Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 108: Sacred Woman of the Celestial Rotating Jade
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 108: Sacred Woman of the Celestial Rotating Jade

Chapter 108: Sacred Woman of the Celestial Rotating Jade

This is a woman with bright eyes and white teeth, like a lotus flower breaking the surface, lucid, elegant and exceptional. She was standing at the edge of the cliff, if she took half a step forward she would fall into the endless abyss. Her white dress was floating about in the wind like as if she was Chang’e who was riding the wind, free from worldly affairs.

Ye Fan wanted to find blemishes on her body but was unable to, this woman was simply so beautiful that it seemed surreal, giving one a feeling as though they were in a dream, like as if the heavens and earth have intelligence, removing the vulgar air of this mortal being, with icy flesh and bones made of jade, simply close to perfection.

Amongst the girls he had seen, based on looks alone only one person could compare with her beauty, that was the almost perfect woman he had seen before the demon emperor’s burial mound.

“How could there be such a peerless beauty within such a forbidden area?” Ye Fan was extremely cautious as he slowly backed away. He had a primordial divine body and his physical body had aged, however, the woman before him did not experience any changes, as though she were unaffected by the curse of the forbidden area, it was difficult to imagine what background she came from.

“What are you standing there dazed for? Why don’t you hurry up and pick the divine medicine?” Jiang Han Zhong exclaimed. The three people below could see Ye Fan at the edges of the peak but were unable to see the woman who was at the very top.

Atop the mountain, a demonic aura was surging as the woman who seemed like she had walked out of a picture slowly moved towards Ye Fan. Graceful, gentle and beautiful as she walked over leisurely.

“Not good!” Ye Fan immediately felt his body begin to age faster and a mysterious aura pressed towards him as he hurriedly retreated down the mountain.

This woman was definitely not ordinary, in fact, she was absolutely terrifying. She seemed to have the extraordinary power of the abyss within the forbidden area and Ye Fan found it difficult to bear. If it were not for his golden sea of bitterness which had not dried up, with its waves surging to the sky as it attempted to defend against the power, otherwise, he would have already died from old age.

“She couldn’t be the ‘Desolation’ of legends right?!” Ye Fan felt shock within his heart, he had heard that within the abyss of the forbidden area there was some unknown item, whether it was a living creature or a type of energy was unknown but it was referred to as “Desolation”

Thinking of this, Ye Fan swiftly retreated down the mountain. He wanted to lure this peerless beauty to face off with Jiang Han Zhong and the others. “Why have you retreated?” Jiang Han Zhong exclaimed. “Not good, why is there an additional woman?” Ji Yun Feng’s expression had changed, he was the first to notice the lady clothed in white and immediately felt the speed with which his vitality deteriorated increase.

“That is…….” Xu Dao Ling seemed as though he had discovered something inconceivable as a shocked expression appeared on his face. He retreated haltingly, his face was pale white and filled with terror.

Looking at his expression, Jiang Han Zhong and Ji Yun Feng were alarmed and swiftly retreated together with him as they questioned: “What’s the matter, what’s the background of that woman?” “It’s simply too unbelievable, this is impossible!” Xu Dao Ling’s face was a pasty white as he continued: “I’ve seen the picture of this woman before.”

Ji Yun Feng said in a soft voice: “Is her picture all that extraordinary? She is definitely a peerless beauty, I’ve never seen a woman so beautiful before.”

“That picture is an ancient item from six thousand years ago!”

Jiang Han Zhong and Ji Yun Feng sucked in a breath of fresh air after hearing this, a person from six thousand years ago…… this was simply too shocking, even their sects which were so powerful did not have any people who had lived for so long. “She isn’t a living person!” Xu Dao Ling exclaimed with his pale countenance. “What?!” The expressions on the faces of Ji Yun Feng and Jiang Han Zhang immediately changed as though they had thought of something. “Six thousand years ago, she was known as the number one sacred woman within the Eastern Badlands, faultless and perfect, several famous peerless experts in ancient history within the Eastern Badlands had attempted to chase her.

When Xu Dao Ling spoke of this, Ji Yun Feng and Jiang Han Zhong gradually guessed the identity of this female as they exclaimed: “Six thousand years ago, that immortal sect which was at its prime that was exterminated, was she a person from that sect?”

“That’s right, she is the sacred woman of the Celestial Rotating Jade from six thousand years ago!” When Xu Dao Ling said these words, he almost could not believe them himself, who would have imagined that they would meet an ancient character from the past.

Back in the day, the Sacred Ground which had been exterminated in the abyss was known as the Celestial Rotating Jade, similar to the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground in that its name was derived from the stars within the Northern Dipper. Back in the day a bigwig of our Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground had helped her to cure a spiritual wound, leaving an inheritance of her picture and storing it within our treasury.

Ye Fan’s Spring of Life had not dried up and his senses were still keen allowing him to hear their words clearly as he felt stunned. This perfect woman was actually the first sacred woman within the Eastern Badlands in the past, she had been part of the exterminated immortal sect and was from the same sect as the crazed old man.

The crazed old man was foolish and imbecilic, he had previously gazed at the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land for an entire night, if he had managed to see the sacred woman of the past with her unblemished body, filled with life and vigour, it was difficult to imagine what his feelings would be. “She had died six thousand years ago but actually appears now, there is only one possibility. She is currently a ‘Desolation Slave’.” Jiang Han Zhong spoke up.

In the distant past, there were several peerless experts who had ventured into the depths of the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land, entering the endless abyss on their own. Eventually all of them had become a ‘Desolation Slave’.

“Only a peerless expert would be able to become a Desolation Slave, although she died six thousand years ago, she is likely to be extremely frightening.” Ji Yun Feng continued in a heavy voice: “What should we do? Do we have to retreat? I can feel that my flame of life will be extinguished at any moment.”

“Her body is releasing a dense aura of ‘Desolation’, I fear that we can no longer run away!” Xu Dao Ling’s entire body was covered in cold sweat.

The peerless beauty was like a spectre as she silently floated down, drifting past Ye Fan as she flew towards the three elders.

Ye Fan felt bitter, it was extremely possible that he would die here. Thinking about it, when they had first appeared on the sacred mountain, everything had been so smooth without any danger and they had managed to easily acquire the divine medicine. “I understand now, back then it was because of the nine dragon corpses and ancient bronze coffin falling from the sky that shocked the ‘Desolation’ within the endless abyss, causing the ‘Desolation Slaves’ to hide in fear.

“Let’s stake it all!” Jiang Han Zhong acted as he grasped the brocaded case, lights shone from his body as a copper mirror emerged from within his body, the figure of the eight trigrams was engraved on the back of it and the front of it was brilliant like that of a full moon, shining forth with a dazzling and resplendent light, a thick stream of light like that of a house immediately rushed towards the sacred woman of the Celestial Rotating Jade.

The entire peak of the Sacred Mountain began to tremble and lights seemed as though they were flowing down from the nine heavens, making one feel an unbelievably immense pressure.

Ye Fan felt shocked, Jiang Han Zhong’s strength was like that of an endlessly vast ocean, as a cultivator of the Spring of Life realm he simply could not fathom or measure how frightening this beam of light was. If it had landed on his body, he would have instantly turned to dust. This should be a realm above that of the Other Shore……” He knew that other than the “Wheel and Sea” the human body could possess other mysterious realms.


Something occurred which made everyone feel stunned, that beam of light which even made the stars in the sky seem dim actually dissipated like a wisp of smoke when it landed on the body of the sacred woman, failing to harm her in the slightest.


A metallic ringing sound could be heard as the copper eight trigrams mirror descended, Jiang Han Zhong’s face was extremely pale as he swayed, his divine spring of energy was once again dry. “Huaaah” Ji Yun Feng acted as he grasped the unique black stone, a parasol rushed out of his body and shrouded the sky, flying towards the lady as the winds were in a frenzy, causing the sun and moon to be devoid of light.


The woman gently point upwards as the parasol which was shrouding the sky was instantly pierced, its brilliance dimmed as it slowly fell to the ground. Ji Yun Feng’s face was a pasty white without any blood in it, his decrepit body was stooped as he stumbled backwards before falling to the ground. “Brother Xu, use your forbidden artifact, isn’t there the divine energy of the venerated elder of the Alkaid Sacred Ground stored within it? It can be used twice and should be able to fend against her.” Ji Yun Feng hurried.

A jade leaf that was the size of a palm appeared within Xu Dao Ling’s hand, it was like jadeite and flashed with a dazzling brilliance, numerous Dao Inscriptions covered it and as both his hands clamped down, endless amounts of dazzling divine rays shot out, filling the sky with a green light that instantly drowned the peak of the entire mountain, swallowing the sacred woman of the Celestial Rotating Jade within.

This frightening power was vast and endless, it was like all the stars in the sky had changed into green lights and descended, causing the entire world to light up, this lasted for half a minute before the green light gradually receded. Not far away, Ye Fan sucked in a breath of cold air!

The sacred woman of the Celestial Rotating Jade had not moved a single step and was still silently standing there, even her white clothes did not flutter and appeared frightening to the point of seeming demonic.

The complexions of the three elders were pale as they exchanged glances, clutching the forbidden artifacts within their hand as they used their most powerful abilities. The entire area was immediately lit up with dazzling lights, seemingly dauntless spiritual energy rampaged, completely drowning the sacred woman of the Celestial Rotating Jade within.

Even so, after their abilities were used and the lights faded, the sacred woman of the Celestial Rotating Jade continued to stand there without a single blemish on her.


Ji Yun Feng and Xu Dao Ling’s forbidden artifacts were close to disintegrating and could no longer be used, their faces were ashen and wrinkles covered the skin. They seemed to have aged several tens of years and their vitality had almost dried up.

Jiang Han Zhong had also aged severely and the brocaded case within his hand already had nine fractures on it, at this moment he grit his teeth as he spoke: “I can only use it now.”

The brocaded case shattered as an ancient pagoda appeared within his hand, it had merely the height of a palm and was dull without any brilliance, seemingly extremely ordinary and mundane. However, in an instant, a frightening pressure was immediately emitted that was several times more ferocious than all the energy fluctuations earlier. It seemed like a different piece of heaven and earth rather than a small pagoda, it seemed as though it could encompass all living things and could take in enormous mountains and rivers.

“That is…….” Xu Dao Ling’s hazy eyes flashed with a curious light as he continued: “It’s rumoured that the Jiang Family has always been attempting to create an imitation of the most precious treasure of the Eastern Badlands, the Desolate Pagoda. Could it be that you have succeeded?”

“How could we have been successful, the Desolate Pagoda is a one of a kind existence that came to be together with this world, it cannot be imitated. This is merely an inferior imitation product that we managed to scrap together.” Jiang Han Zhong did not make any movements as the imitation Desolate Pagoda rose to the sky as it began to grow bigger, pressing towards the sacred woman of the Celestial Rotating Jade. “This…….” Ji Yun Feng sucked in a breath of cold air: “If a failed imitation is so frightening within this Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land and can actually be activated, it is simply difficult to imagine what the real Desolate Pagoda is like.”

Jiang Han Zhong shook his head: “It’s a pity that it can only deal a single blow, hopefully it will be sufficient to hold her off temporarily, gaining some time for us.”

The imitation Desolate Pagoda pressed down in the blink of an eye as the entire world seemed to tremble, the body of the pagoda was simple and unadorned yet gave off a natural feeling of the music of Dao in the air, aggregating together a large ‘influence’ from the world.
The sacred woman swiftly retreated and no longer dared to face the weapon head on, however, the ancient pagoda was like a shadow as it followed and swiftly sealed her within.


A loud noise shook the sacred mountain as the imitation Desolate Pagoda swiftly shrunk, finally becoming the size of a palm. “Good!” Xu Dao Ling exclaimed as he continued: “The Desolate Pagoda is indeed impressive, even a failed imitation can be so frightening and awe-inspiring, within the forbidden area it can actually independently seek out the enemy without being hindered in the slightest.

Ye Fan trembled in his heart, the background of an ancient aristocratic family was simply too deep, they had even managed to produce imitations of the Desolate Pagoda, trapping the frightening sacred woman of the Celestial Rotating Jade who had become a Desolation Slave within, this was simply stunning. “Quick, we have to hurry and leave this area. The Desolate Pagoda can only be used once and can only seal for a moment, it will disintegrate not long after.” Jiang Han Zhong hurriedly shouted.

“Indeed…… a failed product.” Ji Yun Feng felt cold sweat dripped over his brow.

“What are you standing there dazed for? Hurry and pick the divine medicine then meet us at the bottom of the mountain. Xu Dao Ling rushed towards Ye Fan as he commanded.

“Your granddaddy, do you really believe you’ve controlled me?”

“You…….” The faces of the three elders changed, they did not expect that the Puppet Mark would actually fail to take effect. “Boom!” at this moment, the imitation Desolate Pagoda disintegrated as the sacred woman of the Celestial Rotating Jade who was no longer sealed appeared.

“It’s over!” Jiang Han Zhong laughed bitterly.

Almost instantly, his physical body withered and swiftly became dust, Ji Yun Feng and Xu Dao Ling also swiftly followed, turning to ash as though they had experienced several tens of thousands of years.

At this same time, at the foot of the sacred mountain, the decrepit horsemen as well as the weak beasts all withered as they became white skeletons.

Ye Fan’s mind trembled as his physical body swiftly grew older, waves surged to the sky within his golden sea of bitterness as his divine spring gurgled forth, unceasingly emitting the qi essence of life, preventing him from immediately dying. “The Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land is actually going to be my burial ground?” Ye Fan felt extremely weak as he swiftly rushed to the top of the sacred mountain, only the divine medicine or divine spring water would be able to save him.

He had just rushed to the peak of the mountain when he saw the sacred woman blocking his path, her white clothes were fluttering and her eyes were vacant yet seemed to be filled with alertness and intelligence, as though she were alive.

“The Forbidden Ancient Desolate Land is actually so frightening, the previous time we were really lucky to have been able to get out alive……” Ye Fan wanted to send out his ‘cauldron’ but did not have sufficient divine energy to do so. Finally, he grit his teeth as he managed to force the golden book out, a golden light flashed as it chopped towards the sacred woman.


The sacred woman easily lifted a finger which immediately caused the golden book to fall to the ground. She was deeply attracted by the golden page and immediately took it into her hand.

Thereafter, the sacred woman appeared before Ye Fan without a sound as a cold aura could be felt, her delicate jade hands stretched towards Ye Fan as she inspected his sea of bitterness. “You……” Ye Fan retreated but was simply unable to avoid her, those sparkling and translucent like jade, delicate and perfect without any blemish hands entered his body in an instant.

Ye Fan began to age swiftly and in the blink of an eye only skin covered bone, he had almost become a mere skeleton. However, at this moment, the sacred woman suddenly shrieked miserably as the aurichalcite within Ye Fan’s sea of bitterness gently trembled, she was instantly sent flying away as though she had been struck by lightning, the golden book fell to the ground as she was sent flying into the abyss.

“Even the imitation Desolate Pagoda isn’t able to seal you, however, my aurichalcite is actually on the same level as the Desolate Pagoda, you actually wish to touch it…….” Ye Fan suddenly laughed, his vitality was almost dried up, his physical body was withered and his wounds did not have blood flowing out of them, he would definitely die soon. However, he continued to struggle as he swayed and doddered forward.

In his daze, he could smell a fragrance which penetrated deeply into the heart, several unique small trees were growing up ahead and he could see a spring gurgling forth. Thereafter, he fell with a ‘Plonk!’ into the spring.


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