Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 93: Refining One Into Medicine
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 93: Refining One Into Medicine

Chapter 93: Refining One Into Medicine

“What pill are you refining?” Ye Fan was doing his best to delay time, even now he did not wish to give up.

“Naturally it’s a celestial pill that can allow one to overcome the sea of bitterness, cross the spiritual bridge and reach the other shore.” Elder Han could see through his intentions and coldly smiled: “Stop trying to delay time, no one will save you. Just set your mind at ease and be ready to be the primary medicine to be refined.”

“Aren’t you afraid of that horseman appearing once again?” Ye Fan did not panic nor was he terrified as he calmly answered: “Maybe you still don’t know that person’s identity.”

Elder Han’s expression did not change as he asked: “What background does he have?”

“He comes from an ancient aristocratic family, the Jiang Family.” Having said this, Ye Fan lightly sighed: “You’ve created a calamity for Ling Xu immortal sanctuary. You may not know my real identity, I have dealings with people of the Jiang Family and that horseman was looking for me……”

Ye Fan pretended to speak earnestly as he attempted to preserve his life.

Elder Han’s expression did not change as he quietly listened before replying in a cold voice: “Just you? How could you possibly have any dealings with the Jiang Family.”

“I’ve previously saved a young girl of the Jiang Family who was estranged from the family, thus forming this good karma with them. If you don’t believe it, you can go to the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary to investigate and check if I’m lying. Not long ago I went with the people of the Jiang Family to raid the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary.”

“This…….” The expression on elder Han’s face finally changed, Ling Xu immortal sanctuary was one of the six immortal sanctuaries within Yan State, they naturally knew the incident of the Jiang Family barging into the Yan Xia immortal sanctuary.

Elder Han grit his teeth: “No matter what you say, you won’t be spared.”

Ye Fan had a serious and stern expression as he replied: “Elder Han you have to consider the repercussions of offending an ancient aristocratic family. Don’t think that you can hide it from everyone, you recently exchanged blows with the horseman of the Jiang Family and they will definitely be able to find clues.”

“You little bastard aren’t that old but really have many schemes, don’t think you can fool me like this. You’re looking down on me.” Elder Han suddenly laughed in a sinister manner: “One will leak information if they speak too much, I finally understand what’s going on. That horseman is indeed from the Jiang Family, not long ago he barged into the Purple Sun immortal sanctuary and must have gone dare to capture you!”

Elder Han had lived for a long time and was experienced, he could link all the events that had occurred recently and made his deduction.

Ye Fan was startled in his heart: “Elder Han, you’re assuming too much. Just wait for calamity to strike!”

“Little bastard you can really keep your cool, till now you still try to trick me. Just wait till I refine you.” Elder Han once again laughed as he lifted Ye Fan: “Don’t worry, there will be no outsiders interfering. This area has been covered with endless Dao Inscriptions, since we stepped into the cave dwelling, we have been separated from the outside world and no one will be able to find this place.”

The horseman of the Jiang Family was searching for Ye Fan and this made Elder Han puzzled and concerned. He had snatched the meat from another person’s mouth and he began to carefully search Ye Fan’s body.

“There’s only useless stuff on his body.” He first removed the jade which had a corner of it broken off and carefully inspected it before throwing it to the ground.

Ye Fan cursed at the unscrupulous cultivator in his heart, that damned fatty had promised that this piece of jade would save him at a critical juncture but it was clearly useless.

“Duan De, Duan De, your granddaddy, so lacking in morals!”

“What’s this?” Elder Han held the Bodhi seed and carefully inspected the Buddha picture on it: “Naturally occurring vein lines forming a picture……. Why does this baldy look so familiar, I seem to recall seeing this baldy from somewhere outside the eastern badlands.”

“Baldy……” Ye Fan was speechless.

Elder Han kept the Bodhi Seed before looking towards Ye Fan: “Alright, it’s time to send you into the medicinal cauldron.”

“Elder Han, I won’t live for much longer, could I possibly have a full meal first?”

“Don’t waste your effort, even if you drag out the time, what’s the point? Just hurry and go in.” Elder Han lifted Ye Fan before the medicinal cauldron: “Choose one, this is the only option available to you.”

Ye Fan knew that he had no chance and began to loudly curse: “Old fogey, screw your ancestors, send a greeting to your ancestors and know that i had intimate relations with eighteen generations of your female relatives…”

No ripples could be seen on the expression of elder Han as though he heard nothing and immediately threw Ye Fan into a medicinal cauldron. Thereafter, he walked to the corner of the stone room and began to carry several large porcelain pots and began to pour some unknown liquid into the medicinal cauldron.

“What is this?” Ye Fan could smell a fragrance drifting up from the liquid.

“This liquid is refined from several different kinds of medicinal plants, it’s something that cannot be lacked when refining medicine. If one continues to refine and purify it, it will eventually become the hundred plants extract.” While speaking, elder Han had poured all the liquid within the large porcelain pots into the medicinal cauldron.

Elder Han then took the precious spiritual medicines from the medicinal cabinet: “I’ve finally gathered all the necessary spiritual medicines, hopefully it can be successfully refined into the divine panacea that I require.”

Having said this piece, he first took out the lotus seed of the Black Jade Divine Lotus, the pigeon-sized lotus seed was black and translucent, sparkling as it released a black light, a fragrance seemed to directly enter a person’s organs, this fragrance alone made one feel awake and refreshed.

“Little bastard, don’t you wish you could just swallow it in a single mouth?” Elder Han coldly smiled as he stared at Ye Fan: “Don’t harbour unrealistic thoughts.” Saying this, he placed the lotus seed into the medicinal cauldron as he removed a dagger and pierced it into Ye Fan’s left arm with a ‘Chi’ before plucking it out, allowing fresh blood to gurgle forth.


“Refine medicine, refining medicine, you are the primary medicine, all your essence is within your flesh and blood. Naturally your fresh blood has to flow out first to be sacrificed in the cauldron. Elder Han had shown an extremely cruel side as he held his broken arm: “In order to find you, I’ve lost an arm. Naturally I have to properly sacrifice and refine you, there can only be success, failure is unacceptable!”


Blood splattered as elder Han used the dagger to pierce Ye Fan’s right arm, blood gurgled out as the medicinal cauldron was immediately dyed red by the blood. Elder Han’s expression was ferocious and no longer filled with a death aura, his eyes seemed to shine with a sinister light as he also pierced Ye Fan’s legs.

Ye Fan’s four limbs were in excruciating pain and his face was becoming pale.

“Don’t think that any miracle will occur!” Elder Han said this and immediately pierced the dagger through Ye Fan’s chest as he said in a sinister voice: “I won’t pierce your heart causing you to die immediately. Soaking in the liquid from hundreds of medicinal plants, I believe you will be able to live for a long time. I will make sure you stay conscious for the longest time to slowly boil and refine you into the divine medicine which I require.”

Elder Han was like a malicious spirit as his dried up tongue licked the traces of blood on the dagger, seemingly exceptionally ferocious as he continued: “Such a sweet and beautiful taste, I really look forward to the moment when the pill is completed.”

“Damned old fogey…….” Ye Fan grit his teeth as he glared, he felt intense pain throughout his body and could feel his vitality slowly slipping away.

At this moment, Elder Han opened a simple and unadorned jade case, retrieving the fruit of the Green Jade Snow Lotus which seemed to be formed from green jade and placed it into the medicinal cauldron. The green splendour even made the liquid within seem dazzling.

“Little bastard, be content. Being able to be refined in the same cauldron as so many spiritual medicines, this is the good fortune you have gathered for ten generations.”

“Fortune your granddaddy, check with the females of your entire family……” Ye Fan cursed, he wanted to slice elder Han alive, his blood was continually flowing out and he could feel his vitality slowly drying up.

Elder Han then took the Nine Leafed Phoenix Grass which was like red jade, flashing with a scarlet light, dazzling and resplendent. According to legend only soil that had been stained with the blood of a phoenix could allow such a rare spiritual medicine to grow.

After placing the Nine Leafed Phoenix Grass into the medicinal cauldron, he suddenly frowned as he muttered: “This won’t do, if I throw all the spiritual medicines in and it fails, that would be like using a wicker basket to draw water, achieving nothing in the end…….” He hesitated: “I think I should first boil and refine the primary medicine, if it’s successful I will add the other spiritual medicines.”

He only placed three of the precious spiritual medicines in before stopping.

The medicinal cabinet was glowing and a fragrance assailed the nostrils as a myriad of unique spiritual medicines had varying colours swirling around them, each not one whit inferior to the three medicinal plants that had been placed inside the cauldron.

“I’ll first refine these three spiritual medicines together with the primary medicine and see the effect.” Elder Han made this decision as he kept all the other spiritual medicines which were glowing with a divine splendour.

“Little bastard, do you have any last words?” Elder Han had a mocking expression on his face as he took the lid of the cauldron from the side and prepared to shut the lid.

Ye Fan was extremely weak as he spoke up: “Old fogey, can you bang your head and kill yourself with this medicinal cauldron?”


Elder Han placed the bronze lid on the medicinal cauldron before beginning to kindle a fire and refine the medicine. A normal fire could not refine a spiritual pill and he kindled a ‘Demonfire’, it was milky white as a silver white sheen could be seen flickering and jumping about under the large cauldron.

The reason why he dug such a secretive cave dwelling was precisely because of this ‘Demonfire’ that could be found here, this was the strongest fiery blaze that someone of his level could control.

“Little bastard, in order to find you I actually lost a left arm. I will refine you for seven days and seven nights, making you endure all the torture before refining you into a pill!” Elder Han held his broken arm as he said in a sinister voice.


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