Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 30: Tom,Dick and Harry
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 30: Tom,Dick and Harry

Chapter 30 Tom,Dick and Harry

Li Changqing go ahead for several steps, he revealed a smile, said: “this is things beyween Liu Yiyi and Wang Yan, people are willing to exchange then exchange, Yefan you rather too much put one’s finger into another’s pie?”

“Pa” (slaping sound)

Ye Fan said nothing, directly waving the right hand, a slap on his face, the sound shocked everyone. Li Changqing like a scarecrow generally reclining fly out two meters far, can imagine that the power of this slap in the face is so great.

He fell to the ground, half of the face was swollen up, corners of the mouth haemorrhage, mind a dizzy. After a while very angry said: “you……”

But Yefan did not look at him, contempt from the bottom of the heart is to ignore, completely consider he as air, consider he does not exist.

“Give me!” Yefan is just two words, watching Liu Yunzhi and Wang Yan quietly.

Li Changqing struggled to stand up, anger to the extreme, quickly rushed over, want to tear Yefan’s collar. Just very unfortunate is that he hasn’t touched the edge of hem, Yefan a slap pumping on his other side of the face, still completely ignore him, did not look at him, like hit the fly general hit him until fly out.

The same solid slap, strength specially huge, Li Changqing fly out, hit on a tree, he was completely dizzy.

“Give me!” Yefan still only spit out these two words, quietly looking at Wang Yan and Liu Yunzhi.

This time Wang Yan was thoroughly intimidated, vision skulks, not dare to face up to the Yefan, look to other side, said: “I did not say don’t want to give her, I have been in discuss with her…”

But her confidence is really not enough, when comes to later she stopped speaking, corrects oneself: “since Yiyi regret, I gave her okay?”

When talking she take off the string of crystal beads on her, want to handed to Yefan, but this time Liu Yunzhi which has been not saying anything start to talk, said: “Yefan rather too overbearing, you consider Li Changqing as what?”

Until now, Li Changqing finally slowly recovered, shouting on the spot, it is to be rushed over again. Pangbo at beside twisted his mouth and said: ” bring disgrace on one’s own head, do not believe then rushed forward to have a try?”

Hear these words, Li Changqing suddenly shy, screaming in the distance, but it is not dare to step forward.

“Why did you do this to Li Changqing?” Liu Yunzhi questioned Yefan.

“Why do you hit me?” Li Changqing shouted angrily.

“Do I need to explain to a fly? Shoot directly.” Yefan these words are said to Liu Yunzhi, still did not look Li Changqing one eye.

“You…… What are you talking about?” At the moment, Li Changqing’s cheek swelling, suddenly white, angry almost spit out a mouthful of blood. He had seen, Yefan is contempt to Liu Yunzhi, for him is not even bother to care about and lazy to talk with him, it really hurt his self-esteem.

Yefan right hand stretched forward, Wang Yan quickly puts the beads in his hands, did not dare to look him, backwards a few steps.

“We all know that the last few years life is very unhappy, suffer a serious blow, personality and mentality have changed, become very weak and not confident, this kind of psychological trauma will require a long time to adjust. I hope you pay attention to some of the convergence point, words and deeds, don’t bully her in this case, don’t shame on you!” Yefan warned against Wang Yan in a very low voice.

Heard him say so seriously, Wang Yan’s face was somewhat pale, shame and anger, but more is afraid, backward to few steps, did not dare to say anything.

“Yefan, you’re too excessive!” Liu Yunzhi’s face was dark.。

Other people watching all this, and not many words, when the people thought that Yefan want turn around and leave, suddenly found that he waved his fist and hit on the face of Liu Yunzhi.

Instantly, Liu Yunzhi nose and mouth bleeding, his face red, fell to the ground.

“You……” He didn’t think that Yefan would do it for him.

“I don’t care about you, but you always provoke me, you really think that I good temper?” Yefan swept his one eye, eyes full of disdain, turned away.

“Yefan!” Liu Yunzhi gnash the teeth, lying on the ground, wiping his nose blood, exclaimed: “you wait!”

Pangbo immediately rushed over when hear this sentence, lift foot and kick, said: “you let who waiting? what you want to do, tell me!”

“Bang bang bang……”

He kick several feet, hit the Liu Yunzhi go out very far, and eventually back to the air.

Others watched all this, no one verbally persuasion, because there are a lot of people’s heart be disgusting with Liu Yunzhi, in a previous life environment is okay, to such a new world there is no need to care about what he called the identity.

Two or three people who is trying to help Liu Yunzhi speak, all choose to keep silent, because they know Yefan once exposed edge, best don’t provoke.

“Everybody’s seen it……” Li Changqing still do not understand the situation, noisy looked to the people around.

No one ignores him except Pangbo, this time after Pangbo kick the Liu Yunzhi and strode over, said: “see, all see it.

“Bang bang bang……”

The big feet of Pangbo like kick the sandbags, kick the Li Changqing until rolled out, bellow.

And there was no delay, continue on the road, Wang Yan held up Liu Yunzhi and Li Changqing, three people at the back of the team.

At this moment, Liu Yunzhi and Li Changqing have just gnash the teeth in anger, just now lose face really disgrace. At the same time they have a feeling of hematemesis, now it seems that their previous behavior was not in the eyes of Yefan, do not placed on the heart, for their actions seem a contemptuous disregard.

This contempt, make them feel seriously hurt their self-esteem, itself seems to be a clown, people lazy to bother it, until bored just a slap like flies hit over, there is not consider them as equal human.
This is the biggest blow, as Tom, Dick and Harry, cannot as a rival.

An hour later they climb over a short mountain, already can clearly see the distant mountain with a piece of building, and at the moment around the mountain the beast roar more louder, seems that can coming out of the wild forbidden place.

“Go on a long distance, we stopped to have a rest.”.” Has been pass through the mountain most of the day, people really feel very tired.

When climbed over a mountain again, they finally see birds flying around, soon they enter into the piece of vivid world, birds and beast roar, plants flourish, full of vitality, not lose one’s vitality.

“There is a rabbit!”

“There is a badger!”
When see the wild animal population, many people saliva almost flow out, only eat fruit the mouth is really light cannot suffer it.

“Hey, there are words on that cliff!” At this time, someone founded in front of a stone wall, carved with several large ancient words

All have seen the first three words, as “Huang Gu Jing” (wild), and fourth words was finally confirmed as “Di” (place).

“Why see the four words again, don’t we have out of the forbidden area?”

“Wrong, just prove that we go out, it should be the edge of forbidden place, finally escape safely.”

“We have a rest here, believe not long time we can see the human.”

Among people, two or three people gather together, divided into several small circle, sit down and start to think about the things after escape, obviously they are doomed to separate.

“I went to have a look what are doing by Liu Yunzhi and three of them, how to feel the sneaking.” Pangbo say until here, stood up, comes to the forest not far away.

Not for a long time Pangbo came back, said a few words in Yefan’s ear.
“Almost will coming out from the mountain, they will certainly be apart. And this mysterious world most really have gods and immortal, leave three of them in case they have power, sooner or later will make trouble, that time there is a big problem. Or to completely avoid this sort of thing.” Yefan stood up, when saying this, he already decided the fate of three people.


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