Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 78: Resolved
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 78: Resolved

Chapter 78: Resolved

Ye Fan had already carved the image of the three-footed and two eared circular cauldron into his mind, however, attempting to mold the divine symbol within his sea of bitterness was simply too difficult and just attempting to combine the nineteen divine symbols together had taken up a lot of time.

Finally, he was able to slowly merge the nineteen divine symbols together, forming a bean-sized object but it was difficult to mold it and change its form. No matter how one looked at it, it simply did not have any semblance or connection to a cauldron.

Ye Fan tried many times however, not to mention the form of a cauldron, he had not even managed to create any wrinkles on it, molding a cauldron was certainly going to be an arduous process.

However, he was not anxious as he had after all just began to experiment. There would be time in the future to polish up and this would definitely be a long and tiring process. This was not exclusive only to him but others would also have gone through this.

The sky was beginning to darken and Ye Fan killed a badger before heading back. Returning to the small store and sitting down, the old man had already filled a table with a bountiful feast, the aroma making one salivate.

Ting Ting changed into a new attire and her rosy face had a sweet smile on it with two beautiful dimples. The little girl had very low expectations for happiness, being able to eat a full meal and not being bullied was extremely satisfying to her. Furthermore, she even had new clothes to wear now.

“Today, the Li family have been panicking and started treating everyone as their enemy, gathering many able-bodied men to their side as though to guard against something.” Old uncle Jiang mentioned at the table.

“What’s going on?” Ye Fan asked.

“The Li family have a rival family that resides several tens of miles away, that family also has cultivators outside and is one of the strongest family of this area. The two families have never gotten along with each other and the Li family suspects that it was that rival family that sabotaged their ten over goods vehicles and have sent people to investigate. The result was them losing a supervisor and the others being half beaten to death before crawling back.”

Ye Fan laughed lightly and said: “Originally I had planned to continue torturing them however it seems that I don’t have to trouble myself with this anymore. This time, they’ll be too busy with their own business without any time to suspect others. We’ll let these two fishing village families continue to be jealous and suspicious of each other.”

After carefully finding out all the details, Ye Fan silently left the small town and ran several tens of miles through the night to arrive at a manor.

Ye Fan was able to quietly make his way in, although this family had cultivators, they were not currently with the family and this was simply too easy for him. He spent roughly an hour before discovering a bunch of people who were tied up firmly within the firewood storage room.

“Is it supervisor Zhang?”

A sharp voice could be heard from within the room and as described by old uncle Jiang, he immediately answered: “It’s me, who are you?”

“Supervisor Li, I’m here to save you.” Ye Fan walked over as he removed the rope binding his body: “The young master of your house is returning from the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary and plans to thoroughly exterminate the Wang family.”

“What…….” Supervisor Zhang seemed to be in shock as he asked: “Who are you?”

Ye Fan’s voice became colder as he continued: “Calm your emotions, the young master of your family has requested help from a few of his fellow students and I am one of them.”

“This little one greets immortal sir.” Supervisor Li could hear from the voice that the other side was not very old however once he realised that he was faced with a cultivator, he began to worship like a kowtowing bug.

“No need to stand on ceremony, there’s some important matters that I have to instruct you, listen closely.”

“Immortal sir, please go ahead and speak.”

“There are a few barrels of oil here, go outside and spread a fire. Once the fire is lit, shout loudly that your young master will exterminate their entire family.”

“Ah, in that case wouldn’t we be killed if we’re caught by them?” At this moment, supervisor Zhang was in a state of confusion and could not think clearly but rather only thought of how to preserve his own life.

“Relax, your safety will be guaranteed by us. The few of us want to slowly torture them and let the people of the Wang family die in terror.”

“Alright, we’ll immediately set fire and when the time comes we’ll go all out together with immortal sir.”

Ye Fan patted his shoulder and said in a profound voice: “You’ve gained much merit this day!”

To be praised by the immortal within his eyes, supervisor Zhang felt the blood within him boil and utilised all his experience of bullying the townsfolk as he began to speedily move the few barrels of oil.

Ye fan began to keep the broken rope on the group as he turned and disappeared into the darkness.

Not long after, a blazing fire could be seen within the manor and four to five areas were ablaze. At this moment, supervisor Zhang’s sharp voice could be heard in the night: “Bastards of the Wang family, your bastard hole has been set on fire by us! Just you wait, our young master will exterminate your entire family!”

The Wang family was in an uproar and the crying of ladies and angry shouts of men could be heard. In no time, many people wielding bright blades and swords were rushing to where supervisor Zhang was located.

At this moment, supervisor Zhang was feeling excited. With an immortal backing him up, he did not feel any fear as he continued to set more areas ablaze.

Seeing this, the people of the Wang family saw red and rushed towards them in their anger, wielding their blades to chop and the glint of their blades were especially dazzling in the light of the fire.

It was only at this moment that supervisor Zhang began to feel fear, the immortal had not appeared beside him and although he wanted to run there was simply no time. He let out a cry of fear as he turned to run but his neck had already been chopped off and fresh blood gurgled forth, he had died aggrieved.

Noticing that supervisor Zhang had been killed, Ye Fan silently retreated in the darkness but did not leave, rather, he took advantage of the commotion to light several other areas on fire causing the entire area to blaze with a fire that seemed to shroud the skies.

It was only now that Ye Fan left swiftly, disappearing into the darkness in the blink of an eye.

The second day, this information reached Qing Feng town and the Li family was abuzz with activity.

“Half the manor of the Wang family was burnt?!”

“What? Zhang Shun did it?”

“Bastard! Zhang Shun! I’ll kill your entire family!”

The Li family was in a total state of panic like ants on a hot wok, gathering all their able-bodied men as they prepared to face the wrath of the Wang family.

Having half their manor burnt, the Wang family was beside themselves in anger and set the store that the Li family had within the county on fire, taking away all the gold and silver and gathered all their men as they rushed towards Qing Feng town.

This day, outside Qing Feng town, the two families engaged in a vicious bloodbath and many people died from both sides. They had no other way to dissolve their grievances and could only use their weapons to talk.

It was only at dusk when the two sides retreated temporarily, it was clear that matters would not be settled like this and in the coming few days blood would flow like rivers.

This night, the people of the Wang family attacked as they rushed into the Qing Feng town, attempting to set the Li family residence on fire. If they had not been prepared for this, the Li family residence may well have been razed to the ground. Even so, they had lost several rooms and the entire night was restless.

The townsfolk of the Qing Feng town were all secretly elated, the Li family usually abused them however no one dared to stand up, now that this was happening, it seemed like their dreams were coming true.

Old uncle Jiang personally witnessed all this as an expression of anxiety appeared on his face, Ye Fan noticed this and smiled: “Don’t worry, these two families aren’t saints and dogs fighting each other is only natural.”

The old man nodded: “Child, refrain from doing such matters in the future……” He was very worried for Ye Fan, he felt that an eleven to twelve year old kid who kid so easily create such a huge commotion between two families, in the future he might walk down the wrong path.

Ye Fan lightly laughed as he answered: “Old uncle don’t worry, I’ve never been one to harm people. Only when faced with people like them will I act like this.”

“The people of the Li family outside cultivating should be returning soon.” The old man had an expression of hurt on his face as he seemed to recall his son.

“I’d think that would be the case, with such a big commotion occurring within the Li family, news must have reached Lin Xia immortal sanctuary already.”

“Even if something like this did not happen, the cultivators of the Li family would have returned.”

“Why?” Ye Fan was puzzled.

“The Li family has tremendous daily expenses and most of it is used to gather spiritual medicines to send to the cultivators of their family. Some time back, they seemed to have acquired a ‘source’ and it’s rumoured that the person gathering the medicine found it within the deep mountains within an ancient cave. It seems to be something of great benefit to cultivators.”

Ye Fan’s heart began to tremble violently.

Based on ancient texts, during the era which all living things were formed, the plants and trees were abundant and living things were formidable, spiritual medicines were endless and many ‘sources’ were formed, like sparkling and translucent amber crystals, they contained large amounts of the qi essence of life.

There were even some rare ‘divine sources’ that contained peerless existences from the starting era and these ‘sources’ if obtained, could proved to be a huge volume of qi essence of life.

“Finding a ‘source’ within an ancient cave, the Li family has really given me a big present!” Ye Fan had a brilliant smile on his face.


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