Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 52: Deep and Immeasurable
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 52: Deep and Immeasurable

Chapter 52: Deep and Immeasurable

Currently, Li Lin, Li Yun, Han Fei Yu and the others wished they could flay Ye Fan and Pang Bo alive, the smiles on their faces seemed so despicable and seemed to be asking for a beating. This was of course just their imagination. In reality, Ye Fan and Pang Bo felt that their smiles were indubitably carefree, they were feeling absolutely relaxed and comfortable.

“Pang Bo you are clearly looking for death! Don’t think that I will ever spare you!” Li Lin cursed, her beautiful visage was cold and carried a baleful aura.

Li Yun was also beside himself in anger, this was an absolutely undeserving disaster. They were suddenly being chased by an old snake as he exclaimed: “Pang Bo you are forcing our hand! Although you are a celestial sprout from here on out we won’t stop till you’re dead! As for that useless person, you better watch out, I’m going to personally tear you apart!”


The five coloured mist was once again spreading out like a colourful shirt that would cover them. Li Lin and Li Yun did not dare to continue speaking as they focused on running, afraid that they would be enveloped by the snake’s poison.

“Aaahhhh…..” At this moment, a wail could be heard as a person amongst them did not dodge in time and became a puddle of water. Even the bones had become strangely black, rotten to the point of disintegration.

Everyone was filled with fear, this demonic snake was simply too terrifying and a spit of its toxic mist could turn a cultivator into dry bones, making one feel cold sweat. What made Li Lin, Li Yun and the group even more spiteful was that Pang Bo was faster than a rabbit as he continually ran and jumped, leaving them far behind to face the wrath of the snake.

As for Ye Fan who was but a useless person in their eyes, he was even faster as he was the foremost runner, making Han Fei Yu and the group feel frantic. Even a useless person could run faster than them, this made these disciples who had exceptional physiques feel angry at both Ye Fan and themselves for being slower.


The old snake grew closer and closer as the jade horn on its head released a ferocious divine sword light, slicing across the sky like a bolt of lightning as it rushed forth. “Chi!”, a person was immediately split asunder and fresh blood spewed forth onto the few people by his side, leaving them petrified.

“Aaahhh……” A female cultivator shrieked in fright, the bloody and gore-filled reality left them feeling miniscule, the demonic snake was so enormous and they who had only just stepped on the path of cultivation simply could not match up.


The ground trembled as the Jade Horned Snake slithered forcefully through the forest, eyes gleaming with a red light. Under the pressure of fear, someone cursed hatefully: “F***, how can that useless person run so fast? I can barely see him anymore!”

“That damned useless person, how can he run faster than us?” Several people were gritting their teeth in hatred, their hearts were unsettled as they saw the useless person in their eyes seem to fly across the grass, almost seeming to float.

“These two bastards, once there’s an opportunity I’ll definitely tear them into a million pieces!” Li Lin’s exquisite face was deathly cold and rage could be clearly seen mixed with fear, but they had no solutions at the moment.

Although Li Lin and Li Yun and unique physiques and their cultivation were exceptional it was far from enough to deal with the demonic snake as they had only been at the Ling Xu sanctuary for three years and even with their speedy advancement they had not cultivate a ‘Mystical Rainbow’ and could not fly through the air, thus they could only run on the ground.

While their cultivations were much stronger than Ye Fan and Pang Bo, their physical bodies had not undergone the nourishment of the divine fruit. Whereas Ye Fan and Pang Bo had shed their mortal bodies and exchanged their bones, their physiques were something that normal cultivators simply could not compare to and thus left these people far behind.

Li Lin and Li Yun and the group naturally knew that the Jade Horned Snake hated Ye Fan and Pang Bo the most and it was their stealing of the spiritual medicine from the snake hole that resulted in this death chase from the demonic snake.

The few people felt as though their lungs were about to explode from anger, even Li Lin no longer cared about her image of a beautiful woman and threw down her facade, cursing: “F***! That person whose first name is Pang as well as that useless person, Li Lin will remember the two of you!”

Being relentlessly chased by the Jade Horned Snake, life and death was hanging in the balance. Now that he was constantly being cursed at, even a mud man would have felt some anger and Ye Fan angrily retaliated: “Your mother! The one whose first name is Li, I’ll remember you too! Not because I’m interested in you but because you’re flat like a washing board……”

Pang Bo turned back to fan the fire and continued: “The one whose surname is Li with a flat chest like a washboard, if you have the time to curse at us why not showcase your strength by dealing with that demonic snake.”

“They’re really infuriating me!” Li Lin was trembling in anger but could only use everything she had to run, not daring to be even the slightest distracted.

Li Yun angrily shouted from the back: “You two bastards! Too despicable, I curse you people to die a terrible death!”

“Your mother! Who’s the one lacking in morals? You people have always been trying to get rid of the two of us, now due to some fortunate circumstances it’s good that you guys have fallen ill on luck!”

Li Lin, Li Yun and Han Fei Yu were speechless in their anger, meeting these two people felt as though they had collected eight generations worth of bad luck and were living on the brink of death.

Besides Li Lin, Li Yun and Han Fei Yu, the rest of the people were clearly unable to hold on as some people cried while running forward: “My two dear junior brothers……”

“Who is your junior brother!” Ye Fan and Pang Bo were not satisfied with being called this way.

“Wrong, I mean two elder brothers……” The few people were crying as they desperately shouting: “Especially that useless person elder brother, you guys run so fast…… there’s no need to keep running together with us. As a venerated elder you should run further away, I beg you!”

Ye Fan had been chased for such a long time with his life on the line, he did not have his usual calm composure and hearing these words he scolded: “Your grandmother, who’s the useless person……”

Pang Bo turned back and shouted: “Didn’t the few of you want to get rid of us? Now we’re just giving you a taste of what it’s like when your life is threatened.” Having said this, he picked up his pace and like a rabbit within the blink of an eye he was already far away.

“Plop Plop!”

Amongst Li Lin and the group, the cultivators who were trailing behind had ashen faces, they had breathed in some of the snake poison and their strength was failing as they fell to the ground. The Jade Horned Snake slithered past and crushed their bodies into meat pulp, blood splattered everywhere and the scene was bloody and gore-filled.


The hissing sound of the snake could be heard and a disciple was pulled by an unknown force, flying through the air and entering into the wide open mouth of the Jade Horned Snake.


He could only let out a short scream of fear before he was abruptly cut off. “Chi!”, a splatter of blood flew out from between the old snakes chilling white teeth. Thereafter, the entire person was swallowed into the snake’s stomach. During the process of swallowing, the body had already completely melted, this fearsome scene made everyone feel cold sweat roll down their backs as they felt all their hair stand on end.

The gap continued to close as the Jade Horned Snake stopped spitting out snake poison and the jade horn atop its head also stopped giving off divine light. It only opened its huge mouth and with a hissing sound, sucked someone straight into its stomach with a terrifying force.


Blood splattered everywhere as another person was swallowed, traces of blood could be seen flowing down from the snake’s teeth out of its mouth.

“Pang Bo and that useless person you guys just wait. My granduncle will make sure that the two of you would wish you were dead, he will grind your bones into dust!” Han Fei Yu was terrified as he angrily shouted. At this moment, he was running at the back and would be the snake’s next target.

The old snake spat out a two to three metre long forked tongue, leaving behind a large area of venom. The surface of the ground was corroded as traces of white smoke could be seen rising. A pair of blood red eyes were locked onto Han Fei Yu.

“No!” Han Fei Yu let out a terrified shout, he felt his body suddenly lighten as a formless force pulled him into the air straight towards the wide open mouth of the old snake.

At this critical juncture, Han Fei Yu took out the green wooden symbol and the treasure symbol that weighed ten thousand catties let out a green glow as wisps of green mist floated and heavily smashed down.


The green wooden symbol firmly pressed onto the old snake and managed to sway it but did not manage to damage it even in the slightest. Its single horn let out a divine sword light and sent the green wooden symbol flying in an instant, heavily landing in the distance and crushing all the rocks in that area.

The green wooden symbol was not destroyed, it was a weapon that was personally forged by Han Fei Yu’s granduncle. There were several Dao markings within the wooden symbol and various strong “influences” were placed, making it very difficult to destroy. Han Fei Yu’s cultivation was simply insufficient and could not fully utilise the treasure symbol’s true power, thus failing to injure the Jade Horned Snake.

“Granduncle…… save me!” Han Fei Yu who was sucked into the air by the demonic snake let out a frightened yell and suddenly a jade pendant by his chest began to emit a glow, shrouding him in light and stopping him in the air, preventing the old snake from swallowing him.
Han Fei Yu suddenly recalled that this was the jade pendant that his granduncle had ordered him to keep it by his side at all times, it seemed that it was something that would preserve his life at a critical juncture.

Far away on top of a cliff, there was suddenly a green glow and a person could be seen flying over on a mystical rainbow arriving in the blink of an eye. The old snake seemed to be frightened as it hastily retreated giving up on Han Fei Yu who was suspended in mid air.

Li Lin and Li Yun immediately had expressions of relief as Han Fei Yu loudly shouted: “Granduncle save me!”

The divine rainbow stopped before them as a green light flashed, a stooped old man with disheveled hair stood there, grabbing Han Fei Yu out of the air and bringing him back to the ground. Li Lin and Li Yun hurriedly rushed forward to greet.

Far away, Ye fan and Pang Bo also stopped as they looked at each other feeling very uneasy and wanted to immediately run far far away. They then noticed that the old man’s gaze had swept to them and immediately ceased any ideas of getting away. An expert who could ride on a divine rainbow, if he had his sights on them there was simply no way to run away. The two people did not move an inch as they quietly stood there and watched.

The old man was not tall, skinny and emaciated together with his stooped body he was barely 1.5 metres tall. His disheveled hair was snow white and completely covered his face making it impossible to clearly see his face. Only his two emaciated hands could be seen, it was like wrinkled skin wrapping a bone like a jet-black bird’s claw.

“Elder Han it’s fortunate that you managed to rush over in time, otherwise we would have all died here……” Li Lin and Li Yun went forward to greet the elder and thereafter said these words. At the same time, they looked hatefully over at Ye Fan and Pang Bo and said: “This time you guys are surely dead!”

Han Fei Yu was gritting his teeth as he silently whispered some words to the elder, from his expression it was clear that he wanted to do something untoward to Ye Fan and Pang Bo and his eyes that looked over were cold and sinister, filled with hatred.

Elder Han who was emaciated like an old ghost did not bother about the three people before him as he looked at the Jade Horned Snake far away and continually nodded his head before speaking in a hoarse voice which seemed to be breathless: “Not bad, very good. The jade horn of a spiritual snake is good material for refining medicine…..”

The Jade Horned Snake had long felt the danger and hastily retreated, the forked tongue constantly flickered, it wanted to escape.

At the moment, the elder with his disheveled hair was like a ghost as he floated forward, not planning to let it leave. The old snake spat out a mouthful of toxic mist and drowned him within. A green light flashed and a mysterious glow appeared around elder Han, completely preventing the snake poison from reaching him.


From the jade horn atop the old snake’s head burst forth a blazing divine glow as several dazzling divine sword lights rushed forth towards elder Han.

“Dang Dang Dang”

As though the sounds of divine weapons were in conflict, Elder Han held a green wooden ruler and dispersed all the divine sword lights. The Jade Horned Snake felt danger as it swiftly turned and attempted to flee. Elder Han would not give it such a chance as from his emaciated body twelve green lights suddenly shot forth, twelve green wooden swords speedily became big and stabbed into the ground forming a prison that trapped the Jade Horned Snake inside.

“Drop the jade horn on your own, if you wish to destroy it I’ll slice you up alive!” Elder Han’s words were cold and sinister as he stared at the Jade Horned Snake.

The old snake seemed to be enraged as there was a ferocious light from its eyes, its jade horn had a bright resplendent light that seemed to be gathering divine energy for a final attack.

It was obvious that Elder han would not allow it to make such an attack. Twelve green wooden words released a faint jade light as the engravings on them wriggled like worms, thereafter the green glow covering the twelve wooden swords expanded and killing intent poured out as they chopped towards the centre.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

Fresh blood was splattered everywhere as the twelve green wooden swords chopped the Jade Horned Snake into several portions, the huge snake began to spew forth fresh blood like a river and gurgled forth, a fishy stench assailed the nostrils and a bloody mist was instantly created together with a toxic mist.

Far away, Ye Fan and Pang Bo took a deep breath, Han Fei Yu’s granduncle was simply too frightening. He could easily kill a spiritual snake, his profound cultivation level simply made one feel fear.

One must know that the old snake’s body was extremely tough and could easily pulverize ancient trees, crush large rocks. The snake’s body was hard like divine metal but could not withstand the assault from the twelve green wooden swords and had died in an instant. The fresh blood flowed like a river and the entire ground was stained with blood. This stooped elder Han with his disheveled hair simply made one feel enormous apprehension.

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