Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 26: The Ancient Sky Map
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 26: The Ancient Sky Map

Chapter 26 The Ancient Sky Map
Yefan holding the ancient bronze coffin, the body such as lake placid and the moon shine, still standing there, there is a breath of transcend the worldly, in this moment he looks elegant, like otherworldly immortal will ride on wind at any time.

And at the moment his heart did not like body that kind of quiet, Da Dao Tian Yin, as deep as the sea, profound and vast, every word sounded, such as deep sea collapse and crack, resounded through the heavens and the earth.

Like the ancient song, but also like a prayer of gods, endless, across the everlasting sky, slowly into the Yefan’s heart, let him heart feel vibrate, ideas rising and falling, did not know where is he.

At far away, all people looked at he motionless, all with a puzzled face, don’t know what happened, just feel that he like spotless immortal, a clean and misty temperament.

Yefan the whole person in there, the sound of God like a bell, deep and vast, difficult to know it fundamental meaning. A little while like in the hell, and a moment like into the pure land of the deity, all sorts of strange feeling floating in hearts, let him vigilance and confusion.

This mysterious sound of God is not long, on the contrary, be a miser with words, a total of few hundred words only, quite simple, prosperous die away, simple and natural feeling.

The Tian Yin sounded like larger bell repeat over and over again. Each word falls into Yefan’s heart, all is the first surging such as rivers vibrate and silence such as the moon above the sea.

Hundreds of ancient words has been clearly engraved in the heart of Yefan, but the sound of God not stop, still echo in his ears. In this process, the Rudraksha in arms of Yefan very warm, make him whole body warm, it also due to it, Yefan can heard this mysterious sound. In the legend, the Bodhi tree can open the divine nature of the human body, to capture the rhyme between heaven and earth.

Obviously, the origin of this Rudraksha which had been buried under the Bodhi trees in front of “Da Lei Yin” temple is extraordinary. When Yefan in silent others give birth to doubt, suggested to pull Yefan, after all, he lay on the ancient bronze coffin. However, it is difficult to have a good association. Pangbo around the Yefan two laps, see him without any painful look, on the contrary his body have a share of natural temperament, this copper coffin have a breath of gods pervade.

Finally, Pangbo did not act rashly and blindly, but guard at the side, waiting quietly. “There will be no evil attached to his body?” Li Changqing stared at the ancient bronze coffin, and looked at Yefan, said like that.

Other people listened and hold tightly the artifacts of Gods, and there is a few people involuntarily stepped back a few paces, the mysterious ancient coffin is full of unknown, make people uncomfortable. “Are you will die if not framed the Yefan, what are you means, what is inside your mind?” Pangbo dislike him from the heart, since at the colored altar, the other party has been always against he and Yefan, so he is not polite to talk. “Well, don’t argue.” Zhouyi frowned and scanning around, said: “at the moment still cannot determine whether inside the giant bronze coffin had crocodile God or not, we need to be more careful, careful search .”

Other people hear this their heart suddenly a tight, this is the truth, since it has been found a crocodile God, there is no guarantee that there will be no second and third crocodile, or even more. It relates to the people’s life and death, there have been fourteen people lost their lives due to the crocodile God, this kind of ferocious and terrifying creatures let people be terrified.

People are not too scattered, only divided into two groups, so that can take care each other, the handset is lit, hold tightly the artifacts of the gods, began to search in the dark. But search every corner, until the two groups of people meet again, there is no discovery.

Even so, they are not dare to let down, bronze coffin very large, so empty, there will be chance that several crocodile hiding was not found. Furthermore, there will not guarantee that the crocodile God will climb to the height of wall of coffin, the place is dark, cannot see clearly. “Be more alert, be careful will not has mistake.” Lin Jia reminded all people, and also said comfort: “even though had crocodile God, it also very afraid the gods artifacts on our hands, if not it already kill us.” Suddenly, they heard a strange sound, although very weak, almost inaudible, but can shake the mind!

The sound of drum seems to come from distant time and space came, dull and full of sorrow, then the bell rang, filled with grief, illusory and true. “Where did the sound come from?”

Everyone was surprised, looking around, but nothing was found. Apathetic sound of drums and the sorrow bell, seems to be penetrating the coffin out of a wall, which makes people feel with one’s hair standing on end. “This…… This is not the sad song when ancient emperor buried?”

Suddenly, more voice came out, like sound of endless mourning, tens or thousands of people are in worship and prayer for a person’s funeral. The bell rings, mourning drum bursts, as if a huge funeral show in front of people’s eyes, the heaven and earth have endless people in mourning and prayer.

At this time, a series of dragon scream suddenly resounded through the sky, vibrate the rivers and mountains, spread throughout the earth, like a real picture engraved into the history of the sky…

At this moment, all people have a strange feeling, seems to witness the scene of an ancient imperial reign in the vast land, then a scale unprecedented huge funeral. In fact, no picture, all of this is association due to hear those dragons scream, hear the people prayer.

They soon sober up, the voice of mourning still wander around, making everyone back feel chilly. “Our gods artifact in hand remains light up again……” At this time, brilliance of gods spilled, all gods artifacts in hand are in shine, but did not restore the divine power, but like in almost dried up loss of brilliance.

Tens or thousands of brilliance in the circulation, all move towards the giant bronze coffin, into those ancient bronze carved figure.

The wall of covered with green patina, but it is difficult to cover up those ancient ancestors and the ancient gods, at this moment they all shine like to be a resurrection, while those beast and birds God engraved map also become lifelike, the copper full of a mysterious force. “Look, the engraved map of sky is flicker……” Everyone found out the abnormal, it is the largest engraved copper, is a piece of the vast sky, now all the stars are shine.

The dark coffin wall as the background without any change, like the dark sky, real like as the stars emerge. “The engraved maps of sky has a thin line in flicker, is it the road of sky we had passed?” All people gathered around him, watch together, talking about it, all show a look of surprise.

This sky map bigger like the oceans, many smaller stars such as dust, but there are some special stars exceptionally bright, more dazzling than the other stars.

“These seven stars are bright, and it seems to be the Big Dipper!” Heared Wang Ziwen say so, all staring the suspected road of sky ahead, the Big Dipper brilliance shine, particularly catch one’s eyes. There are a lot of stars and which same brightness with the Big Dipper, after careful identification a few people were surprised. Zhouyi not only looks elegant, indeed read many books, can identified those bright stars on the spot, said: “those are the stars in ancient China.”

In ancient China, the sky is divided into a plurality of regions, the different regions of space with a different name, it can use three enclosures four emblematic symbols and twenty-eight lunar mansions to summarize star week chart.

But in front of the craved ancient copper, is in accordance with this division method, highlighting some very famous stars. “Read this piece of map and look at the road of sky, it is, really have to let people marvel.

The ancients ancestors divided the sky map mostly not caused superstition, different stars represent different regions of space, seem to have a very special and important significance… “ “Well, for now, the sky seems to relate to road of sky.

Perhaps also may be associated with the source of life……” Everyone was surprised, can’t say anything for a long time. “Look quickly, the shiny threads on sky map is in the extension, don’t it represent the direction that we forward, is the extension and embodiment of road of sky?” “The thin thread is approaching the Big Dipper!”

The people burst into a daze, originally they were in the earth’s Taishan, but only a while, it is possible to have been close to the Big Dipper! This is unreal, is not true.

With the human technology, even though can fly for million years it also impossible to reach the Big Dipper, it is difficult to achieve, the distance is too far away! All the people were stunned, feels shocking in the hearts.

“In front of the Big Dipper, it has a more bright stars — Emperor star, is our destination is one of the planet in that space? You know emperor star has special meaning in ancient times.” People make such a guess, because emperor star is indeed very bright in the sky map, is one of the most dazzling stars.

“It’s hard to say, and it’s likely to be sail to more distant space.” At this time someone exclaimed: “the shimmering thread not in spread, stop there, there is space where the Big Dipper located!”

At the same time, people feel the giant bronze coffin shake up violently, like earth shake. We seem to have reached the destination……” “Is it true that reach the place of the gods?” “Will it be the fairyland in the legend……” “It’s probably can see the character in legend.”

“Along the road of sky created by God, came to the end, will be what kind of world in the end ?!” All of us are very nervous, but also full of expectations, they did not want to continue to stay in the copper coffin.


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