Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 62: Fracturing of the Demon Emperor’s Tomb
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 62: Fracturing of the Demon Emperor’s Tomb

Chapter 62: Fracturing of the Demon Emperor’s Tomb

“Chi Chi Chi”

The sound of mystical rainbows streaking through the air continually resounded as cultivators could be seen flying in from the horizon, rushing towards the demon emperor’s burial mound. Ye Fan saw this but did not feel any excitement as he turned and ran off into the distance, slowly leaving the ruins and following the previous path.He came before the region where the five finger mountains were located.

“What’s going on……” Ye Fan felt extremely shocked, it was the same piece of land but the verdant and lush landscape filled with vigor and life had completely disappeared. Up ahead, there were five bare stone mountains with nary a grass in sight, totally barren. They were no longer big and had suddenly become much smaller, like five large boulders that were stacked together and placed there.

Moving past the five stone mountains and continuing forward, he did not lose his sense of direction nor did he see the otherworldly pure land. There was only loose rock and sand, barren and silent, the scene had become very unfamiliar and was filled with desolation.

“I did not walk in the wrong direction……” Ye Fan was sure that this was that plot of land however the scene before his eyes had completely changed and that piece of pure land had totally disappeared.

Ye Fan thought that he had entered an illusion as he closed his eyes and tried to use his own heartbeat to feel the beating heart of the demon emperor. However, he did not manage to detect anything and there only deathly silence, this was certainly a barren piece of land that lived up to its looks.

He carefully looked through the area and came to a helpless conclusion, everything was real and this area did not have an inch of pure land. Only sand and rock within the ten miles, devoid of life as a dead atmosphere hangs in the air.

“How could it be like this……” Ye Fan frowned as he once again came before the five stone mountains. Suddenly, he noticed a piece of fabric on the ground.

“It’s Pang Bo’s…….”

Ye Fan continued scrutinising the area carefully but was left disappointed. This barren piece of land had nothing and all traces of Pang Bo and the great demons were thoroughly gone.

After looking through the area for an unknown number of times, Ye Fan lethargically lay on the sandy ground as he carefully thought and hypothesized before finally sighing. With his current strength, he simply had no way of finding Pang Bo and even if he really found traces, he did not have the ability to save him.

Finally, Ye Fan chose to leave. He was unsure if he left today would he ever see Pang Bo again.

Arriving at the other side of the stars, the two people had shared life and death together as they supported one another. Now that they were split up in this manner, Ye Fan felt crestfallen as he walked away step by step.

Walking for several hundred miles, Ye Fan walked past the ancient ruins and was barely several miles away from the demon emperor’s burial mound. There were now many cultivators gathered there in the sky above, the tomb was floating about ponderously as lights shot into the sky.

At this moment, a rumbling sound could be heard as the sky seemed to quake.

An ancient war vehicle filled with an austere presence that was cast from molten gold and carved with dense and numerous Dao Inscriptions was being pulled by nine azure river dragons, giving off thunderous rumbling noises as it seemed to suppress the heavens as it charged forward, there was a strong fighting intent like a howling ocean as it surged.

In the distance, many cultivators took in a breath of cold air. Another impressive figure had arrived and several had their faces change colour, only the Ji family had expressions of glee.

Nine azure river dragons pulled an ancient golden war vehicle, roiling clouds and riding the mist as it hastily moved and stopped before the Ji family, it was absolutely silent thereafter.

No one had fully come to their senses before celestial music that had the sounds of nature drew closer, petals began to sprinkle down from the sky, sparkling and translucent with hints of fragrance as beautiful figures that looked like fairies drifting through the skies, their dresses were fluttering about and were seemingly otherworldly.

They had a fragrant carriage that was weaved together with divine flowers, it had brightly coloured decorations*. As it moved gracefully, flowers were raining from the sky, flickering and translucent making the entire ruins seem exceptionally beautiful.

[Idiom*: splendid]

Before the demon emperor’s burial mound, all the cultivators were shocked. Another fearsome individual had arrived, this ancient palace certainly enticed many strong cultivators to the extent that they all personally rushed over.

Ye Fan had already calmed down and although he had not found Pang Bo, he firmly believed that Pang Bo would not die and there would come a day when they would reunite.

“Become stronger, I will continue to become stronger and not let others control our fate!”

Ye Fan was frustrated but within his eyes a divine light could be seen that was exuding a firm and self confident radiance. Since he had already stepped on the path of cultivators, the current goal was to get himself stronger and only in this way would he be able to save Pang Bo.

He did not leave but rather chose to retreat several miles away and gazed from a high mountain that was eight or nine miles from the tomb. With his current cultivation, he simply did not have the strength to contest for anything and even the weakest person there could easily kill him. Choosing to observe from afar was only to increase his knowledge and experience.

At this moment, there were already countless cultivators and many people had acted but no one was able to open up the demon emperor’s burial mound. There were many cultivators that were already injured or killed.

The majestic ancient palace that was forged from multi-coloured jade was covered in numerous and densely packed demonic writing, a five coloured glow was being released as dragon, phoenix, black tortoise formed words seemed to be alive.

“A celestial killing energy that was laid down by the final great demonic emperor, under the weathering of time it has weakened considerably and the pulse that rules it is already in our grasp, it is almost time for us to act.” Before the demon emperor’s tomb, the jade carriage that was pulled by nine Qilin beasts had a cold voice that was being transmitted from it, it was not very loud and was somewhat deep yet the clear enough for it to spread out to all corners. This had actually caused most of the cultivators to feel a shivering feeling within them.

This supreme big figure was finally going to act!

“That’s right, it’s certainly possible to now open the demon emperor’s tomb.” A gentle voice could be heard as the nobody in the crowd noticed this lady’s presence. However, no one doubted that someone who dared to speak with the big figure within the jade carriage would certainly be an existence on a similar level.

“Our few families have the natural geographical advantage and opening the tomb would allow us to obtain much!” At this moment, on the other side of the sky an imposing voice could be heard, each word was like thunderous strikes as the ears of most of the people were ringing.

Below the firmament where the flowers were raining down, a lady’s voice transmitted from the fragrant car formed from divine flowers, clear and moving as she said: “Since it’s like this, let us act.”

“The few of us will forcefully open the demon emperor’s tomb. To avoid the harming of any innocents, everyone back away!” An archaic voice filled with an imposing presence transmitted from the ancient golden war vehicle of the Ji family, like a tsunami that was unleashed, trembling the heavens with an unspeakable pressure.

The five figures of impressive standing spoke one after the other, their voices seemingly linking together and shocking the hearts of the cultivators. Like the rumbling of thunder, all the cultivators felt shaken as they bodies swayed and retreated involuntarily.

The five mysterious figures did not wait any longer as they knew that other extremely strong individuals would arrive soon. The five decided to work together to forcefully open the demon emperor’s burial mound and obtain the treasures first.

From a distance of eight to nine miles away, Ye Fan still felt a frightening undulation as his heart shivered. Without any hesitation, he hastily retreated several miles further from this region.


Not long after, a world-shaking sound transmitted from the direction of the demon emperor’s burial mound that made one’s soul shudder, resplendent divine lights shot through the clouds and pierced through heaven and earth. Like a volcano that had erupted, endless amounts of demonic energy surged out, dazzling lights surged forth and rushed out in all directions like a tsunami. Many cultivators were like duckweed as they were sent flying by the waves of energy, they had already backed a large distance away but were still affected by the tremors.

In the distance, Ye Fan was dumbstruck. He was so far away yet the undulations could still be felt, much of the vegetation was being destroyed and plenty of rocks were sent flying as he hid behind a stone mountain, his heart palpitating.

This tomb was simply too frightening, although countless years had passed and the celestial killing energy laid down by the great demonic emperor had weakened considerably, when assaulted by an external force it had suddenly exploded with a fearsome demonic might and it could only be imagined how powerful the great demonic emperor that had ruled the entire race of demons in the eastern badlands was.

“The demonic emperor certainly lives up to his reputation as the expert that could look down disdainfully at all of the eastern badlands, the seal laid down while he was alive has such frightening might and his majesty back in the day could only be imagined!”

Before that majestic ancient palace, only five people remained and their figures could not be clearly seen as five dazzling balls of light floated there that made everyone sigh.

“The frightening talent of the great emperor of the demonic race, he certainly was an unparalleled existence within his generation!”

“The amount of demonic energy currently contained within this tomb is probably not even ten percent of his strength back in the day. Such a frightening might, simply thinking about it would make one feel shudders.”

Although the five important figures spoke like this, they did not stop as they continued to gather their divine energy and began to execute even thicker and more aggressive attacks.


Like a divine ocean that overflowed to the sky or spillage from the Milky way, the world was filled with boundless dazzling lights as endless divine lights attacked, the vast demonic energy surged as the area around the demonic emperor’s burial mound seemed to boil over.

All the cultivators hurried to leave the area and nobody dared to tarry.

The five important figures continued to attack as they sacrificed their weapons and doggedly shook up the tomb to the extent that the everyday stars in the sky seemed dull and the entire world was trembling.

Endless amounts of divine lights and frightening demonic energy continued to shoot forth in all directions.

A long period of time passed and the five important figures had already attacked an innumerable amount of times but had only caused a corner of the tomb to have a crack.


Once again working together and attacking strongly, the five used their powerful weapons that were spewing forth divine glows and combined the spiritual qi and energy of the five, finally causing a corner of the tomb to tear.

“Chi Chi Chi”

At this moment, streaks of multi-coloured sunlight flew out from the torn corner as they flew away in all directions, weapons that had their attained spiritual sense had escaped on their own!

The important figures reached forth with their big hands as they grabbed at the sky but several multi-coloured lights still managed to escape their net and either rushed past the horizon or deeper into the forest.

The cultivators who were looking on from a distance began to move as they hastily flew in all directions, towards the horizon or towards the deeper parts of the dense forest as they each chased the different streaks of multicolored lights.


A green streak landed at the location of the stone mountain where Ye Fan was located as it easily pierced into the cliff wall. Ye Fan was stunned, he had never thought that he could obtain something even though he hid so far away.


At this time, the five important figures once again acted together as they wielded their five powerful weapons and attacked the tomb!


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