Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 120: Eastern Badlands Divine Body
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 120: Eastern Badlands Divine Body

Chapter 120: Eastern Badlands Divine Body

The consequence of Ye Fan forcibly touching Xu Ruyu was being sent atop a cliff, he was not arrogant enough to believe that such a peerless beauty would actually fall for him, they had merely met a few times and everything was certainly because of the heart of the demon emperor.

When the group of people left, Ye Fan slowly descended to the ground. Within the cherry blossom forest, there were thousand year old ancient peace trees that had snaking branches. The flowers of the peace tree floated about as a cool breeze swept through, filling the sky in pink mist.

Ye Fan began to contemplate where he should proceed from here, the heart of the demon emperor was being nourished within his spring of life, it was impossible for the demon race to let him go, would he possibly need to stay with them? The techniques of the demon race were not suited for human cultivators, he would not be able to obtain powerful cultivation techniques and would need to think of other methods.

These were a group of demons who surpassed the Other Shore realm, they were certainly not a weak force within the demon race and if he wanted to flee, it was simply impossible.

“I’ll have to continue moving forward while planning.” Ye Fan was not worried, he did not have any danger to his life as he sat within the cherry blossom forest, allowing the flower petals to dance around him as he calmly began to cultivate.

The heart of the demon emperor rested within his spring of life, how could he not make full use of it? He wanted to use the sacred blood within to mold his physical body, allowing him to experience a rebirthing of his body. The golden sea of bitterness was roughly the size of a fist, it was like a blazing sun which hung in the sky, dazzling and pristine.

The spring of life gurgled as cloud and mist gathered, the heart which was like a cornelian remained silent within the divine spring, it did not move but had a dazzling red glow surrounding it, sparkling and translucent to the point of making one feel dazed.

Ye Fan used his cauldron to float around the heart before finally plastering onto it, trembling the small cauldron as he attempted to retrieve the sacred blood within. However, regardless of what techniques Ye Fan used, the heart of the demon emperor remained silent like a boulder without the slightest fluctuation, there was simply no way to pull the blood essence out.

Finally, Ye Fan could be considered to be completely provoking it as he directly smashed the small cauldron onto the sacred heart, loud noises rang out as dazzling lights shot forth from the spring of life, the cauldron glowed as it emitted a mysterious aura of Dao.

However, the heart of the demon emperor continued to remain motionless without any reaction, it ignored his provocation as though it had been there for countless ages without any fluctuations.

“The aurichalcite is simply too mysterious, even the heart of the demon emperor has been completely sealed, no matter what methods I try, there is simply no fluctuation at all, there is simply no way to even get a drop of blood essence.” This made Ye Fan feel frustrated, he was protecting a treasure mountain without gaining any benefits, this made him feel indignant.

Ye Fan did not wish to give up as he began to carve words onto his cauldron, nine ancient characters began to glow as it gathered a mysterious divine energy which flowed in a certain fixed order. This was using the artifact to apply pressure on the body as recorded within the Dao Scripture in order to implement an ‘eternal’ technique.

However, Ye Fan did not wish to pressure himself, he wanted to use the mysterious seal on the heart of the demon emperor, causing fluctuations to arise.

Ye Fan did not recognise the nine ancient characters and had merely used them like Dao Inscriptions, following what was recorded within the Dao Scripture without any errors, successfully carving them within the cauldron.

The cauldron which floated above the sea of bitterness gradually became blurry as it spat out qi that faded into nothingness. Primal chaos vapor rushed forth as it interweaved with the “Way” and “Truth”, giving one the feeling of complete mystery.

Yin and Yang coexisted, forming the absolute beginning, the power of life and death blended together. The cauldron became even more unfathomable, the qi it gave off coupled with the deathly stillness as it began to change. Soon the transformation became bigger and bigger till it shot towards the heart and pressed down on it.

The great emperor of the demon race, back in the day his name was known throughout the Eastern Badlands, looking down on all living things, not an immortal but still a peerless expert within the world, his heart was certainly not ordinary.

The cauldron pressed downwards, nine ancient characters seemed as though they were heaven-born Dao Inscriptions, forming a profound and mysterious energy that was part of the world which caused the silent sacred heart to lightly tremble. “Seal!” Ye Fan shouted within his mind, with the aurichalcite present, he had to try everything within his power to acquire some sacred blood, otherwise, he simply would not stop.

The cauldron, three feet rooted on the ground with two ears that represented Yin and Yang, the circular form containing primordial chaos within, like the origins of heaven and earth or the mother of all living things, encompassing everything, causing the sparkling and translucent heart to be contained within.


In this moment, the sacred heart of the demon emperor no longer remained still as a scarlet light rushed to the sky, crimson clouds floated like burning mist as it spread in all directions. After repeated provocations, it no longer remained silent but rather released fluctuations, a bloody glow pulsed as it seemed like a red sun which hung in the air.

Raging storms swirled within the golden sea of bitterness as vast bodies of water swept through the sky, the wheel of life gurgled and frothed, the Wheel and Sea was no longer calm but rather had a palpitating aura that filled the area.

The vitality of the heart was simply too vigorous, each strand of blood essence seemed to have a profound energy, the blood glow flashed as the nine ancient characters on the cauldron were wiped clean.

The nine characters were not ordinary but Ye Fan’s cultivation was simply too weak, he could not fully control it allowing the heart of the demon emperor to rush at it in an instant.

Ye Fan was shocked and riled up as he manipulated the cauldron, absorbing large amounts of blood essence, the cauldron was like the mother of all living things which encompassed everything, like the hot ash of a cigarette being inhaled as it absorbed swiftly.

At the same time, the aurichalcite had felt the endless fluctuations within the Wheel and Sea, gently trembling, it immediately drowned the vast vitality released by the heart immediately causing it to become silent, everything within the golden sea of bitterness also became peaceful.

Ye Fan’s heart was agitated, within the small cauldron was a drop of sparkling blood essence which had a crimson mist swirling around it, after absorbing the bloody glow he had managed to coalesce a single drop of sacred blood.

The cauldron swiftly rotated as the drop of blood essence descended before becoming an endless bloody mist which spread throughout his entire body.

Within the cherry blossom forest, under the ancient cherry trees, Ye Fan sat silent and unmoving, his body was a bright crimson red as all the blood vessels within his body seemed to swell, blood flowed like large rivers as rumbling sounds could be heard. The bones within his body were pristine without any blemish as cracking sounds rang out as though they were being forged, making one feel astonished. His five organs and six viscera were gently trembling, like as if they were playing a musical symphony as odd sounds could be heard.

A single drop of sacred blood from the demon emperor had flowed through his entire body, baptising his mortal shell, this forging was an extremely slow process which made Ye Fan’s skin seem to shine with a lustre, his physical body was becoming even stronger.

This continued for a full day and night before he finally opened his eyes, his pupils flashed like stars as he felt the strength of his physical body, it was much sturdier than before, the instant his fist clenched a golden light shone, he felt as though he could move mountains!

“If I were to absorb even more sacred blood, I will surely be able to experience a phenomenal change within my body for the third time.” He had ingested two different kinds of sacred medicines, shedding his mortal skin and exchanging his bones twice, if it were to happen for a third time, his physical body would become inconceivably strong.

Not far away came the beautiful sound of laughter, Qin Yao approached with an opened fan, with a muslin skirt that swept that ground, her dressing was daring with much skin exposed.

“You’re really greedy, now you finally know the benefits of the heart of the demon emperor. Back then you actually thought that I was trying to harm you, how should you thank me?” Qin Yao glanced over at him, her voice was sultry and mesmerising, the red birthmark between her brows gave her a unique aura.

“I’m so poor that I only have myself, how would you like me to show my gratitude?” Ye Fan stood up with a wide smile on his face.

Qin Yao’s black hair cascaded down, her figure was slender and curvy, it could be termed a devilish figure. She gently sashayed as she walked forward, her expression bewitching with an intangible mesmerizing feel. “Then you should use your body to repay me.” She placed her hand onto Ye Fan’s shoulders as he licked her red lips, extremely seductive, her body emitted a gentle fragrance which made one feel numb.

“I couldn’t hope for anything else.” Ye Fan came from the other side of the stars, he was used to modern day antics and would not be easily teased. He cooly stretched his hands as he held the jade hands on his shoulders without skipping a beat as he continued: “Gentle and beautiful hands, with perfect skin…”

Qin Yao gave a sultry laugh as she pulled her hand back before placing one on his cheek: “You’re so young, what would you know?”

Ye Fan was a modern man and did not fear such boldness as he raised his hand to brush Qin Yao’s silky hair before moving to caress her jade-like cheeks: “Please be careful of your words, before you is a man and not a child.”
Qin Yao laughed: “Maybe in two years time you’ll have the right to say this!” Having said this, she licked her red lips as she gently blew in his ear. “A real man wouldn’t need to use words to prove himself.” Qin Yao’s red birthmark seemed to glow as her eyes stared deep into his.

Ye Fan knew that the other party was purposefully teasing him as he laughed, his right arm eased as he hugged that slender waist: “How about we discuss about life and its mysteries? Discuss what it is to be a man?”

Qin Yao was stunned, she did not expect the other party to be so bold as she gently laughed while pressing his forehead with a finger before attempting to retreat backwards like a butterfly.

Ye Fan’s physical body was strong, his arm was like divine metal and he did not relax as he followed along, like a pair of butterflies, he felt as though he were holding warm jade, like he was hugging a delicate flower.

“Enough, let go!” Qin Yao suddenly stopped, her eyes were still misty, very moving. The red birthmark between her brow released a sparkling translucence which made Ye Fan’s body feel numb as he relaxed his right arm. “Fairy Qin, we haven’t talked about life and its mysteries yet.” Ye Fan had a free and uninhibited expression on his face, the methods the other party had used to attempt to tease him were simply fruitless.

“Flippant!” Qin Yao tousled her silky hair: “I came here merely to inform you that we are planning to leave the Wei State at any moment, you better prepare yourself.”

“Why?” Ye Fan was puzzled.

“The Ji Family which has existed since ancient times have strange movements, we suspect that they may be moving against us.”

Xuan Yuan Sect seemed like a sect from the human race but had long been in the hands of Yan Ruyu, it was a gathering place which she had designated but she was planning to evacuate the area now. “Why are they acting?” Ye Fan questioned. “A peerless talent has appeared within the Ji Family, a rare divine body that is seldom seen within the Eastern Badlands, his cultivation has had a small success and the elders of the Ji Family are planning to use us as a molding block.”

“Is a divine body really that frightening? He’s merely at the small success stage, why not just exterminate him?”

Qin Yao shook her head: “There were definitely be several experts protecting him from the side to prevent any accidents from occurring, if he really died, they would overturn the entire Eastern Badlands and none of us would be able to make it out alive.

Yan Ruyu was extremely decisive, immediately commanding everyone to retreat, leaving the Wei State to be protected by some expert within the demon race. However, the Ji Family had acted too swiftly, they had not managed to leave the Wei State and had already been obstructed.

This was a piece of wilderness within the western area of the Wei State, endless mountain ranges with sparse vegetation, most of it was burnt dirt. It was rumoured that there was a heaven-defying battle that had occurred here causing the land to be barren. Tall mountains pierced the clouds without a tinge of green, barren and cold. Rubble, dirt and fallen mountains……. Told a story of the bitter and fearsome ancient battle that had taken place long ago. Seated atop each of the mountains in all directions was an expert from the Ji Family, trapping them within.

Directly in front of them was a fallen mountain, an azure clothed male was like a deity that had descended, he seemed to be merely twenty years of age, his eyes seemed to shine like stars as he crossed his arms behind his back, blocking the way by himself.

He seemed to be one with the group of mountains, mingled with heaven and earth, giving one a feeling of the natural Dao, one with everything making it impossible to fathom. “Why are you blocking our path?” A beautiful lady from the demon race went forward as she questioned with a heavy voice.

“My divine body has reached the small success stage, I’ve heard the descendant of the demon emperor is here and wish to request a battle.” This gentleman clad in purple did not mince his words and wanted to intervene, he had a tranquil expression and spoke unhurriedly.

“Our highness isn’t feeling well and cannot fight, please look for another date to challenge.” The middle-aged beautiful woman replied.

The words of the azure clothed male were very gentle, like a spring breeze blowing through: “Since that’s the case I won’t force your hand. Please leave the sacred weapon of the demon emperor behind, since the small success of my divine body, there are few weapons within the world that I value.”

The expression of the woman did not change as she replied: “What are you talking about? I don’t understand you, we don’t have any sacred weapon.”

Behind the azure clothed male appeared two pristine and moving servant ladies, they respectfully stood there as one of them spoke with a clear voice: “Three years ago, the burial tomb of the demon emperor emerged, shaking up the entire Eastern Badlands. Many spiritual weapons shot out from within the Yang Grave, however, the Dao Scripture did not appear. Thereafter, the heart of the demon emperor rushed out leaving indistinct traces of it. As for the sacred weapon of the demon emperor, it actually managed to breakthrough the obstruction of our five experts, being obtained by your highness by some fluke, how could it not be with you?”

“The sacred weapon of the demon emperor returning back to his descendant is only natural, what right does your Ji Family have to request it?” An ugly expression appeared on the woman’s face.

Although the azure clothed male seemed to be barely twenty, he was extremely calm, all his movements seemed to be filled with the Laws and Dao of the world as he continued: “I must acquire the sacred weapon of the demon emperor.”

By the side, the voice of the other servant girl was like pearls falling onto a jade dish: “The divine body of our young lord has reached the small success stage, only the sacred weapon of the demon emperor is fitting for him.”

“Such big words, who knows if the divine body is really as powerful as the legends mention……” A cold smile could be seen on the beautiful woman’s face.

The black hair of the azure clothed male was flying, his expression was calm as he squinted while speaking indifferently: “Since that’s the case, you can try to pass me.”

“Allow this old body of mine to test how fearsome the divine body really is!” The middle aged beauty personally went forward and spat out a ray of light that was like a willow leaf, silver and resplendent as it hurtled towards the purple robed gentleman.

The azure clothed male remained calm without moving as his clothes fluttered, his hands continued to be folded behind his back but at this moment everyone was stunned!

Night suddenly descended causing the entire area to seem gloomy, behind him appeared a strange scene of an emerald sea surging, a bright moon was high in the sky, bathing everything below it in a pristine silver glow.

“Bright moon over the sea!” Everyone was shocked.

“This is the unique scene of experts from the ancient past, he actually managed to cultivate it, no wonder it’s a divine body!”

The bright moon immediately secured the the position of the handsome gentleman as his divine weapon, immediately disintegrating the willow leaf. Thereafter, the pristine moon began to turn as the expert from the demon race immediately turned into a bloody mist without a chance to make a single noise.

Under the night sky, the emerald sea seemed to glow from the reflection of the moonlight, the bright moon was high in the sky, the azure clothed male continued to stand there unmoving, an indescribable calmness and tranquility that was simply poetic and picturesque.


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