Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 129: Connected by Marriage
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 129: Connected by Marriage

Chapter 129: Connected by Marriage

“How could it be like this?” Ji Ziyue’s eyes seemed to shine as her red lips parted, an expression of incredulity on her face. She simply could not understand how could the dual qi of profound earth appear atop of his fist.

At this moment, the mere sight of Ye Fan’s golden fist gave one a feeling of immense power, as though it were a stronghold that was impossible to overcome, the origin qi of all living things was smelted atop it.

“The profound earth is derived from the world, created out of the origin qi, it is a sacred item for forging artifacts, how could it appear atop your fist, how did you do it?” Ji Ziyue’s eyes flashed with curiosity.

Ye Fan relaxed his golden fist as the profound earth origin qi immediately dissipated, returning back into his sea of bitterness as it swirled around the aurichalcite. He was shocked, afraid that he would actually disintegrate, he simply could not withstand the density of the origin qi, a single strand of it was enough to crush an entire mountain range.

Earlier, on both his fists, there were strands appearing, this made him extremely anxious, it was fortunate that the aurichalcite was able to suppress the origin qi, preventing any accidents from occurring.

The aurichalcite was submerged within his sea of bitterness, the origin qi of profound earth floated atop it causing his body to be a medium, circulating within the Wheel and Sea, it was very possible to influence and utilise the profound earth essence.

This made him feel very restless, if it were not for the aurichalcite which suppressed it, he had the possibility of being crushed at any moment, such a large amount of origin qi was sufficient to crush him several times over.

However, within danger came opportunity, although it made him feel restless, if he used it properly, it could be an insurmountable weapon!

Profound earth essence floating atop his fist, how frightening was that? Regardless of how many precious treasures or divine abilities you had, a single punch would pierce through it all!

Ye Fan was considering if he could really use the profound earth origin qi to merge with his body. However, upon thinking carefully, this was simply too difficult and he did not have the means to do so currently.

The real profound earth was difficult to refine, peerless experts used it to forge artifacts but it was unheard of for someone to use it to forge their bodies, this was simply too dangerous.

“A road must be trodden on, everything must be done step by step…….” He was not anxious for success, he had the time to slowly feel his way.

“Your body is extremely unique…….” Ji Ziyue was very astute and seemed to have caught on to something.

“What did you notice?” At this moment, Ye Fan seemed to returned to his true self, a sunny smile was on his face with a look of innocence, like that of a youth that was roughly fourteen years of age.

“Earlier, your physical body was bright and resplendent, like a lantern that was without impurities or blemish, exceeding that of a spiritual treasure, it shouldn’t be the case…….”

Earlier, Ye Fan had undergone his third complete transformation, his body had glowed and his flesh was near translucent, all this had been witnessed by Ji Ziyue and these changes were simply astonishing to her.

After a cultivator reached the Other Shore realm, they would experience a complete transformation, their blood would change as would their bones, completing the transformation from a cocoon to a butterfly.

However, based on what Ji Ziyue was saying, that baptism of the blood and bone was far from the transformation of Ye Fan!

“Your transformation is simply too extraordinary, it doesn’t fit in with ordinary logic.” Her lashes were twitched as she carefully measured Ye Fan, an expression of disbelief and shock on her face.

Based on Ji Ziyue’s description, when one reached the Other Shore realm, their body would go through a metamorphosis from cocoon to butterfly. In Ye Fan’s case, it was like evolving from a cocoon into a phoenix.

“Even if you use the sacred blood of the demon emperor to baptise your body, this shouldn’t be the case. Such a transformation can compare with the transformations of ancients experts.”

Ji Ziyue was astounded as she continued to speculate, muttering: “If a normal cultivator underwent a transformation, no matter how special it would also not be ten percent of what you went through…… could it be……. You actually have a divine body as well?!”

Ye Fan did not reply, he knew this transformation was even more shocking than that of cultivators at the Other Shore realm, this was something he had discovered a long time ago. After all, he had consumed sacred medicines as well as the sacred blood of the demon emperor, once his primordial ancient divine body went through transformations, it would certainly not be ordinary.

“If we were to compare your transformation to other cultivators, their transformations cannot even be considered to be a transformation.” Having said this, Ji Ziyue’s eyes that were filled with spirit had a gleam of curiosity in them: “Could it be that you’re also like my brother…… you also have a divine body?!”

“Don’t compare me with him, I’ll beat him up sooner or later.”

“You……” Ji Ziyue was resentful as she scrunched her nose: “I’m only afraid that when Brother Haoyue appears, you will run for your life.”

“I don’t wish to deal with him at the moment. Once I’ve had success in my cultivation, I’ll beat him up blue and black.” Ye Fan indifferently said.


Ji Ziyue was indignant as her eyes widened, she was unsatisfied with how Ye Fan was speaking of her brother as she grumbled: “Even if you cultivate another hundred years, you won’t be able to beat my brother.”

“He’s only got that unique scene….. Bright moon over the sea, by then I’ll pluck his moon and plant flowers and grass wtihin his emerald sea.”

“My brother’s divine body has reached the small success stage, he is nearly undefeatable amongst the young within the Eastern Badlands. With your cultivation level that has not even reached the door of the Dao Palace realm, you wish to be enemies with him, that is really…….”

Ye Fan did not really wish to win her brother, he was merely teasing her as he pinched her nose: “Just wait, if I don’t give that arrogant moon a beating, I’ll really be letting my fist down.”

“Just wait to be beaten!” Ji Ziyue was incensed, her small mouth was pouting, exposing her pearly white teeth as she bit towards his finger.

“You must belong to a family of dogs, you actually bit me……” Ye Fan had a faint smile on his face: “What’s so impressive about a divine body, didn’t his sister become my prisoner.”

Although Ye Fan said this, he actually felt a big headache. The Ji Family’s name was known throughout the Eastern Badlands, it was an extreme superpower, if they actually found out that Ji Ziyue was his captive, one did not need to think about the consequences.

“How should I deal with her?”

He could not kill her nor could he let her go, Ji Ziyue knew too many of his secrets, like the aurichalcite and other unique items, they simply could not be exposed.

“Why was the heart of the demon emperor within your body?”

“What is up with that aurichalcite?”

“Your physique is so unique, when you underwent your transformation, it was actually similar to that of my brother, could you really have a divine body?”Over the past few days, Ji Ziyue continually questioned but Ye Fan did not answer her. Within this period of time of closed cultivation, he only went out once to understand what was going on in the outside world.

What made him extremely puzzled was that after following the underground river for over a month, he had not left the Wei State but merely travelled from the western region to the eastern region.

This area had a superpower by the name of Tai Xuan, it controlled an extremely large area of land, all the immortal mountains within the eastern region belonged to this sect. Endless mountain ranges with a full hundred and eight main peaks, each represented a sort of inheritance, each more superior than a small sect like the Ling Xu Immortal Sanctuary.

Within this vast region, besides the Ji Family and the Jade Lake sacred ground, there were no sects who could stably control such a large sect. The Eastern Badlands was extremely vast without countless vassal states within.

Back in the day when the Tai Xuan sect flourished, its power could rank within the top one hundred sects of the Eastern Badlands, it could be considered an immense tyrant. It was especially so within this region, of the tens of vassal states, few sects within could match up with it.

“An overwhelming superpower…….” Ye Fan did not wish to go against such a sect, besides this, he had also heard much regard Ji Haoyue.

A divine body had emerged from the Ji Family, shocking the entire Eastern Badlands, this meant that the Ji Family would continue to flourish for the next several thousand years. It was not difficult for someone with a divine body to live for several thousand years, this was something that everyone knew.

Ji Haoyue had risen abruptly, continually attacking the demon race and had already taken over several cave dwellings of great demons, sweeping away everything before him. In the past two months, if one made a comparison solely based on fame, no one could compare with him, he was simply too dazzling! Several superpowers were guessing at why the Ji Family was making such a big fuss.

Ye Fan had an intuition that Ji Ziyue was definitely not simple, otherwise, she would not have been able to live after enduring Xu Ru Yu’s golden lotus unique scene. The Ji Family should place great importance on her. However, within this period of time, there was no news regarding her disappearance as though someone had purposely kept it secret.

Ye Fan silently pondered, the Ji Family must have thought that she had been captured by the demon race, thus searching in all directions. This made him feel cold sweat run down his back.

In such extreme times, Ye Fan’s best bet was to live in seclusion, if it was found out that he was the one to have held Ji Ziyue captive, that would certainly bring about a calamity for him.

Several days later, Ye Fan began to work on his cauldron artifact which was already thoroughly shattered, it had already fully merged with the dual qi of profound earth and could finally be reforged anew.

This was an extremely difficult process, the origin qi of all living things was definitely not ordinary, mingled with the cauldron, it was no exaggeration to say that it would be as difficult as climbing to heaven to reforge it.

Ye Fan chose to forge the cauldron atop the aurichalcite, it was a shock to see the rough outline of the cauldron being formed after merely half a month, this was simply inconceivable! The aurichalcite was mysterious and profound, refining the profound earth atop it was not a difficult task.

The small profound earth cauldron had gained a form, simple, unadorned and had a natural Dao appeal to it. A single look and one could tell it is no common item.

However, upon leaving the aurichalcite, the small cauldron instantly reverted back to dual qi of profound earth, dissipating in an instant leaving Ye Fan helpless.

Harmonize the heavens and the earth, and growing together forever. The overflowing heaven and earth essence infused with the origin qi, creating ripples that pervaded out. It The profound earth origin qi had great difficulty retaining it’s shape, wanting to forge a real cauldron was simply too tough! This also meant that if one were to be successful in forging it, one would be able to forge an incomparable artifact. After stopping his cultivating, Ye Fan immediately thought of the Ji Family and felt a major headache.

He leaned against an ancient tree, a stalk of grass held within his mouth as he looked at Ji Ziyue: “Lass, let me find a husband for you.”

“Go to hell!” Ji Ziyue was angry as she glared at him.

“Why are you so agitated, you’ll have to marry someone eventually, I guarantee to find a good husband for you.” Ye Fan chewed on the stalk as he muttered: “By that time, we can then be considered family, I won’t go looking for your brother to find trouble.”

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Ji Ziyue was fuming, she did not look him in the eye as she spoke.

“I’ve been thinking hard, in order to avoid me killing your brother by accident in future, this is the only option available.” Ye Fan continued boasting shamelessly: “Come to think of it, your Ji Family can be considered a rich family, having ties with you won’t be a bad thing.”

“I haven’t seen such a shameless fellow like you before!” Ji Ziyue’s cheeks were lifted, it seemed like she wanted to bite Ye Fan.

Ji Haoyue had a divine body, awe-inspiring since he was born , he was definitely not someone Ye Fan could deal with at the moment. The Ji Family was an extremely powerful existence within the Eastern Badlands, its position was exceptional but based on Ye Fan’s words, him marrying her seemed like the Ji Family would be gaining instead.

“The husband that I’ve found for you is definitely exceptional, he’s acquired the legacy of an expert within the demon race, his name is Pang Bo and he is definitely a good match for you.

“If there is a marriage, you can go ahead!” Ji Ziyue’s head was twisted to the side as she softly cursed: “I wish for you to have a blissful marriage with demons, you will even get a little baby demon, no, I mean a demon human.”

“Your mouth is really quite vicious.” Ye Fan had lost his smile as he tossed away the stalk: “Since you’re unwilling to marry a demon, I’ll have to come to a compromise, I’ll swallow you myself.”

Ji Ziyue’s eyes seemed to flash as she said: “I wish to tell you a secret.”

“What secret?” Ye Fan leaned against the tree as he continued to lazily question.

“This cannot be heard by others, come over……”

Ye Fan walked closer: “If it’s regarding the ancient scripture, I’m more than willing to give a listening ear.”

“The secret is…… I want to bite you!” Ji Ziyue was crazed as she bit down on Ye Fan’s ear, she was simply too infuriated.

“Don’t be so fierce.” Ye Fan pulled at her lower jaw as he laughed: “Actually, arranging a marriage is for your own good, I wish to allow you to regain your freedom, otherwise, keeping you captive by my side everyday will cause me to be restless.”

“You’re afraid that my sect or my brother will find out.” Ji Ziyue’s red lips were moist, her pearly white teeth seemed to shine, she really wanted to bite Ye Fan again in order to appease the anger within her.

“Such a headache…… let me think about this more.” Ye Fan gently rubbed his temples.


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