Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 36: Primordial Divine Body
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 36: Primordial Divine Body

Chapter 36: Primordial Divine Body

The ten or so people stepped into the hall and the rainbows around their bodies rescinded. There were males and females in the group and they all looked to be over forty, either tranquil like an orchid , sharp like a sword aura or steady like a rock. They each had a special aura surrounding them.

One of the middle aged men with an imposing presence spoke, his words were sonorous and forceful as he loudly laughed: “Within the Yan region, although in name there are six sanctuaries, your Ling Xu sanctuary doesn’t really fit the bill. Calling it a blessed land is about right.”

“Liu Wan Shan, what is the meaning of your words?” The few elders of Ling Xu sanctuary had displeased expressions as they strode forward to stand in front of Zhou Yi, Lin Jia and the group while focusing on protecting Ye Fan and Pang Bo.

The middle aged man Liu Wan Shan certainly lived up to his name*, he seemed like a mountain as he stoically stood there, giving off an immense pressure. His words were very straightforward as he laughed and said: “Since there are over ten good seedlings for cultivating, we naturally want to take a few and lead them on their path of cultivation.”

[T/N* The Shan(山) refers to a mountain in Chinese]

By the side, an old lady her head a chock full of white hair said: “He’s correct, the six immortal sanctuaries within the Yan region have always breathed as one entity, suddenly so many talented seedlings have appeared we would naturally want to take a few.”

An elder from the Ling Xu sanctuary frowned as he said: “Senior sister Li Ying, you can’t make it sound like that. Three years ago your Jin Xia sanctuary also found several disciples that had exceptional constitutions for cultivation but never gave any to our Ling Xu sanctuary.”

“That group of people had mediocre aptitudes, how could they be considered as celestial sprouts. I obviously wouldn’t want to disturb you for nothing.” The white haired old lady laughed as she replied.

At this moment an old man with flowing white hair and a sage-like appearance strode forward, he was unhurried as he said: “From the way I see it these people can’t be considered as celestial sprouts. How about this, each of our immortal sanctuaries will choose a few and leave your Ling Xu sanctuary with a few as well.”

The few elders of Ling Xu sanctuary lost their cool but seemed to be a bit apprehensive of this person with a sagely appearance coupled with an immortal’s demeanour and quickly said: “Senior brother Ma Yun, your Yu Ding sanctuary couldn’t possibly be lacking in talented disciples. I’ve heard that you actually found two genuine celestial sprouts.”

The old man Ma Yun laughed but did not speak as he scrutinized Ye Fan and Pang Bo while nodding. This made the elders of Ling Xu sanctuary nervous, they could give away the others but these two people had to be kept at all costs.

“Alright, I’ll represent Yu Ding sanctuary to choose one person.” Ma Yun with his white hair and mustache pointed at Ye Fan and Pang Bo and said: “I’m actually not very picky, I’m fine with either of them.”

“No way!” The elders of Ling Xu sanctuary voiced their rejections simultaneously.

At the same time, the other immortal sanctuaries begun to choose people and none of them gave an inch as they argued with one another. Ye Fan listened intently and gained a lot of information. A sanctuary was better than a blessed land as it was more suitable for cultivation. If there was a sanctuary the place was likely to naturally give rise to a blessed land.

At this point it was simply impossible for the Ling Xu sanctuary to keep everyone, the other five immortal sanctuaries were of one mind and they could only painfully endure as each portion was being taken away. How the seedlings were split up was a different matter altogether. In the end there was a state of mutual hostility and the atmosphere was tense with the six immortal sanctuaries not giving an inch.

The middle-aged man with an imposing presence whose body was like a mountain Liu Wan Shan walked forward and said: “It seems that we can only spar to decide.”

“That should be the way.” The old lady Li Ying from the Jin Xia sanctuary nodded her head with approval.

“To prevent the harming of feelings, let’s do it in this manner, the first to land a hit wins.” Ma Yun from Yu Ding sanctuary also voiced his approval.

The few elders from Ling Xu sanctuary had ugly expressions, Ye Fan and the group were found by them but the result was that the other sanctuaries wanted a piece of the pie and it was difficult to say how many they would be able to retain.

More than ten rainbows of light shot towards the sky and seemed especially bright within the night sky. The battle between the immortal sanctuaries had begun. Ye Fan and the rest went outside of the hall and looked towards the skies. It was a pity that those people had flown out of the small town and were still heading further and further away making it impossible to see clearly what was going on.

Flashing lights could be seen across the sky and brilliant rainbows shone forth, occasionally the sounds of thunder could be heard, a tempest erupted with sand and stone flew about in a raging wind.

Zhou Yi, Lin Jia and the group were dazzled by the amazing display, although the elders had been cordial earlier, they had now flown into the skies and had such formidable prowess. This made them look forward to the future.

Not long after, the mystical rainbows in the sky had vanished and it was unknown where the fierce battle was continued at.

It was only half an hour later when the mystical rainbows could be seen in the horizon again, streaking across the vast sky and arriving in a flash.

The first to reach was the young girl Wei Wei, she seemed otherworldly, her dark brows were exquisite, eyes were watery, lips moist and her teeth was like jade. Under the moonlight, her figure was gentle and lithe while giving an indistinct presence, as though Chang Er* herself had come to the mortal world, exquisitely beautiful.

[T/N* Chinese folklore character with unparalleled beauty, goddess of the moon]

Thereafter the elders of Ling Xu sanctuary arrived and although they seemed to be in a rather sorry state and some of their bodies even had traces of blood on them, the expressions on their faces seemed to be the smile of victory.

The people gathered behind also similarly had wounds but in comparison their facial expressions were ugly. Liu Wan Shan’s shoulder had traces of blood that had not dried, old man Ma Yun’s flowing white moustache had been chopped off and the crutch in old lady Li Ying’s hand had been broken into two.

“It’s really such a surprise, Wei Wei at such an age has actually surpassed us. Ling Xu sanctuary actually has such a peerless talent!” Ma Yun lamented.

Ye Fan and the group were shocked, this young girl Wei Wei seemed to pace about leisurely with a graceful bearing, a silent gentle beauty. She was actually this strong and had beaten all these elders, this simply made one astounded.

“Since we’ve lost, there’s nothing more we can say. Your Ling Xu sanctuary can have the first two picks.” Liu Wan Shan’s expression was very ugly, not only had he lost all face by losing to the next generation, he had also lost the chance to pick first.

The elders of Ling Xu sanctuary did not hesitate as they picked Ye Fan and Pang Bo and expressions of glee could be seen on their faces. Thereafter old man Ma Yun from the Yu Ding sanctuary chose Liu Yi Yi and following that old lady Li Ying from Jin Xia sanctuary came forward and picked Zhang Zi Ling.

At this moment on the side of Ling Xu sanctuary the elders had carefully inspected Ye Fan’s body and their facial expressions changed as they no longer had any mirth on them.

“How can it be like this?!”

The others quickly noticed that something was going on and looked over. Seeing the unhappy expressions on the elders of Ling Xu sanctuary but they had no idea what had happened.

“What’s the matter? Could it be that even though we let your Ling Xu sanctuary have the first two picks you still aren’t satisfied?”

“It’s not like that. Why don’t you people come over and see.” The few elders from Ling Xu sanctuary had expressions of regret as they looked at Ye Fan.

The other’s immediately understood that there were definitely some problems with Ye Fan’s body and rushed over.

Old man Ma Yun from Yu Ding sanctuary walked forward and said: “From a cursory glance this youth’s blood essence is especially vigorous, comparable to that of a river dragon. He should be a rarely seen celestial sprout, could it be that there really are some problems?”

At this moment the rest of the people had come forward and started to carefully scrutinize Ye Fan. Being felt all over made Ye Fan feel very uncomfortable but he was helpless to do anything under the current circumstances.

Old lady Li Ying from Jin Xia sanctuary was befuddled as she said: “How can there possibly be such a physique?!”

After inspecting the body, Liu Wan Shan was dazed for a period before showing an expression of inconceivability as he said: “The divine wheel of life is absolutely quiet, his sea of bitterness is as hard as divine metal, as stable as a rock, firm and unshakeable without any way of establishing the fundamentals……”

“How could it be like this?!” Everyone had puzzled expressions, this kind of physique was simply too strange and simply did not conform to common sense.

At this moment, Ma Yun from Yu Ding sanctuary seemed to suddenly remember something as he muttered: “Could it be….. The physique from legends?” He started to thoroughly inspect Ye Fan’s body once again, his finger was translucent like jade and drops of divine light could be seen flowing out as he constantly poked and prodded. He was earnestly inspecting his bones and measuring his spirit..

It was only after a long period of time before Ma Yun finally stopped and said with a dazed expression: “There is really a physique from the legends within this world……”

“What physique?” Everyone present had expressions of curiosity

“Peerless–Primordial–Transcendent–Divine–Body*!!” Ma Yun placed heavy emphasis on each word and spat out these eight words that were imposing like a mountain**.

[T/N* Author emphasized eight different words in Chinese however when converted to English the number of words decreased.]

[T/N** Idiom: Of great importance]
“What?!” There were shocked expressions on everybody present and they simply could not believe what they heard.

The reactions of the elders from Ling Xu sanctuary were swift as they pulled Ye Fan behind them and surrounded him, tightly securing him in the fear of the others making an attempt to steal or assassinate him.

Li Wan Shan felt that it was simply unbelievable and said: “Yan region, the distance from north to south is two thousand miles and east to west is three thousand miles, this territory when compared to the boundless eastern badlands is but a drop of water in the ocean. On this land it would be hard to find one with a peerless divine body even after an eternity of time. It must be known that since ancient times the entire vast eastern badlands has never produced such an individual.”

Old lady Li Ying from Jin Xia sanctuary shook her head saying: “It’s not an impossibility for it’s appearance. I’ve heard that it’s very likely that such an individual has appeared within the eastern badlands. There are rumours that it isn’t just a single person but due to them being in the phases of growing up they have not shown themselves before the world’s eyes. I believe that the person is concealing himself in one of the sacred grounds or leaning on an archaic aristocratic family that has continued on since ancient times.

At this moment the looks the elders had as they stared at Ye Fan had changed, burning with fire as though they could not wait to grab him and keep him as a disciple. Even Zhou Yi, Lin Jia and the group looked at Ye Fan with astonished expressions.

At this point, Ma Yun from Yu Ding sanctuary coughed as he said: “I think…… you people have misunderstood the situation. Maybe it was because I didn’t speak clearly enough.”


“What’s the matter?’

Everybody looked at him in bewilderment.

“He certainly has a peerless divine body, that is without question. However, there is a time period restriction, it belonged to the ancient past of old.

“What do you mean?”

Ma Yun explained: “Everybody has probably heard of some ancient legends before right? During that time there was a peerless physique, unrivalled since ancient times, during that period there were nine generations of such people and each was invincible among the heavens and earth, shaking the old and illuminating the new*. With that kind of physique, when walking on the path of cultivation, none could surmise their eventual accomplishments. This was reputed as the foremost divine body since ancient times.”

[Idiom*: Glorious and world-shattering]

“That’s right, we’ve obviously heard that before. You couldn’t possibly be saying……” Having said this, everyone looked towards Ye Fan and their expressions no longer held the blazing intensity earlier but was filled with disappointment.

“That’s right, he’s exactly that kind of physique. It’s such a pity, since ancient times countless years have passed and the appearance of such a physique would occasionally shock the heavens, however, now the appearance of such does not hold any might and one would be unable to look down on the world like the ancient times.”

The truth was that such a physique had gradually died off from ancient era due to unknown reasons and was simply unsuited for cultivation. Since then, no one had ever cultivated successfully with that physique.

“There are rumours from many immortal sects that celestial sprouts with peerless divine bodies have appeared within the eastern badlands. Previously I actually thought that our Yan region would produce an earth-shattering talent. I simply did not expect that it would turn out like this……”

“The peerless divine body from the ancient times can be considered as a matchless heavenly body of the present….. Ai!” The few elders from Ling Xu sanctuary let out a sigh as they were thoroughly disappointed and no longer held Ye Fan in any regard.

The faces on the people from the other immortal sanctuaries were complicated, unsure if they should celebrate or feel disappointment.

At this point no one paid any attention to Ye Fan and from their heated attitudes earlier to the cold indifference now, the difference was so huge that it was starkingly apparent.


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