Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 85: Danger Approaches
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 85: Danger Approaches

Chapter 85: Danger Approaches

Within the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary, a grey mist expanded outwards, knocking away the amethyst gold gourd and confining it there, preventing it from continuing to suck up cultivators.

A grey figure swiftly flew out, this was an old man who seemed difficult to see through, his hair was white but his face was extremely rosy, the head of an old man but the countenance of a child, he brought the amethyst gold gourd over and said: “Esteemed guests, please don’t be angry.” as he handed the amethyst gold gourd over. Jiang Yi Chen coldly harrumphed before keeping his treasure.

“Who are you?” Jiang Yi Fei asked.

“This useless old man is the sect leader of the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary.”

“No wonder you have such strength, able to suppress the amethyst gold gourd.” Jiang Yi Fei nodded before continuing: “However it seems like it will be difficult for you to stop us.”

“That’s correct, this useless old man understands.” The sect leader of the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary calmly admitted before continuing: “I wonder how our Yan Xia immortal sanctuary has offended you, causing esteemed guests to bring such a large party here. If we have really offended you, I’m willing to disband the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary and obey whatever punishment you mete out.”

This old man in grey was very frank, he was currently really pressured and helpless. If they really fought with an ancient aristocratic family, the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary would surely be exterminated, the two were not on the same level and if they faced them as enemies, there would be absolutely no suspense.

“Seeing how forthright you are, I won’t cause too big of a commotion.”

Jiang Yi Fei looked to be about twenty four to twenty five years of age but actually spoke like this to the Yan Xia sect leader. The old man did not find it disrespectful but rather accepted it as a difference in their strengths.

“Young master is wise, please enlighten me, why were so many troops mobilized to come seek justice?”

“Two years ago, did a disciple with the surname Jiang of the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary die?”

The sect leader of Yan Xia immortal sanctuary heard this and replied: “If it were other people, I may have forgotten but that young man with exceptional aptitude left a deep impression in me.”

“That was a child of our Jiang Family, his death was caused by some people within the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary.” Jiang Yi Fei calmly stated.

“What! His death was caused by someone?” The sect leader of the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary was shocked as he said: “Who would have the gall to do so!”

“Now you should understand why I have come.”

The sect leader of the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary immediately felt a headache, why would a child of the Jiang Family enter the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary, his death was even caused by someone within the sect. This was certainly a thorny problem.

“You need not be overly worried, I haven’t come here to make trouble without reason.”

“Young master Jiang, rest assured, I will definitely severely apprehend the culprits, there will be no leeway!”

“The main culprits have already been executed, however, I have suspicions that their teachers may be involved and even the person who provided them with the medicine also needs to be seized……”

“Young master Jiang, please follow me into the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary. This useless old man will give you a satisfactory accounting, exterminating any who took part in this travesty.”

Jiang Yi Fei nodded: “The most important thing is to allow this old man and child to be satisfied.”

At this moment, old uncle Jiang and Ting Ting had tears misting their eyes.

“I understand……”

Jiang Yi Fei commanded Jiang Yi Chen to retrieve his amethyst gold gourd and remove the people within. Thereafter, he went with old uncle Jiang and Ting Ting together with the sect leader to enter Yan Xia immortal sanctuary. The others did not follow and descended to the ground as they waited outside.

At this moment, Ye Fan once again had a feeling that he was being spied on and found that it was that arrogant youth Jiang Yi Chen. What was going on? He felt that he did not offend this child of the ancient aristocratic Jiang Family and did not know why the other party constantly stared at him.

Jiang Cai Xuan walked over, each step was graceful and leisurely taken, talking with a shallow smile as she said: “Little brother Ye, after this matter is concluded, Ting Ting will be returning with us to the Jiang Family. If you wish to you may also come along.”

“This……” Initially, Ye Fan had indeed thought about this. The Jiang Family was exceptional and was an old sect that had been around since ancient times. They would possibly have some information regarding the secrets concerning the divine body. However, after careful consideration, he felt hesitant. What if someone found out about his secrets? He had the mysterious aurichalcite which made the entire eastern badlands go into an uproar. If the peerless experts within the Jiang Family noticed, the outcome would be unthinkable. Also, the volume of Dao Scripture within him would also bring calamity and if it was discovered, his situation would be bleak.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you willing?” Jiang Cai Xuan felt surprised, many cultivators tried all means and ways but failed to enter the Jiang Family, she had invited this youth but he was actually hesitant and constantly muttering to himself.

Ye Fan tactfully declined as he said: “Many thanks for the good intentions of Miss Jiang, I’m sincerely grateful. However, I’m used to being weary and lazy, upon entering the Jiang Family I’m afraid I will commit many errors. I think it’s better for me to continue travelling outside. If my living conditions become tough and I seek out the Jiang Family in the future, hopefully Miss Jiang will still accept me.”

At this moment, Jiang Yi Chen by the other side laughed coldly: “What place do you treat our Jiang Family as? An inn? The Jiang Family is not a place which you can freely enter and leave. If you wish to join, don’t talk so much nonsense.”

“Jiang Yi Chen, shut your mouth!” Jiang Cai Xuan reprimanded Jiang Yi Chen before turned around and laughing: “Little brother Ye, please ignore him. This is the way he behaves, he’s been spoiled rotten. Don’t worry, our Jiang Family will leave our doors wide open for you and if you have any difficulties feel free to come to the Jiang Family to look for me.”

“Many thanks Miss Jiang.” Ye Fan gratefully replied but at the same time he found it weird, he had not provoked the young master of the Jiang Family, why did the other party react like this. This made Ye Fan more staunch in his decision to never step into the Jiang Family. His divine body, Dao Scripture and mysterious aurichalcite were all taboos and he did not wish to take the risk.

“Little fellow you must know, the number of people wishing to join our Jiang Family is like the carp crossing the river*, if you give up on this chance you will regret it for life.” Jiang Yi Chen coldly smiled at him.
[T/N* Messy and numerous]

Ye Fan’s heart shivered and he felt shocked, this young master of the Jiang Family actually wished for him to immediately join them, what was going on?

Jiang Cai Xuan once again reprimanded Jiang Yi Chen with a few words, he did not speak any further as he stood at a distance and constantly measured Ye Fan.

“This bastard couldn’t possible be a homosexual right? F***!” Ye Fan mumbled in his heart.

After a while, Jiang Yi Chen finally stopped measuring him and began to wander around the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary. This finally allowed Ye Fan to breathe a sigh of relief. He suddenly recalled that there should be two of his classmates here within the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary but he could not remember who they were.

Two hours passed before Jiang Yi Fei brought old uncle Jiang and Ting Ting out, the sect leader as well as several important figures of the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary personally escorting them. The eyes of the old man and little girl were swollen red, it was clear that they had cried heavily inside.

“Sect leader, please return. There’s no need to send us off any further, our Jiang Family is not unreasonable and this matter has been settled, you don’t have to feel anxious anymore.”

The old sect leader finally breathed a sigh of relief, anyone would be nervous and fearful of such a colossal figure like the Jiang Family, there were not many powerful sects who dared to stand up against and challenge them.

The people of the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary stood there as they watched them leave, only when they were out of sight did they finally return to the sect.

Jiang Yi Fei and the group headed straight for the small town of Qing Feng to satisfy the old man who wanted to look at the small town one last time. For the sake of the future of Ting Ting, old uncle Jiang had decided to join the Jiang Family, no longer wishing to see his granddaughter be bullied.

“Big brother, please come along with us.” Ting Ting lifted her small face and pleaded.

Ye Fan rubbed her nose and replied: “Big brother can’t be of much help anymore. There are so many experts within the Jiang Family, I’m not even worthy to be a small soldier there. Ting Ting will have a good life there.”

“Big brother, I really don’t want to be separated from you. Come together with us, otherwise Ting Ting will think of you daily.” Ting Ting seemed as though she wanted to cry.

“I have some other matters to attend to, right now I really can’t go there. I promise you that in the future I will definitely go there to visit you.” Ye Fan softly consoled.

“No way, if big brother doesn’t go, I won’t go either.” Ting Ting actually made such a decision.

“You’re still young, some matters you won’t understand them. Wait till you grow older you will naturally understand them. Go to the Jiang Family, don’t be too playful there and properly learn their cultivation techniques. Who knows, maybe in future I will need Ting Ting’s help.”

Old uncle Jiang also did not understand, he really wished that Ye Fan could follow them but failed to persuade him.

Parting ways outside the small town of Qing Feng, Ting Ting began to bawl loudly as she hugged Ye Fan’s leg and did not want to let go, her tears forming two streams as they rolled down.

Ye Fan helped to wipe her tears as he gently said: “Don’t cry, Ting Ting must remember what I’ve said, in the future we will meet again.”

Ting Ting was still reluctant to part as she sniffled: “I will definitely learn how to cultivate and find big brother in the future, if people wish to bully big brother, TIng Ting will beat them up.”

Ye Fan laughed: “Go, they’re already waiting for you.”

At this moment, Ye Fan noticed that the young master of the Jiang Family, Jiang Yi Chen, was looking at him, a cold light seemed to flash through his eyes which made his heart beat faster.

“Jiang Yi Chen, there’s something wrong with your gaze…….” Jiang Cai Xuan suddenly spoke up.

“Sister Xuan why would you say that?” Jiang Yi Chen felt shock in his heart.

“Stop doing immoral acts and always having evil intentions. It seems that Grandpa has really spoiled you rotten.” Jiang Cai Xuan coldly said: “I’ve noticed it long ago, you seem to want to take action against little brother Ye, has he provoked you?”

Jiang Yi Fei looked back at the two of them and asked: “What’s going on?”

“Nothing much.” Jiang Yi Chen seemed guilty.

“Speak!” Although Jiang Yi Fei looked cultured, he seemed to have a lot of prestige and Jiang Yi Chen seemed frightened of him.


“Quick, speak!”

Jiang Yi Chen had not choice but to speak the truth: “There is a precious treasure on that little kid and it isn’t some ordinary precious treasure. You guys know that my mount’s prowess lies not in its combat ability but its sensitive jade horn, it can sense divine objects and it has been continually flashing with a five coloured glow, exceptionally bright and dazzling.

His mount was a green unique beast that looked like a liger, its green fur was very long and pristine and it had a jade horn on its head, sparkling and translucent as it released a five coloured divine glow, able to sense the presence of precious treasures.

“I could have gotten into trouble…….” Ye Fan noticed that the three people in the distance had glanced over.

“Child, what’s wrong?” Old uncle Jiang asked.

Ting Ting wiped her tears as she said: “Big brother, what troubles are you facing? I’ll ask sister Cai Xuan to help you.”

Ye Fan bitterly smiled.

At this moment, Jiang Yi Chen had a cold smile as he walked over, Jiang Yi Fei and Jiang Cai Xuan were also walking over.

“I’m really very curious, what precious treasure do you have on you?”

Ye Fan’s heart trembled, he had never expected that Jiang Yi Chen would say such words, could it be that he really discovered something?

Jiang Yi Fei laughed: “Little brother Ye, don’t worry we don’t have any evil intentions. The Jiang Family has no lack of precious treasures and will not snatch your treasure.”

Jiang Cai Xuan warned: “With a precious treasure on your body, you must be careful in future……”

Hearing her explanation, Ye Fan now understood the uniqueness of the five coloured beast. It could actually sense spiritual treasures and this made his back fill with cold sweat. If the aurichalcite or Dao Scripture were to be exposed, the outcome would be unthinkable.

“It’s fortunate that I did not agree to join the Jiang Family…….” Ye Fan muttered in his heart.

“Alright, we’ll part ways here. Be careful, I’ve already warned Jiang Yi Chen and he will not have any further ideas.” Jiang Cai Xuan smiled as she said.

Finally, the group of people rode on their unique beasts into the air, Ting Ting cried pitifully and constantly clenched her little fists until they disappeared into the horizon.

Ye Fan felt a strong sense of danger and did not return to the small town, rather, he continued into the depths of the mountains and wanted to leave this area as soon as possible.


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