Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 105: Smacking the face of a Cultivator of the Spiritual Bridge Realm
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 105: Smacking the face of a Cultivator of the Spiritual Bridge Realm

Chapter 105: Smacking the face of a Cultivator of the Spiritual Bridge Realm

Six thousand years ago, a certain immortal sect sacred ground was at the peak of its power, it had gathered its full force and over tens of thousands of expert cultivators had attacked, waiting to conquer the abyss within the forbidden area. The result was that almost all of them were wiped out, increasing the notoriety of this place.

“Those white skeletons don’t have any fluctuations of life, how are they able to climb out of the abyss?” While feeling shocked, everyone also felt perplexed.

Nine sacred mountains, towering and majestic, their aura vast, endless numbers of white skeletons were struggling to climb out of the abyss, there was an area where the largest number of white skeletons were gathered, over a thousand of them and had formed a small mountain of bones.

The large bronze coffin!

Two rays of light seemed to shine from Ye Fan’s eyes as he saw a corner of the bronze coffin, it had not been completely covered by the thousand skeletons and made a strange feeling well up within his heart, all the events that were currently occurring must be related to the nine dragons and the coffin.

Elder Jiang Han Zhong of the Jiang Family also noticed the ancient bronze coffin as his expression hardened: “An unknown change has occurred within the forbidden area, several thousand white skeletons struggling to climb out of the abyss. Could all this be related to that bronze coffin? Where did it come from and why did it appear here?”

The oldest horsemen of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground also frowned as he muttered: “According to legend, there is an artifact buried within the endless depths of the abyss, back then the immortal sect sacred ground which was at the peak of its power ventured into the depths to attempt to attain it, could it have been this bronze coffin?”

“The Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land is one of the seven areas where life is forbidden, since ancient times no one has been able to conquer it, no cultivator has ever been able to truly enter into the depths of the abyss and the item within the abyss definitely has a phenomenal story behind it.” Elder Ji Yun Feng of the Ji Family squinted as he continued to measure the large bronze coffin.

All the people began to feel a headache, they had encountered a skeleton not long ago which had caused over ten cultivators to be killed, there were currently tens of thousands of densely packed skeletons surrounding the nine sacred mountains, how were they going to pick the divine medicine?

“Which sacred mountain have you people scaled before?” Jiang Han Zhong questioned Zhou Yi, Lin Jia and the others.

Zhou Yi was dressed in white, his hair was draped along his shoulders and his aura was steady and cultured as he replied with an unhurried smile: “The sacred mountain with the ancient coffin above it.”

Jiang Han Zhong nodded his head as he addressed everyone:” That sacred mountain has the most skeletons, moreover the divine medicine has been picked before, we should avoid that mountain and ascend another sacred mountain instead.”

By the side, some horsemen sighed as they softly discussed: “There are so many skeletons around the mountains, how are we going to scale them? There would only be death without any chance for survival, if we wish to scale these mountains, only death would await us.”

Elder Xu Dao Ling of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground then spoke up: “We will eventually be able to think of a plan, let’s go nearer and take a look first.”

Not long after, the group came to the foot of the nine sacred mountains as they carefully inspected. The sacred mountain was covered in dense and lush vegetation, the scenery was beautiful and there seemed to be a vigorous and imposing pressure, it could be said to be majestic.

“Should our families split up or stick together and scale a single sacred mountain?” Elder Ji Yun Feng of the Ji Family said in a nonchalant manner.

Elder Jiang Han Zhong of the Jiang Family stepped forward as he replied: “Brother Xu, you don’t have to continue being secretive, that little horseman has eaten the divine medicine from this forbidden area and should have the ability to defend against the power of the curse. We should stick together and assist him in scaling a sacred mountain, allowing him to pick the divine medicine to share amongst our three families.”

Elder Xu Dao Ling of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground realised that the information had been spilt and immediately hollered for Ye Fan. Ye Fan took off the helmet covering his face and when his delicate face was exposed, Liu Yi YI, Zhang Zi Jun, Wang Zi Wen and the others who were not far away had shocked expressions on their faces.

“Let’s think this over clearly and see if there are any better methods to go about picking the divine medicine.” The few elder horsemen gathered together as they began to discuss.

Ye Fan and the others were given the cold shoulder as no one bothered with them.

“Ye Fan……” Liu Yi Yi was the first to run forward, they had not seen each other in three years and she had not changed much, she was still as gentle as the past and her large eyes were filled with shock as she softly spoke: “This area is very dangerous, why have you come?”

Zhang Zi Jun also swiftly came forward as he grabbed Ye Fan’s shoulder in agitation as he shook them: “Where have you been these two years? I had previously gone with the elders in my sect to visit the Ling Xu immortal sanctuary hoping to find you and Pang Bo, who knew that the two of you had already gone missing.”

“It’s a long story…….” Ye Fan had experienced many matters but could not voice them out, otherwise, he would bring trouble to the rest of them.

Lin Jia was exceptionally pretty, she was born with double eyelids and under these life threatening circumstances, although she found it difficult to smile, she still seemed charming, a totally natural disposition. She had spotted Ye Fan not long ago but did not point it out, at this moment her jade-like hand was softly patting Ye Fan’s head as she spoke: “You’ve finally grown taller.”

Wang Zi Wen also walked forward as he spoke up: “Who knew that we would meet again in this area, I really don’t know if we should consider this a blessing or misfortune.”

Zhou Yi frowned as he muttered: “I’m afraid that the few of us will be hard pressed to live, we have to find a way to preserve our own lives, these people clearly don’t care about us living or dying.”

Li Xiao Man was dressed in white, graceful and lithe, her expression was indifferent as she nodded towards Ye Fan without speaking a word.

At this moment, the people who were engaged in discussion up ahead were finished and looked over as Jiang Han Zhong pointed towards Wang Zi Wen: “Come over here.”

“I wonder what instructions does elder have?” Wang Zi Wen immediately went over, appearing extremely cultured and refined.

“Go up the mountain immediately and find all ways and means to pick the divine medicine. If you are successful, I will accept you as a disciple, allowing you to become an official disciple of an ancient aristocratic family.”

Hearing elder Jiang Han Zhong’s words, the expression on Wang Zi Wen’s face immediately changed, he was clearly being used as cannon fodder and they were using him to feel things out.

“My abilities are limited, I’m afraid that I’ll be drowned by those skeletons and become dust even before reaching the peak of the mountain.” Wang Zi Wen seemed gentle but he was not a weak person, his eyes were bright as he looked at the elder of the Jiang Family and continued: “I hope that elder can give this one a chance.”

“If he requests for you to climb, you should climb, why are you speaking so much rubbish!” A horseman by the side was unhappy as he shouted.

“In that case, just kill me. I won’t acquiesce even in death!” Wang Zi Wen spoke firmly.

“Then I’ll just kill you!” A horseman drew a sharp sword which flashed with a cold light.

Although their divine spring of energy was dry, the physique of cultivators were far from that of ordinary people. Wang Zi Wen suddenly leapt into the air as he landed on his mount, whipping out a dagger as he forcefully stabbed down, causing the mount to immediately rush forward.

At the same time, Zhou Yi, Li Xiao Man and Lin Jia did the same movements as they swiftly leapt, landing on their mounts as they furiously whipped their mounts, rushing into the distance.

By the side, Liu Yi Yi and Wang Zi Jun grabbed Ye Fan at the same time as they attempted to pick him up and flee but were too slow as several horsemen carrying spears blocked their path.

Liu Yi Yi and Wang Zi Jun both drew their sharp swords as they faced the cultivators, they knew that their chances were low but did not want to give up so easily.

“You really believe that you are able to flee, although you people are rather quick-witted, you won’t be able to escape from the palm of my hand.” Jiang Han Zhong ignored Ye Fan and the other two as he whistled, immediately causing the four ferocious beasts which were galloping into the distance to turn and head back.

Wang Zi Wen, Zhou Yi, Lin Jia and Li Xiao Man were very decisive as they immediately leapt off their mounts, swiftly rushing off into the distance. The four unique beasts immediately moved to chase them and actually managed to surround them.

“These unique beasts had gained spiritual awareness a long time ago, we were only temporarily lending them to you, did you really believe that you could control them?”

Finally, Zhou Yi, Li Xiao Man, Wang Zi Wen and Lin Jia were caught by the horsemen and brought back.

“If you wish to send me to my death and making me scout for you, that is impossible! I would rather just die like this.” Wang Zi Wen did not plead for mercy.

Lin Jia also coldly spoke: “Although I know that this is a world where the strong eat the weak, I did not expect that the majestic Sacred Grounds and ancient aristocratic families would be so despicable.”

Jiang Han Zhong shook his head as he replied: “There is no definite black or white within the world, as long as we can account to the majority of people within the world, sacrificing a couple of unnecessary people isn’t much.”

“Just do what you will!”

By the side, a horseman shook his head as he looked over at Lin Jia and Li Xiao Man: “The two of you can be considered to be great beauties, if it were a normal day, no one would be willing to act. However, this is not a normal day and you cannot blame us for being vicious.”

Ye Fan looked towards Jiang Han Zhong: “You people are too cruel, you can easily use the ferocious beasts to scout the road, why would you send people to their deaths instead.”

Jiang Han Zhong was calm as he shook his head: “Within the forbidden area, these unique beasts are extremely important to us and cannot be easily thrown away.”

“In your eyes, we aren’t even comparable to a couple of mounts?” Ye Fan replied in a cold voice.

The horseman who had previously chased Ye Fan two years ago, Jiang Feng of the Jiang Family, stepped forward as a look of ridicule appeared on his face: “I feel that some matters don’t have to be elaborated upon.” He patted Ye Fans shoulder as he continued: “Relax, you will definitely live longer than the rest of them. The rest of us will work together with you, assisting you to climb the sacred mountain to help us pick the divine medicine.”

Ye Fan looked towards elder Xu Jun Ling of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground before turning to elder Ji Yun Feng: “Do the two of you also have such attitudes?”

Both parties kept quiet as their expressions remained indifferent, neither speaking out.

Jiang Feng loudly laughed as he gazed at Ye Fan with disdain, patting his shoulder as he mocked: “A person should know their limits, with your standard you wish to speak to us in this manner? Even if the sect leaders of the six immortal sanctuaries within the Yan State came, they would not be sufficient to make us moved. The three elders can’t be bothered with you.”

“Aren’t you too haughty and arrogant!” A cold light flashed within Ye Fan’s eyes as he questioned: “Such an arrogant person, I wonder what realm you have attained?”

“The Spiritual Bridge realm.” Jiang Feng looked down upon him with a cold smile: “Your realm is simply too low such that you will never be able to comprehend, if we didn’t have a need for you, just the manner in which you are currently speaking to me would be sufficient for me to kill you.”

Ye Fan was shocked, he did not expect that Jiang Feng would actually be at the Spiritual Bridge realm, his cultivation was higher by an entire realm, under ordinary circumstances, if the two were to meet, he would definitely die without any hope.

It seemed as though Jiang Feng had noticed Ye Fan’s shock as he coldly laughed: “A frog in the well, how would it know how large the world is. You cultivators of the Yan State are merely at the Sea Wheel realm, you are merely an ordinary mortal that doesn’t understand cultivation, I can’t be bothered to explain more to you.”

Ye Fan turned to look at Xu Dao Ling, Ji Yun Feng and Jiang Han Zhong: “If you wish for me to help you pick divine medicine, you have to make me satisfied.” Having said this, he pointed towards Jiang Feng: “This person must die!”

Elder Jiang Han Zhong of the Jiang Family shook his head as he answered: “You are valuing yourself too much, you are merely an ordinary mortal and really do not have anything to threaten us with. If we wish to make you submit, there are plenty of methods.” Having said this, he pointed towards Zhang Zi Jun and said in a cold voice as he commanded a horseman: “Kill him.”

The elder of the Jiang Family was extremely calm and said this without any change in expression, as though killing a person was nothing in his eyes. The horseman drew his sharp sword as he began to move forward.

“If killing one of them isn’t enough, you can kill all of them.” The elder of the Jiang Family said in an extremely cold voice.

“You actually plan to force me to give in in such a manner…….” A cold light flashed through Ye Fan’s eyes.

At this moment, Jiang Feng walked forward as he swept an indifferent gaze at him: “A person should know his limits, a wastrel who doesn’t know how to cultivate actually wishes to threaten us and take my life, you really don’t know what’s good for you!”

“There are other methods to control you, I can directly control your mind!” Jiang Feng stretched his hand as he lightly slapped towards Ye Fan’s face in an extremely condescending manner as he coldly laughed: “You merely have some value to us at the moment, after this matter is concluded it will be good if we leave you a corpse that is intact.”

Ye Fan grabbed his hand and did not allow him to touch his face as he spoke: “Till now you are still speaking from your high horse, you have a strong feeling of superiority, is a cultivator of the Spiritual Bridge realm really that impressive?”


Suddenly, Ye Fan forcefully swiped his palm as he heavily slapped Jiang Feng’s face, causing him to fly several metres away as he coldly laughed: “As an ordinary mortal, hitting the face of a cultivator at the Spiritual Bridge realm is really so comfortable!”

Li Xiao Man, Zhou Yi, Lin Jia and the few others had expressions of shock on their faces, the surrounding horsemen also had stunned expressions on their faces.


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