Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 90: Leaving without looking back
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 90: Leaving without looking back

Chapter 90: Leaving without looking back

This was a peaceful area and normally no cultivating disciples would come here. Amongst the bamboo trees were little wooden houses which odd labourers would live in.

A gentle wind was blowing and the entire bamboo forest swayed, green bamboo leaves emitted ‘Sha Sha’ noises as a gale of fresh air blew past.

Li Xiao Man’s white clothing fluttered in the wind and seemed otherworldly, her jet black hair was thick and lustrous, skin smooth like jade, eyes misty as she looked at Ye Fan: “You are an ordinary human, the ‘source’ is useless to you.”

“Although I’m an ordinary human, I still know the worth of certain items. All of you are cultivators yet view it so heavily, how could this item be useless to me.” Ye Fan seemed to weigh the ‘source’ in his hand as a faint smile floated onto his face: “There exists a large amount of qi essence of life within, i think to an ordinary human, it should at least be able to extend my lifespan.”

“You…… using it to extend the lifespan of a normal human, that’s so wasteful!” The few youths by the side had unhappy expressions.

“If you with to extend your lifespan causing your body to become fitter, there are actually several methods. You can exchange that piece of ‘source’ for some hundred plants extract to use.”

“That’s right, if you’re willing to hand over the ‘source’, we will definitely make you satisfied.”

The few youths all spoke up in the same manner, this piece of ‘source’ was simply too tempting and each of them wanted to acquire it.

“Sorry, I won’t be exchanging it. All that you have just said does not interest me.” Ye Fan would not exchange the ‘source’ no matter what and even sternly rejected.

The colours on the faces of the youths changed, this ‘source’ was simply too important to them but was currently held by an ordinary human, this was akin to a pearl being covered in dirt, it was too wasteful and they wanted to have it for their own.
Li Xiao Man silently stood there, her white clothes and black hair fluttering in the wind as she said: “Don’t you know what consequences will occur for an ordinary human having a ‘source’? It isn’t a fortune, it will bring calamity to you. You are merely a normal human and simply do not have the strength to protect it.”

“Could it be that the few of you wish to snatch it away from me?” Ye Fan kept the ‘source’ as he gazed at the group before him.

Besides Li Xiao Man who continued to be indifferent, the others seemed to have ill-intentions written on their faces as they stared at Ye Fan.

“Earlier the number two expert of the Purple Sun immortal sanctuary did not use his might to pressure me, could it be that the few of your wish to forcefully acquire it for yourself?”

Li Xiao Man spoke without any fluctuations in her tone: “You possessing a ‘source’ is no longer a secret, once this information leaks out, you may be able to avoid trouble for now but sooner or later trouble will come finding you.”

“What you mean to say is, I only have the option to exchange it?”

Li Xiao Man nodded as she continued: “Exchange it with a cultivator and you will no longer need to struggle, happily being a wealthy man, enjoying the riches of life.

“Your strengths aren’t all that powerful, the qi essence of life contained within this ‘source’ isn’t something you people can refine.

Noticing that Ye Fan seemed hesitant, the few people by the side started persuading.

“Although we can’t refine it, we can always pass it to our elders to refine it.”

“That senior earlier is simply refined and is the work of heaven, he is our Purple Sun immortal sanctuary’s number two expert. Previously he was the one who helped junior sister Li regain her youth. If junior sister Li is able to send this piece of ‘source’ to him, she will surely be well rewarded and the few of us will be able to get closer to that senior and listen to his teachings.”

Ye Fan smiled but did not say anything as he gazed at Li Xiao Man.

“That’s right, I’m actually planning to hand this ‘source’ over to that senior.” Li Xiao Man’s expression was calm as she gently adjusted her fringe while silently looked at Ye Fan: “I won’t owe you anything, I’ll make sure you’re satisfied.”

Ye Fan shook his head and indifferently smiled: “Just like the same old you……”

Li Xiao Man did not retort but rather walked forward as he looked at Ye Fan: “I understand that you are very confident and have the capabilities, unwilling to be a normal human. But the reality is as such, your physique cannot cultivate and you can only be a normal human. I wish that you can live a good life as an ordinary human, don’t think too much and come to your senses, give up on those unrealistic dreams. This ‘source’ is really of no use to you. Accepting reality and being a normal person could be a sort of fortune.”

“It seems that we don’t really understand each other.” Ye Fan did not say much.

“Humans always struggle to climb higher……” Li Xiao Man paused before continuing: “Immortals and mortals belong to two different worlds.”

“Immortals and mortals belong to two different worlds?” Ye Fan laughed as he indifferently replied: “Who knows what the future may hold, I may well appear on your path of cultivation. By then be careful not to be overtaken by this ordinary human.”

By the side, the few youths of the Purple Sun immortal sanctuary had weird expressions on their faces, they felt that the two people seemed to have a deeper meaning in their words and were not merely simple neighbours. Especially Ye Fan, he did not seem like an eleven or twelve year old kid.

“No matter what, I won’t be handing this ‘source’ over. Please leave.” Ye Fan stretched out his hand motioning them to leave.


The faces of the disciples of the Purple Sun immortal sanctuary were ugly and Li Xiao Man turned to leave as she took a final look at Ye Fan: “Accept reality soon and become a normal person.”

Suddenly, a loud disturbance could be heard outside the Purple Sun immortal sanctuary. Sounds of berating could be heard as scarlet rainbows streaked through the sky, cultivators had began fighting in the distance.

“Go! Let’s go take a look!” The few youths within the bamboo forest swiftly headed in the direction of the noise.

Ye Fan’s heart was palpitating, someone was barging into the sect, he instantly thought of the horsemen from the Jiang Family and he decided to blend into the crowd and take a look, allowing himself to prepare for any situation.

At this moment, the entire Purple Sun immortal sanctuary was in a mess and many cultivators hurried to the main door of the sect. When Ye Fan rushed to the area, he saw that many people were injured and several people were being carried back.

“Which person is so daring, actually barging into my Purple Sun immortal sanctuary. After being discovered the person actually dares to strike?”

“It is an expert horseman riding on a frightening unique beast, he has defeated five experts of our Purple Sun immortal sanctuary and almost managed to escape. However, he is now trapped by our senior elder”

Hearing the discussion of the group, Ye Fan was almost sure that the Jiang Family horseman had managed to find this area.

“Really can’t get rid of them!” This made him frown deeply.

At this moment, a clamor could be heard in front as someone shouted: “Senior elder is indeed formidable actually managing to hold down that fearsome horseman.”

A thirty six to thirty seven year old middle aged man was walking in the air, calmly returning. This was the number two expert of the Purple Sun immortal sanctuary and not long ago Ye Fan had seen him. At this moment he was carrying the unconscious horseman as well as the ferocious beast back as he heavily flung them to the ground: “Lock them in the rock prison.”

“It’s time to leave, the Purple Sun immortal sanctuary has already done a big favour for me. It would be for the best if they continued to imprison this scalding hot sweet potato for another few more days…..” Ye Fan could imagine that when the people of the Purple Sun immortal sanctuary learnt of the identity of the horseman, they would surely regret their actions.

Ye Fan left via the main door of the sect, swiftly running as he headed into the distant mountains. At this moment, several people noticed that he was leaving as they exchanged glances before chasing.

“If I’m able to get through this ordeal, I must find a peaceful area to properly cultivate!” Ye Fan had gone through multiple ordeals and sincerely hoped to become stronger, he wanted peerless strength.

After running for tens of miles, Ye Fan gradually felt that something was amiss, as though some people were following him. Their speed was not any slower than him and seemed to be catching up soon. His heart shivered and immediately rushed into a rubble forest, hiding behind a large boulder as he observed.

“It’s him……”

The person was a twenty six to twenty seven year old, he was precisely one of Li Xiao Man’s senior brothers and not long ago he had been pining for Ye Fan’s ‘source’. His speed was very quick and in the blink of an eye he had entered the rubble forest.

“I can see you. Come out and leave the ‘source’ behind. I can allow you to live.”

“So you really wish to snatch my ‘source’……” Ye Fan continued hiding behind the large boulder without recklessly taking action, this person was not weak otherwise he would not have been able to chase him.

“Even if he gains the ‘source’, he will definitely not let me go. In that case, I should strike first!” Ye Fan made a decision.

“If you still don’t come out and are found by me, don’t blame me for not allowing you to continue living.” This person was very cautious, he realised that Ye Fan’s speed was too fast and had almost left him in the dist. As an ordinary human this was clearly far from normal.

When this person came near the huge boulder, a golden light suddenly shot forward, streaking through the air with a ‘Shuaaa’ as it chopped towards him.


Blood splashed out as a head tumbled to the ground. A headless corpse was spurting out blood like a fountain reaching two metres high before falling to the ground with a ‘Plonk!”.

Ye Fan kept his golden book and at this instant his expression changed, there were several figures coming from behind and speedily getting closer. He hurriedly shot a glance before speeding away, he did not know if Li Xiao Man was amongst the people chasing, the vegetation in the mountainous region was too dense and it was difficult to see clearly.

“I hope you aren’t chasing behind……” Ye Fan did not look back as he rushed into the distance…


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