copper lamps, nothing is left.” Pangbo look around, but unfortunately he did not see any other objects.

At this time, the Zhou Yi followed two of them into the room had step on thick dust, a sound “bang” had stepped out an alms bowl.

At the same time, Liu Yunzhi also entered the temple, all without a sound, all search silently.

At the beginning, they didn’t get out of the mindset, always uncertainly watch the temple, still in the earth’s minds thinking the things. Until the Yefan start the first action, they suddenly think, now in another star on the planet, what they facing may be the legendary “Da Lei Yin”temple which living by Buddha, here may have objects left by gods!

In the temple, Yefan holding a spotlessly clean copper lamp, light on, the light flow around the temple.
Suddenly, Yefan heard a song, like the song from the sky. At first he thought is an illusion, but the song gradually vast up, around the whole temple, such as a bell in vibration, solemn, vast, ingenious, abstruse.

And the dust in whole temple disappear, a piece of clean, unexpectedly have sounded the sixth mantra: “hum, ma, ni, pai, me, hum……”


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