Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 45: Hundred Plants Extract
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 45: Hundred Plants Extract

Chapter 45: Hundred Plants Extract

Ye Fan and Pang Bo had thoroughly suppressed Han Fei Yu, everyone was simply astounded. As the crowd saw it, these two youths of barely eleven or twelve were simply too ferocious and clearly had not cultivated their spring of divine energy yet managed to beat the grandson of an elder silly, almost to the point of maiming him. This simply made the crowd wide eyed and speechless.

“These two people are simply too ferocious!”

“They are barely eleven or twelve, how could they have such divine strength?”

“Confronting the enemy with their bare hands and suppressing Han Fei Yu with their strength, even knocking aside the green wooden symbol that elder Han had bestowed upon his grandson, this is simply inconceivable!”

The people in the area began to discuss fervently.

At this moment, even the disciples who had been in the Ling Xu sanctuary for a longer time and cultivated to a higher level had noticed that something was going on and found out that elder Han’s grandson was brutally beaten up by Pang Bo and Ye Fan, this resulted in a huge uproar.

“The two youths look so delicate and graceful, how could they be so fearless? It’s true that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover……”

Ye Fan and Pang Bo had been trying to remain low-key but were now the focus of everyone. As the disciples at the other stone cliffs heard of the events that transpired they also rushed over to see the two ferocious people.

“What? That Pang Bo is actually a celestial sprout?”

Eventually the news spread and everyone who learned of the news had expressions of shock. The disciples who had been in Ling Xu sanctuary for a period of time all understood what a celestial sprout meant, this was the future hope of Ling Xu sanctuary and would be nurtured as a successor. This was a personage who could possibly lead the sect into glory and fame.

“So he’s actually a celestial sprout, it’s no wonder he had such fearlessness, his morality and conduct are also different from others”

“It seems like Han Fei Yu has kicked a steel wall this time, he can’t even take revenge in the future, I wonder how he’s going to take this lying down……”

At this moment, the people in the area were looking at Pang Bo with complicated expressions, their hearts were filled with an indescribable feeling and many people had decided that they were going to try to befriend him.

Ye Fan and Pang Bo did not idle around and were indifferent to the gazes of the crowd as they picked the thirty over bottles of hundred plants extract that were littered on the floor. The few youths that had picked a fight with Ye Fan and Pang Bo were still in the mud and all the jade bottles that they had stolen were now in their possession.

Disciples that had just joined the sanctuary would only be entitled to one jade bottle of hundred plants extract, it could be imagined how valuable it was and the two of them had suddenly obtained more than thirty bottles, even the people in the area were seeing red.

“Those few youths had managed to cultivate divine symbols, they should possess even better things……”

Ye Fan and Pang Bo were not satisfied as their gazes went to the youths that were currently in the mud and sludge. These people had all cultivated wisps of divine energy and had nurtured a divine symbol from within their sea of bitterness. They were certainly of higher status than normal disciples and would definitely be more “wealthy” than them.

The two people exchanged glances and as though they were plucking onions out of the soil, they started to lift the five youths out of the sludge and began to thoroughly search their bodies.

“Why do each of these people only have a few bottles of hundred plants extract on their bodies……”

Ye Fan and Pang Bo did a thorough inspection of each person’s body and found that each youth only had five bottles of hundred plants extract and they had obtained less than what they had gotten earlier. The two people had unsatisfied expressions on their faces and this made the people in the surroundings feel speechless.

Today was the day for giving out hundred plants extract and based on the different levels of cultivation the amount of hundred plants extract given out would differ. These youths that were able to obtain five bottles were already considered decent.

Li Fei and Wang Jing had not left and seeing all this occur in front of their eyes, they looked at each other and simply did not know what to say. They had never encountered this kind of junior brothers before.

Currently, the few youths were piled on the ground like a heap of mud and simply did not have the energy to get up. Ye Fan and Pang Bo were already done searching the bodies and shared a look before nonchalantly tossing the few into the pond again. This time, they were not shoved headlong for fear that if the youths did not manage to get out in time a life might actually be taken. Thereafter, the first group of youths that were shoved headlong in the pond were pulled out and tossed into the muddy waters.

Finally, Ye Fan and Pang Bo came before the previous green wooden symbol artifact and tried to push it but discovered that it was simply too heavy and even if they could lift it, it would simply be impossible to wield. With this thought in mind, they trampled on the youths again before flicking their sleeves and leaving.

The crowd were stunned, the two people were simply like locusts as they went around under the gaze of everyone, unflustered as they thoroughly searched each person and even tried to take the green wooden symbol away……

“Senior brother Li Fei and senior sister Wang Jing, many thanks!” Ye Fan and Pang Bo squeezed past the crowd and shouted from the distance before hurriedly running off.

Han Fei Yu’s face was still green and his heart was burning, he had not bothered to retrieve the green wooden symbol and headed straight for a valley within the depths of the Ling Xu sanctuary.

It was very vast within the valley and medicinal plant farms could be seen everywhere, filled with many unique plants, the medicinal scent assailed the senses and spiritual qi was dense in the air.

Along the way there were a few pharmacy children that paid their respects to Han Fei Yu but he ignored them and with a gloomy face he headed to a deep part of the valley and stood before a cave dwelling. The medicinal scent here was even more pronounced and before the cave dwelling were eighteen medicinal pots that were orderly placed. It was unknown what metal was used to forge the pots but it could be seen to be simple and unadorned yet weighty.

“Yu-er, how did you manage to end up like this?” Within the cave dwelling an aged voice could be heard, no one walked out but it felt as though the person inside could clearly know everything that was going on outside.

“Amongst the two people, one of them is actually a celestial sprout……” Han Fei Yu stood outside the cave dwelling as he grit his teeth and described the events that transpired.

“If we had known earlier that these two people had eaten divine medicine, we would have only required the two of them to let out some of their fresh blood. It’s a pity that I found out too late and the situation has become problematic.” Having said this, elder Han silently contemplated within the cave for a long time before speaking again: “That celestial sprout…… do not provoke him, as for the other, let’s wait and see first.”

“What granduncle’s meaning is……” Han Fei Yu’s eyes were filled with a vicious light.

“What I mean is, right now you shouldn’t do anything and focus on cultivating.” Having said this the cave was silent and no other sound could be heard.

“Yes!” Hand Fei Yu was indignant but did not dare to disobey elder Han, he bowed before the cave dwelling, turned and left.

Ye Fan and Pang Bo returned to their dwelling as the two began to look through their spoils of war. They had gathered a total of sixty six bottles of hundred plants extract and this could be considered an astronomical sum of wealth.

“The person surnamed Han is really such a good person…….” The two people praised.

Ye Fan and Pang Bo were done dealing with the little jade bottles and slowly calmed down. Although they had beaten Han Fei Yu and his cronies, they felt a strong sense of danger. Using only their bodies that had elephant-like strength, they could be considered super humans by normal folk. However, when faced with cultivators who had divine energy and could utilise mystical arts, they lacked versatility and it was difficult to overcome the enemy.

It was clear that they had to focus on training, establishing their sea of bitterness and connecting with their wheel of life to enable the divine spring to gurgle forth. Only when there was sufficient energy within their spring of divine life would they be truly strong. That was the foundation of a cultivator.

Being filled with this sense of danger, the two people felt a pressing need to become stronger and were even more motivated to focus on cultivation. In the two days that followed, Pang Bo continuously drank six bottles of hundred plants extract and combined with the mystical art of cultivation recorded within the Dao Scripture, his sea of bitterness had finally doubled in size. However, upon drinking the seventh bottle of hundred plants extract, he felt that something was amiss as the qi essence within his sea of bitterness was haphazardly moving around and it felt as though a myriad of pins were pricking him.

“Shit! The elder that taught the mystical arts mentioned that there would be no good outcomes from being too greedy. Disciples that had just entered would not be able to bear too much hundred plants extract and this was why every three months only one bottle was given. There was indeed a reason for this……” Pang Bo’s head was full of sweat as he bitterly endured.

“I’ll go find someone.” Ye Fan wanted to push open the door to look for help.

“No need, I can barely grit my teeth through this.” Pang Bo insisted on not finding anyone and after bitterly holding on for half a day, the pain finally gradually dissipated and he bitterly laughed: “It seems that food should really be eaten mouthful by mouthful and the road should only be trodden one step at a time. A normal disciple would only be able to endure one bottle every three months, being a celestial sprout I actually drank six to seven bottles within two days, this is already defying the heavens.”

Having said this, Pang Bo had a curious expression as he said: “You’ve already drank six to seven bottles, how come you don’t have any feelings of pain but rather your qi essence seems like it’s becoming more and more full. What’s going on? Are there any fluctuations within your sea of bitterness?”

Ye Fan shook his head, his wheel of life and sea of bitterness were still absolutely silent with no fluctuations. The only good thing about cultivating the Dao Scripture was that it enabled his qi essence to become more and more abundant.

“You’ve drank six to seven bottles yet nothing peculiar is happening, it seems that you are far from your limit. Ye Fan, you should continue to increase the amount you intake. Who knows, maybe there’ll be some miraculous effects.”

“How could I do that, with my physique, no matter how much hundred plants extract I drink would be a waste. Rather than wasting it, I’d rather leave it for you to breakthrough and cultivate to a higher level allowing your divine spring to gurgle forth.”

“Just relax, since they’ve already proclaimed that I’m a celestial sprout it’s clear that I’ll be able to obtain this hundred plants extract easily. Didn’t elder Wu Qing Feng once say that our mental state is very important and even though he knew that I had a lot of potential he did not want me to have any feelings of superiority and sent us to the Ling Xu stone cliff to learn mystical arts. The reason we are going through all this is clearly to forge my will, I imagine that in the future all this will change and there definitely will not be a lack of hundred plants extract.”

What Pang Bo said made a lot of sense and Ye Fan did not reject any further as they had no need to be courteous with each other. He finally began to drink large quantities of the hundred plants extract.

One bottle, two bottles, three bottles……

Ye Fan steadily executed the mystical arts recorded within the Dao Scripture, currently he did not feel anything special but there was a miraculous change that was gradually occurring within his body……


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