Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 96: Greatest Regret in Life
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 96: Greatest Regret in Life

Chapter 96: Greatest Regret in Life

Ye Fan was extremely calm as he composed himself to his best state, prepared to release a severe blow at any moment as the golden book within his sea of bitterness flashed with a unique glow.

Elder Han felt as though he were blessed by the heavens and his emotions were riled, trembling as he stretched his right hand to grab the lid of the cauldron, forcefully lifting it. In his mind, the appearance of a precious pill could definitely be dazzling and resplendent with divine lights shining in all directions.

Indeed, an eye-piercing golden light, exceptionally dazzling and bright instantly flew towards Elder Han. Initially, Elder Han thought that the precious pill had gained spiritual awareness and had rushed out of the medicinal cauldron on its own but immediately felt his own soul departing , as though he were knocked straight down from heaven into hell.

What precious pill, this was obviously a dazzling piece of divine metal that was swiftly slicing towards his neck, there was even a youth with delicate features sitting within the bronze medicinal cauldron without a single scratch on him, clearly not refined into a pill as he stared at him.

“Not good!” Elder Han felt cold sweat covering his entire body as he shouted, wanting to back away but it was too late, the golden light flashed like lightning with a ‘Chi!’ as it sliced through his throat.

Blood gurgled forth as an intense pain made elder Han dizzy, black spots filled his vision as he collapsed heavily into a pool of blood.

The golden paper was extremely sharp and had immediately sliced through elder Han’s neck, only a layer of skin held the head in place as blood shot out like a fountain.

Elder Han was, after all, a strong cultivator and even though he was aged and seemed as though he could die at any moment, his body contained large amounts of energy. Even though his neck had been severed, he did not immediately die and actually stretched his right hand to press down his head, attempting to connect it back.

At the same time, a green light flashed within his sea of bitterness releasing a dazzling light, his divine spring gurgled and frothed as it provided large amounts of vitality to him. At the same time, several green wooden swords flew out towards Ye Fan.

Ye Fan’s heart shivered with cold, different realms really had such a wide gap between them that was simply impossible to overcome! If it were not for him being cautious and patient, releasing such a devastating blow at the most crucial moment, there was simply no chance of killing Elder Han.

He was nimble as a panther as he leapt, hiding at the back of the medicinal cauldron as he controlled the brilliant golden book to chop again.

Elder Han had already suffered a serious injury and his life was hanging in the balance, the green wooden swords that rushed out were still dazzling as their sword aura was still sharp, green light shot in all directions but the light swiftly dimmed as several of the green wooden swords swayed, seeming like they would fall to the ground at any moment.

“Clang Clang Clang”

The golden paper was even more sharp than divine metal and its dazzling radiance was like the blazing sun as it seemed to burn, instantly chopping through all the wooden swords with loud resounding noises.

Ye Fan did not dare to be complacent as the golden book became a mystical rainbow, like a bright moon piercing through the darkness of the night, bursting forth with a frightening energy fluctuation as it rushed towards Elder Han’s abdomen.

under the brilliant light, a bloody light burst with a ‘Chi!’ as Elder Han’s sea of bitterness was instantly destroyed, his body was instantly sent flying as he heavily smashed into the wall of the stone room leaving behind a bloody human imprint as he slowly slid down.

Golden lights shot everywhere as an auspicious rainbow appeared, the golden book became a streak of light as it shot back into Ye Fan’s body.

Even so, Elder Han had not completely died, his left arm was holding tightly onto his head, not allowing it to fall to the ground. It could be imagined how frightening cultivators who were above the realm of the Sea of Bitterness were, they were simply people that could not be taken down by just anyone.

Ye Fan wiped away the cold sweat on his brow, if he had not been cautious and patient, waiting for seven days without recklessly moving, there would have been no way to eliminate Elder Han.

At this moment, elder Han’s eyes seemed to be spitting out fire, he could not accept this reality! He had not seen the unparalleled precious pill and what came for him was actually the blade of the death god, this was simply unbelievable, he had fallen from heaven to hell in an instant and this unbearable feeling made him go insane.

“Eee……aahhh……guuuh……” Elder Han’s severed neck was leaking blood as his mouth also spat blood, it was difficult to form any words and his eyes were wide as he stared at Ye Fan.

“Wh……. Why…….” In the end, Elder Han managed to spit out some unclear words, he could not bear with the current situation and did not wish to die in this pathetic manner.

“You really thought I was a monkey*?” Ye Fan did not mind as he calmly stared at Elder Han: “It’s a pity you aren’t a Taoist Monk*.”

[T/N*: Journey to the west reference]

Elder Han had plenty of blood flowing from his wound as he struggled to speak: “You…… I……. hate…….”


He spat out a large mouthful of blood as his eyes filled with unwillingness and despair, his heart was filled with anger, everything had been so perfect but finally the outcome was so tragic, leaving him unable to accept it.

“You really thought I was a pushover? You could simply deal with me however you wanted to? Actually placing me in here to refine me into a divine medicine, this is a fitting end for such a sinister and evil person.” Ye Fan stood not far away as he said emotionlessly: “Your death is totally justified, I’ve endured for seven days and seven nights before releasing this killing blow, be a good man in your next life otherwise you will also not have a proper end.”

Elder Han’s heart was filled with anger and his neck was hanging by a thread, he simply could not bear with this humiliation as he constantly spat blood and grit his teeth to speak: “I…… am unwilling…….. You…….deserve to die……”

Ye Fan looked at Elder Han as he opened all the medicine cabinets, immediately various fragrances assaulted the senses as he took all the precious spiritual medicines which were not any less precious than the Nine Leafed Phoenix Grass.

“Old fogey, you’ve been very industrious, working hard your whole life like an old cow to collect so many precious and rare spiritual medicines. Normal people would not even dare to dream of this, you’ve really gained my respect. All I want to say is, thank you, I’ll kindly accept it all!”

“You…….” Elder Han spat out a large mouthful of blood in his anger, his eyes seemed to spit fire and if he were able to move, he would have swallowed Ye Fan alive.

“Relax, I won’t let all your hard work go to waste. All these precious heavenly treasures will be well utilised by me, I’ll take this chance to attack the realm of the Spring of Life within one or two years.”
“You……. f******!” These words were spat out from Elder Han’s mouth, it was certainly shocking and one could feel the intense rage within his heart.

“One must be calm when faced with different situations, opportunities will be grasped by those who are prepared for them……” A faint smile could be seen on Ye Fan’s face as he mocked: “The ancients truly did not deceive me!”

When Elder Han heard the words ‘the ancients truly did not deceive’, he totally lost it as blood gurgled from his mouth like a fountain as he spat out his final words: “Ancient people…… I……. hate……”

Elder Han had been angered to death as his right hand relaxed and fell, his head rolled off with a plop sound as he died, his eyes were very wide and had clearly died aggrieved.

“Be reborned in a better family in your next life……” Ye Fan said the words which Elder Han had said to him earlier, both parties had the same feelings when they spoke these words but the outcomes had been totally different.

If Elder Han learnt of this matter in hell, he would certainly spit blood as he struggled to climb out of there.

Ye Fan took big steps as he walked into a corner of the stone room, taking the bodhi seed from a stone table as he kept it within his bosom.

This divine bodhi seed could help one comprehend the Dao and was definitely a priceless treasure, if this information were spread all the experts within the eastern badlands would definitely come to snatch it. Also, the stronger the person the more he would yearn for this seed, cultivating became harder at the later stages and each understanding and comprehension that came was a great opportunity.

Ye Fan’s realm was still low and could not understand how difficult this was. Only in the later stages of cultivating would one experience this problem where all the precious treasures and divine medicines would be useless and only ‘comprehension’ could allow one to break through.


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