Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 117: Gentle and soft village
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 117: Gentle and soft village

Chapter 117: Gentle and soft village

“What does your inability to acquire the aurichalcite have anything to do with me? It just means that your strength wasn’t enough and it was stolen by someone else.” Ye Fan glared at him as he continued: “Daoist, you aren’t thankful and actually act against me.”

“Little fellow, you really have quite a stubborn mouth, I was the first to reach the Demon Emperor’s Yin Tomb and there was nobody in sight, how could it have been stolen by someone else? Till now you still attempt to fool me, this Daoist would really love to slap you to death.” Having said this, he exposed an expression of amazement on his face: “In such a short time you actually managed to reach the Spiritual Bridge realm, this is really inconceivable, you can’t be much worse than me back in the day.” The fat cultivator began to circle around him: “Could it be due to the aurichalcite?”

“Whether my person has the aurichalcite, could it be that you can’t sense it?” Ye Fan said in a steady voice.

“You were too dastardly, actually throwing the jade pendant that I gave you deep into the mountainous region, making this Daoist waste time to look for you before finally discovering you.” The unscrupulous cultivator glared at him as he questioned: “Where is the aurichalcite?”

Ye Fan immediately recalled that piece of damaged Jade pendant, it did not only lack a corner but was also fragmented, similar to a piece of broken rock. It seemed that throwing it was the right decision, this fatty had actually wanted to follow him.

“Daoist, since we actually met again, it means we actually have some fate, I don’t have anything to hide from you so I might as well tell you the truth.” Ye Fan continued with a serious expression on his face: “Back then, the aurichalcite was indeed thrown away but it was not thrown into the deep pond.”

“I naturally realise that it was not within the deep pond!”

“Later, I wanted to look for it but realised that a crazed old man had already snatched it up, he laughed and cried and seemed insane, there was simply no way to follow him……” Ye Fan immediately described the appearance of the old man.

The fat cultivator sucked in a breath of cold air as he muttered: “One year ago, a person within the Yan State actually saw such an old man, it’s rumoured that he is…….” Having said this, he suddenly cut his words short before staring at Ye Fan: “You’re a really dishonest crook, back then this gentleman actually bared his heart before you.”

“Daoist, one has to speak with their conscience, back then you actually stole three of my spiritual artifacts, who’s the dishonest one?”

The unscrupulous cultivator glared at him as his eyes suddenly seemed to become empty, black like an endless abyss without any colour. His tone was low as he spoke: “Was it really stolen by a crazed old man? What did he look like?”

Ye Fan felt light-headed, it seemed as though the other party wanted to forcefully break through his mind, however, he was not afraid. His current divine sense had already formed a golden lake, it was not weaker than anyone else. He did not retaliate but rather allowed the image of the crazed old man to appear within his mind as he replied: “That’s right, it was stolen by a crazed old man, I was unable to chase him.”

When the unscrupulous cultivator saw the image of the crazed old man, his entire body began to violently tremble as his empty eyes suddenly regained their light, exposing an expression of incredulity: “It’s really that person…….”

The bewitching woman by the side with her red birthmark had a faint smile on her face as she asked: “What sort of person could possibly scare our Duan Daoist into such a state?”

“Haven’t your demon race heard of the events that transpired one year ago?” Duan De said in a heavy voice: “A person who should not exist within this world suddenly appeared within the Yan State.”

“More or less heard about it, I feel that it may not be true, so many years have passed, who could still recognise him.”

Duan De shook his head: “It can’t be wrong, that person was a peerless expert back in the day, several paintings of him have been left behind, I was fortunate to see one such painting.”


The beautiful lady with a red birthmark between her brows sucked in a breath of cold air: “A peerless expert six thousand years ago, he actually still lives, do you think that he is become an immortal soon?”

The unscrupulous cultivator shook his head: “Doesn’t seem likely, some people have seen his crazed and unkempt state, there’s a problem with his mind, how could he possibly become an immortal.”

“There are really immortals within this world?” Ye Fan who was by the side asked.

“Whether immortals exist, no one can say for certain, but peerless experts that are able to live for several thousands of years are certainly present.” The woman from the demon race pinched his cheeks as she continued: “Work hard, maybe you will be able to reach that level one day.”

“You people…… won’t harm me?”

This slender lady from the demonic race blew a seductive breath of air at him as he daintily laughed: “Relax, your life isn’t in danger.”

The unscrupulous cultivators eyes once again became empty, he did not give up as he continued to gaze into Ye Fan’s eyes: “How did he discover the aurichalcite?……”

Ye Fan accommodated him, creating an image of the crazed old man picking up the aurichalcite in his mind before bitterly laughed as he floated away.

Seeing such a scene, the unscrupulous cultivator had a disappointed expression on his face, as though all the strength had left his body as he sighed: “The most precious treasure that was known throughout the Central Province, it actually came into my possession but was thrown away like rubbish, i failed to recognise it for what it was, losing it forever, regret!”

Ye Fan heard his words and was extremely insincerely as he said: “Next time, try to be more thorough.”

The unscrupulous cultivator Duan De had indignation and regret written on his face as he continued: “Falling into the hands of that person, I simply have no way to get it back. That crazed old man still lives, this is simply too shocking.”

“I wonder if the blood essence of the demon emperor has been prepared?” He lifted his head as he gazed at the lady from the demon race.

“Daoist, please rest easy, we will will not renege on our promise, the drop of blood essence of the demon emperor will be yours.” The lady’s smile was seductive and bewitching as she gently clapped her jade hands. From the depths of the cherry blossom forest, a beautiful female who bared her shoulders wearing a five coloured silk dress carried a jade case with an embroidered cloth covering it.

The lady with a red birthmark between her brows gently received it as she smoothly opened it, exposing a sparkling and radiant lustre, a crystal the size of a fist appeared within the jade case, exceptionally brilliant.

Within the centre of the crystal was a drop of red blood which flashed with a golden glow, it was sealed within while endless vitality flowed within, a vast amount of the qi essence of life could be faintly felt trembling.

The unscrupulous cultivator swept his depressed gaze over as his spirit immediately lifted: “Blood essence of the demon emperor!”

“That’s right, this is the sacred blood of the demon emperor which Daoist requested for. Although you did not manage to bring the forbidden artifact which we requested, you actually brought a youth whose physical body can be considered a priceless treasure, using him to exchange is barely acceptable.”

Within the fist sized crystal, the drop of blood seemed to congeal endless amounts of energy, when the unscrupulous cultivator Duan De held it in his hands, it actually released a dazzling blood red light, causing his palm to immediately be dyed red as it flashed with streaks of gold.

Ripples appeared within Ye Fan’s heart, he found it difficult to stay calm, this drop of blood essence of the demon emperor likely came from the demon emperor’s heart, causing him to immediately think to Pang Bo.

The heart which had flown out from the Demon Emperor’s Grave, the mere beating of it could cause experts of the Other Shore and past the Other Shore realm to feel unbearable. Back in the day, the sect leader and venerated elders of the Ling Xu Immortal Sanctuary simply had no way to draw closer as they stared at it flying through the sky, finally landing within the hands of the demon race.

Could it be that the ladies before him actually had the heart of the demon emperor? Having a connection with that perfect woman before the Demon Emperor’s Tomb, could it be that Pang Bo was actually nearby? Ye Fan’s heart was extremely agitated.

“Little fellow, take care of yourself.” The unscrupulous cultivator Duan De patted his shoulder, hypocritically speaking.

“Damned fatty, you’re really going to sell me over to them?”

Duan De’s face had a faint smile: “Don’t scold me now, who knows? Maybe in future you will be so happy that you wish to thank me.”

“What is your meaning?”

Duan De looked at him with a meaningful gaze: “This is a fortune that others would not receive even if they begged for it, little fellow, be contented. If this Daoist were younger, I might not even give you this chance.”

The lady with a red birthmark laughed daintily as a light seemed to flash within her eyes as she looked over at Duan De: “If Daoist is willing to stay, we are willing to entertain you.”

“It’s alright, this old body of mine won’t be able to bear with it, let’s meet again in the future.” Having said this, Duan De did not look back as he left.

Ye Fan shouted: “I know where the crazed old man stays!…….”

However, Duan De did not care about him as he swiftly disappeared, leaving him behind.

“Immoral daoist, you just wait……”

“This lady is called Qin Yao, little brother don’t be afraid, we will definitely not harm you.” The lady with the red birthmark spoke as she gently patted his face: “You don’t need to be worried.”

Qin Yao? Couldn’t possibly be a demon that was transformed from a bird beast right? Ye Fan muttered within his heart.

“I wish to ask, did the heart that flew out of the Demon Emperor’s Grave end up in your hands?”

Qin Yao’ skin was like silky jade, the light silk on her body floated giving one an otherworldly feeling, her smile was sweet as she replied: “What you know is really quite impressive, that’s right, the heart of the demon emperor is indeed in our hands.”

Ye Fan’s heart immediately trembled as he asked: Does this mean that an extremely beautiful, nearly perfect woman lives here?”

Qin Yao had a strange expression on her face as she continued: “You actually even know about this, that is the descendent of the demon emperor, her status is phenomenal, how did you get this information?”

Ye Fan was extremely agitated as he replied: “Is there also a youth who is similar in age to me?”

Qin Yao was shocked as her jet black hair began to lightly dance, her jade-like skin seemed to become fairer as the surrounding flower rain danced, sparkling and translucent as a fragrance assailed the nose, she seemed more delicate than a flower as she lightly smiled: “You really know quite a lot.” without clearly explaining anything.

“I wish to see that youth whose age is similar to mine!”

“Sorry, he is currently in close meditation, it will be impossible for him to meet with you.” Qin Yao was seductive and continued to plaster a smile on her face, however, she did not hesitate as she rejected him.

“I wish to meet with the descendent of the demon emperor.” Being unable to meet with Pang Bo, Ye Fan let up as he requested to meet the perfect woman.

Qin Yao’s voice was magnetic and moving as she replied: “Of course we’ll let you see her, that was where we planned to send you to.”

“You were planning to send me to her? Why’s that?” Ye Fan felt that something was amiss.

“It’s a good thing for you, if you’re chosen, you will be exalted above the masses. The luck of you, little guy, is really outstanding.”

The surrounding ladies all began to smile lightly, they were slender and bewitching, born with a mesmerizing aura, their countenances were like flowers, attractive skin, delicate and elegant necks, jade-like white arms that were sparkling and full of luster. Lanky legs that were snow white like jade with a perfectly straight posture. Their transparent light muslin could not cover up their full bosoms. When these beautiful women smile, the mind falls into a state of disorder.

Ye Fan was brought into the depths of the cherry blossom forest, this was the back mountain of the Xuan Yuan sect, it was exceptionally calm and serene, with a pure aura filling the air, there were several beautiful female helpers up ahead.

Walking past a valley, coming before the mountain range that was emerald green like jade, dots of sacred light floated over as all the vegetation seemed to be sculpted from jade, flashing with a light as a mysterious glow circulated, this area was certainly exceptional.

Just ahead was a dazzling mountain range, a mist filled the air as the sunlight shone through, there was a pavilion situated at the top, there stood a perfect and blemishless lady, her eyes were like water as a mist surrounded her while she gazed down.

Her ice like flesh and jade bones was completely flawless. An immortal that stood straight and graceful, it was as if she was the most perfect work of the gods. A snow white dress with black hair fluttering in the wind, this was a fairy who had descended to this earth.


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