Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 51: A day apart seems like three years
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 51: A day apart seems like three years

Chapter 51: A day apart seems like three years

Pang Bo did not dare to reckless ingest the Jade Snake Orchid for fear of piercing his sea of bitterness. His physique was not as frightening as Ye Fan and would not be able to handle the vast amount of qi essence of life assailing him. He could only go back and think of other ideas.

“Did the oppressive sound from the depths of the ruins resound a few more times earlier?” Ye Fan questioned.

Pang bo nodded in affirmation: “For the past four hours there the sounds have been resounding with intervals between them, seemingly even more stifling making the entire ruins even more deathly silent. Even that tidal wave of beasts have stopped roaring. It’s fortunate that it’s like this otherwise I’m afraid that old snake would have chased us.”

“That oppressive sound can make several tens of thousands of beasts tremble in fear, it’s unknown if that Jade Horned Snake also left.”

“This old snake that has already gained spiritual awareness has probably left in anger. It would be best if it already left, otherwise, when we enter deeper into the ruins, we might encounter it again.’

“What’s that smell?” Ye Fan had an expression of confusion: “Why is there a faint fishy smell……”

Pang Bo took in a deep breath and the colour of his face changed: “It seems to be the smell of the old snake!”

At this moment, Ye Fan’s face drained of colour as he pulled Pang Bo and softly commanded: “Let’s go!”

Just several hundred metres ahead, a huge ferocious snake was slithering up the cliff, its scales were gleaming with a cold light and its fiery red eyes seemed to shoot forth a blood red glow. The three metre long snake could be heard slithering as it brushed through the thick foliage which immediately turned to yellow liquid.

“The old snake has come!”

Pang Bo’s face drained of colour, they had not thought that that demonic snake would actually chase them and their only saving grace was that it had not spotted them yet. Atop the cliff, there were many ancient trees that shrouded the sky and the two people hastily backed away as they went to the back of the cliff and climbed down using vines.

If they were slightly slower, their lives might have already been lost. The old snake was certainly infuriated and if it found traces of them only a tragic scene would remain.

Ye Fan and Pang Bo were swift like monkeys as they ran and jumped, speedily following the vines to the ground and not looking back.

“For this old snake to bear grudges with us, we are in some serious trouble.” As the two of them were fleeing for their lives, they occasionally looked back to check. On the cliff’s precipice, there was a gigantic multi-colored snake that was ascending upwards, it’s pupils were emitting two bloody rays. The jade horn on its head was shining brilliantly as the sun rays shine down upon it, a continuous stream of mystical red clouds were being emitted from it.


Rumbling sounds could be heard from atop the cliff as giant rocks continued to tumble down, much of the forest had been knocked down by the old snake as it slithered down the cliff heading speedily in their direction.

“Shit! It’s found us!”

“Let’s hurry out and let Elder Wu Qing Feng take care of this demonic snake.”

“That’s not possible, the old snake is simply too fast. There are those beasts and birds in the outer areas blocking us, it would surely be able to catch up. I think there’s no other choice, let’s rush towards the depths of the ruins, that oppressive sound seems to be able to bring fear to the old snake, with its heart filled with trepidation, it’s unlikely that it will dare to follow us in.”

Their discussion concluded, two streams of light could be seen heading speedily into the depths of the ruins. This Jade Horned Snake had already attained spiritual awareness and was certainly extraordinary, it’s speed was like lightning as it forced its way through the forest leaving a wake of destruction in its path. A clear path through the forest could be seen where it went through.

Mountain rocks were tumbling and the old snake was more ferocious than a steam roller as it continued unrestrained, the sound of slithering became closer and closer as wisps of fishy odour could be smelt in the air.

Ye Fan did not feel unwell but Pang Bo felt a headache as he said: “This old snake is simply too venomous, even though it’s several hundred metres away the toxic mist has already reached this far and I feel that my body will soon be unable to endure it.”

“Quickly ingest a petal of the Jade Snake Orchid!” Ye Fan was feeling nervous, the old snake was simply too fast and as it came closer and closer it seemed that it would catch up at any time. If anything happened to Pang Bo then he would regret it for life.”

Pang Bo did not dare to ingest the whole Jade Snake Orchid and even taking just a petal of the flower he felt that the medicinal strength might be too strong and might perforate his sea of bitterness. Finally, he peeled a portion of the petal of placed it into his mouth before swallowing it.

“How do you feel?” Ye Fan was worried that something untoward might happen to Pang Bo.

“It’s really so miraculous!” Pang Bo let out a long breath. Having just ingested the petal the feeling of malaise had completed disappeared and his headache was gone. He felt that refreshed and the attack of the snake poison had clearly been halted.

“It is indeed a spiritual medicine, able to cure all kinds of unique poisons.” Ye Fan felt relieved.

“Snap Snap”

At the back, the old snake continued to pull closer and the ancient trees in its path were completely pushed aside, mighty and dreadful, those low lying shrubs had all been split asunder in its wake leaving a clear snake path. The old snake’s eyes were blood red as it continued to spit out large amounts of toxic mist. Although the distance was several hundred metres away the mist seemed to spread extremely fast and “Chi! Chi!” sounds continually resounded as the surrounding forest was completed melted into yellow water, simply shocking.

If the two had not taken the Jade Snake Orchid, they could have already become puddles of water.

“This snake poison is simply too barbaric!”

“If it continues on like this, we’d be hard pressed to escape with our lives. The old snake has almost caught up!”

If it were normal people the old snake would have already caught them. Its speed was simply too fast and the Jade Horned Snake which had attained spiritual awareness seemed to be one with the wind as it swiftly chased. Ye Fan and Pang Bo had partaken the divine fruit within the Ancient Forbidden land and had not only attained elephant-like strength but their speeds had also undergone a huge increase. It it were anyone else they would have already been caught.

“Hang in there, I believe that oppressive sound will resound again and by then the old snake will surely be filled with fright and that will be our chance to run away with our lives.”

The ground was trembling as huge rocks continued to tremble and the old snake was only seventy to eighty metres away. Ye Fan and Pang Bo’s faces were drained of colour as they hurriedly turned trying to dodge to the side.


The old snake dashed forward and it was not clumsy in its movements as its large tail swept forth like an iron last that was sweeping through the area, sweeping away the trees, leaves were flying everywhere and a vile stench assailed the senses.

Although the two managed to avoid that enormous snake tail that was over ten metres in length, the large broken pieces of wood were like rocks as they continually rained onto their bodies, knocking them into the air.

If it were not for their exceptional physiques with divine strength that managed to block the strong forces of impact, they would have long been smashed by the debris. Even so, the blood and qi in their bodies were in turmoil as they staggered and stumbled for a long distance before finally stabilising their bodies.

Suddenly, the two people felt a dangerous pressure on their hearts as a piercing sound could be heard through the air, a dazzling brilliance could be seen from the head of the Jade Horned Snake and it was like a sharp sword as it chopped towards the two people.


Ye Fan and Pang Bo faces changed as they used all the strength in their bodies to run leaving an illusion where they stood.


The divine light of a sword over twenty metres in length sliced apart many trees living a frightening fissure on the ground. Even several huge rocks that were on the roar were all cleanly rended in two, the centre smooth and even like tofu.

“A demonic snake that has attained spiritual awareness is simply too terrifying!”

Ye Fan and Pang Bo felt chills in their heart, it was true that there were no free meals in this world. If one wanted to obtain something one would certainly have to pay a price. If it were not for the drastic change occurring within the depths of the ruins they would not even have the chance to snatch the Jade Snake Orchid and even so, they were chased to the point where there is no road to the sky, nor door into the earth*.

[Idiom* To be at the end of one’s rope]

“We can only last for another thirty seconds at most!”


Suddenly, as the two people were conversing, an oppressive sound could be heard from the depths of the ruins. The two felt as though they were struck by lightning as they shuddered uncontrollably and felt an acute pain within their chests. The enormous snake was in a worse condition as it writhed on the ground, violently thrashing and smashing the surrounding forest.

“Quick! Let’s run!”

Calming their state of mind, the two hurried away without stopping.

The oppressive sound stopped but the ruins seemed to be even more stifling. Ye Fan and Pang Bo could not retreat as the old snake barred their path and could only go forward. A while passed before the two came before a huge rock that was over hundred metres in height, using the vines that were covering it they scaled the rock and looked back into the distance.

“Damn, that old snake is still chasing us……”

In the distance, the forest was rumbling as the Jade Horned Snake continued forwards. Although its speed had clearly dropped, it was still chasing the two people.

“We’ll be in trouble if it goes on like this. It may really follow us all the way into the depths of the ruins.” The two felt that the situation seemed grim.

“These things that have gained spiritual awareness shouldn’t be trifled with!”

“Hm, there seems to be a figure of someone in front.” Ye Fan had a stunned expression as there seemed to be several figures moving through the forest in front.

Pang Bo gazed into the distance and said: “It’s….. Li Lin, Li Yun, Han Fei Yu and their gang!”

“It seems like the few of them had the same idea as us to take the chance and enter into the depths of the ruins to gather as much as they can without any restraint.”

At this moment, Ye Fan and Pang Bo looked at each other before laughing out with a “Hei Hei”. The two people picked up their speeds as they were like the wind and dashed forward.

Li Lin, Li Yun, Han Fei Yu and the others were heading towards the ancient construction within the depths of the ruins. They had a far deeper understanding of this area of the primitive ruins. They knew that the strange scene they were currently facing was certainly not due to beast kings battling but rather had largely to do with the changes occurring within the ancient constructions in the depths of the ruins. If they could successfully enter that area, it could be a tremendous opportunity. These ruins were here since ancient times and clearly held many exceptional opportunities.

“There’s somebody who’s closing in on us, it seems that they had the same idea as us.” Li Yun was releasing killing intent as he said: “Let’s capture them in a while, who knows, maybe they’ve already obtained some exceptional spiritual medicine.”

“It’s Pang Bo and that cripple Ye Fan!” Li Lin’s killing intent rose as she saw the two speedily approaching: “You dare to encroach on our area, looking for death!”

Han Fei Yu had a face full of hatred as two lights filled with hatred shot forth from his eyes.

Ye Fan and Pang Bo were very fast as they drew closer in an instant.

“Li Lin, brother Li Yun, it’s really unexpected to meet you guys here. It must be fate!” Ye Fan and Pang Bo had expressions of glee and their faces seemed to be filled with emotion as though they were meeting close relatives whom they had not seen for a long time. They speedily rushed forward with expressions filled with joy and warmth.

“Not meeting for one day seems like three years have passed, not meeting for two days it already seems like six years have passed, finally we meet again.” Ye Fan and Pang Bo were like shooting stars as they hastily moved closer, it seemed like they could not wait to hug the few people to express their happiness.

This made the group of Li Lin and Li Yun feel a loss of composure as their goosebumps stood on end and they all felt cold shivers.

Li Lin had an expression of disgust as her eyes swept to Pang Bo and lightly grazed past Ye Fan before saying: “Don’t try to pull any tricks, no matter what you guys do it would not change anything.” She stood on a huge rock looking down on the two, her face was filled with hate as she coldly asserted: “You people really have the guts, aren’t’ you afraid of dying prematurely within this forest? This ruins isn’t a place where any cripple can just easily walk in!”

Li Yun was also exceptionally cold as he stared at Ye Fan and Pang Bo with a cold smile. He was considering whether to immediately attack and was only concerned that elder Wu Qing Feng had left an imprint on their bodies and would be able to investigate what happened.

Although they were humiliating the two and not masking their killing intent, Ye Fan and Pang Bo seemed to be unaffected as they continued to be warm and joined the group. It was even more exasperating when the two actually held Han Fei Yu’s hands and repeatedly said:” Han Fei Yu…… You really are such a good person!”

“Did the two of you manage to pick some spiritual medicine? Why do your bodies have such a strong fragrance emitting from it?” Li Lin had killing intent registered all over her face as the mole on her face was lightly trembling but her face immediately became serious as she said: “Something seems to be amiss, why is there a fishy stench in the air?”


At this moment, the few people felt the ground trembling as they looked back.

“That is…… a spiritual snake!”

“A snake that has gained spiritual awareness, that’s a Jade Horned Snake!”

The faces of the people in the area all changed, an old snake with a single horn was speedily rushing over like the wind, leaving behind a wake of destruction in its path as it rushed forward, a fishy stench could be smelt in the air.

“Damn! You two……”

Li Lin, Li Yun, Han Fei Yu and the others suddenly understood what was going on and really wanted to tear the two into pieces however it was not the time to do so and the few hastily turned and ran, cutting very sorry figures.

“Han Fei Yu! All of you are such good people……” Ye Fan and Pang Bo continued to flee as they gleefully said those words to Han Fei Yu and the rest who were trailing behind.


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