Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 32: When the Fleeting Spring is Gone
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 32: When the Fleeting Spring is Gone

Chapter 32 When the Fleeting Spring is Gone

Tiger roar loudly, leaf litter swirling, huge roar echoed in the valley, like the rumble of thunder, and like flood in rushing, let all people’s face changed color, it is just their resting place.
Pangbo and Zhang Ziling see each other, they know that Liu Yunzhi and Li Changqing already over, they was blocking by an adult tiger and impossible to survive, especially this female tiger which is feeding the cub is the most dangerous.

Other people’s face became very pale, just out of the wild forbidden place and almost meet a larger beast, if go forward also don’t know what will encounter? Now think of it, even though the night of forbidden place very terror, but at least in the daytime there is no so much danger.

“To evade the crocodile progenitor, experienced the dangerous, across the lonely universe, and finally came to a piece of life world, but lost their lives in here, is really not worth and deplorable.” Zhou Yi looked at the mountain in two or three miles and said.

The sound of the tiger must be due to Liu Yunzhi and Li Changqing, think of here the people are a burst of cold, eyes involuntarily emerged out of a bloody images, fierce tiger tear the three bodies, claws and dense white toothed bloodied, eating the flesh, that terrible scene let a person feel the spine chilly.
“Hurry up!”

Can’t stay here for a long time, fierce tiger at here, nearer is it territory. When rushed out for four or five miles, the people a sigh of relief.

“Why this woodland so quiet, shouldn’t we go back to the wild forbidden place?”
Old trees blot out the sky and cover the sun, the original forest quiet, no roaring sound of birds and beast, also does not saw a bees and butterflies flying, all the animals seem to be suddenly disappeared.

Direction without error, but people feel something wrong, become more cautious.

Walk about two thousand meters, towering old trees become thinned, a more open region appears in the eye of people, very smooth and dry hard mountain, step on the top feels like stepping on the marble which solid, not even a blade of grass grows here, only some of the huge rock.

Why the front a piece of dark, what is that”

“Seems to be…… A huge black lake.”

Here full of stones, just block the sight of people, until now passing through a piece of riprap and can see the scene in front of, all the people surprised,
A huge lake at front, as silent as the iron, no waves, but the most surprising is its color, dark, such as ink and black, very horrify.

“Finally, now I understand, the world really have Bad water, seeing the dark lake let a person heart feel uncomfortable, have never seen such a dark lake.”

Black lake lose one’s vitality, there is no sign of life, not only that, around this a piece of open mountain all are become a barren land, even a grass could not grow, here seems to be a life restricted area.

“As if…… like has some sounds.” A voice of female classmate trembling, face is some pale.
At this time, other people have heard a strange noise which is very low, like a groan of pain.


Suddenly, the sound of broken came, like something hard broke down.

“There…… Is there!” Liu Yiyi face become pale, finger point at black lake shore, there is a ten meters long stone lying there.
Like have something prostrate in the back of the huge stone, only exposes part of the body, the thick skin is like black metal cold and hard, has texture and luster of Tungsten alloys.

“What is that?!” Everyone was stunned.

“Forget it, get out of here!”

The huge black lake, hard mountain which not even a blade of grass grows, live in such a place, certainly not a good kind of beast.


The sound of fragmentation came again, the muffled roar seems to be more painful, it is like in the struggle, and then actually move its body to hit the huge stone.

The huge stones with height of seven to eight meters, ten meters long all of a sudden knock down, roll into lake which black as ink, startled a piece of black waves.
Until then finally all the people see the evil beasts, long not more than three meters, height not more than one meter five, not so huge as imagine, but due to this it made people more shock, three meters long body can actually be knock the ten meters long, seven or eight meters high stones into the lakes, this strength really terrible.

“What is this?!”

People do not seen the beast before, no animal hair, and also not cover by scales, it is like black metal casting, black, flashing with texture and gloss of metal.

It less than three meters long, like a big black iron, looks very strong, with unparalleled sense of strength. Have a look like a strong cow, but a careful look it is differently, the head had nine sharp horns, very sharp, dark and it was born with five eyes. A half feet long teeth in bigger mouth like a dagger exposed outside, gleaming, ferocious, with fierce demon breath.

This is an unheard horrible brute beast, a glance already know it fierce matchless, looking at far let people a bursts of heart palpitations.

“It looks like shed……” Some people have a look of surprise, said in a low voice.

On the backs of black fierce monster, there is a big hole slowly opened, revealing the inside part of the new body, more black and bright, like crafted by Tungsten alloys.

“Hurry up, while it is in shed and shelling, we hurried away from here!”

It is like a cicada in the shelling, such growth occurs in a head of fierce beast is really strange, appear very demon, fortunately it is in the transformation, if not people cannot imagine that terrible consequences.

If seeking to that fierce tiger which roar like thunder, I’m afraid this fierce tiger will such as small cats docile, can easily let a seven or eight meters high, more than ten meters long huge stone crashed into lake, how terrible is for such a fierce beast is unpredictable.
All be more scared than hurt, bypassing the black lake, behind the deep and painful roar fades away, until it disappeared.

Again turn on a short hill, overlooking the peak in the distant, the buildings become more and more clearly, scale is huge, the house combine into pieces, like the palace in the sky fall in the world.

“How do I feel the body is heat……” A female classmate somewhat embarrassed say with a female classmate of the other side.

“I feel this way too.”

At this time, all the people have found abnormal, the whole skin become red, like a drop of blood, every person feel very hot, the body is like a fire in burning.
This is not cause by hot weather, is the body appears problem, people feel that flesh burning, like was placed in the oven steaming generally.

“I…… cannot stand…… very uncomfortable!” A female student very pain and squat on the ground, said: “very pain, flesh and blood like to dry up……” She couldn’t help, tears flowing, fell on the ground, constantly turning and turning over.

Later the second, third students can’t bear it, covered with red blood, there is slightest blood seeping from the skin, overturned on the ground, painful until rolling.
“Exactly what had happened, what going on?!”

All the people are aware of the seriousness of the matter, at this moment no one can stand, almost all overturned on the ground, a howl of anguish, flesh like being stripped down, the whole body such as a knife very pain.

“Ah……” Finally someone could not bear it, shouting, rolling, leaving a trail of blood on the ground.

“I don’t want to die……” There was a cry of terror.
This is a sudden calamity, no one knows why it happened, don’t know their own situation, only feel like had been cut into pieces, the body slowly dismembered.

“Let me die…… it is suffered……”
Struggling, crying, tumbling, shouting, a lot of people almost desperate and roar loudly, pain let their consciousness gradually blurred.

Ultimately, all the body of people filled with a layer of blood, like a red flame in combustion. Violent struggle, painful shout, this mountain is no longer tranquil, make the beasts in nearer frightened and fled away.

This is a kind of inhuman torture, like being in purgatory, experiencing the worst torture in the world. Finally, the pain let all the people into a state of coma, no one can keep sane.

Don’t know how long is it, mountain was gradually become quiet, the painful roar disappeared .
Two hours later, Yefan which sprawled out in the weed first wake up, the sky blue, around the birds singing, he quickly sat up. The body do not have aching feeling, even full of spirit, the whole body very comfortable, like has boundless energy, he feels like can tear a live saber-toothed tiger.

However, soon he found abnormal, the clothes are bigger, set in the body very loose, completely unfit. He stretched out his hands from the wide sleeves, when see at the moment, he is a person who always been very calm but suddenly exclaimed a sound, it is still his palm? it is very small, shiny, unlike an palm of adult.

Yefan stood up quickly, and he felt as if everything was incredible. At the moment, the clothes wide, like the clothing of people singing. Instead of his cloths being big, but is his body became smaller, like a eleven or twelve year old boy.
At this time, not far away, Pangbo awake, rubbing sleepy eyes, see Yefan standing not far away, immediately show surprised expression, said: “small fart child, who are you? where you come from, how do you wear the Yefan’s clothes?!”

When speak to here, he seems to feel something wrong, turn up and then stood up quickly, immediately shouted as seen a ghost.

“How my clothes become big, not, how my body become small?” He was surprised and look at Yefan, said: “you……you are Yefan?” Here, he covered his mouth, because his voice is more like a teenager, full of tender.
Looked at Pangbo nearby, Yefan a dull gaze, that is completely a immature and childish boy, look at the age of eleven or twelve years old, ambiguously can see the shadow of the adult Pangbo.

“What wrong with us?” Pangbo came to side of Yefan, excited and shouted, he was stimulated.
“I think…… We are likely to renew one’s youth.” Yefan also scared and unknown, can only make such a judgment, now two people are young appearance, differently compared with the previous.

“So darn things can happen to us?!” Pangbo a burst of shout, he is really a bit difficult to understand, do not understand why this strange thing will happen.

“Go and see how about other people.”

Yefan asked him to go to mountain, just now they rolled down from the mountain for ten meters away, fortunately this mountains flat and growth with many trees, otherwise they will be in danger. Can imagine that how severe they struggled, now recall it, the pain also make people shiver all over though not cold.
Came to the top of the hill, Yefan two of them immediately stay up, Pangbo scream: “who is exactly the apathetic elderly man and woman?”

What had see, almost let two people petrifaction at there, they have a feeling of bursts of shudder with fear.
More than a dozen body lay down on a ground, looking ahead, a heads, each skin fold, very old. But these people are wearing a familiar person’s clothes, saying that they have seventy or eighty years old are not over, really senile.

“They…… Will not be Zhou Yi, Wang Ziwen, Lin Jia, Li Xiaoman them?!”
When the fleeting spring is gone, two people feel that very thirsty, like mud wooden statues at the top of the hill.


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