Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 139: Intimidation
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 139: Intimidation

Chapter 139: Intimidation

This person looked to be merely twenty seven years of age, his figure was slender and his arms were long, especially his palms, they were clearly much larger than an ordinary person and seemed like two small cattail-leaf fans.

His skin was glistening as though the stars had gathered on his body, his especially thick palms gave a feeling of white tofu, not only tender but also nearly translucent.

By the side, the few who had their artifacts destroyed by Ye Fan had expressions of glee on their faces, a cultivator of the peak Spiritual Bridge realm, compared to them, he was high up in the clouds without any contest.

“Senior brother Yang will definitely teach him a good lesson, otherwise he’ll really think that there’s nobody on our Star Peak who can deal with him. This will let him know how high the heavens are and how deep the earth is.”

“Senior brother, you have the power of a peak Spiritual Bridge cultivator, it is possible for you to enter the Other Shore realm at any moment, don’t be too vicious and crush him into meat pulp in an instant, that would be too boring. You must be careful, shattering his palms will do, let him live, we really wish to see his expression.”

It seemed that they had already seen the miserable plight of Ye Fan after his bones were crushed, nothing had been done but they were already beginning to feel a sense of schadenfreude.

Senior brother Yang smiled but did not speak as he took big strides forward, he was tall and slender, taller than ordinary people by two heads, he looked down towards Ye Fan who was only fourteen: “Actually, you’re considered exceptionally already, your physical body is really powerful. If you admit your mistake now, I won’t make things difficult for you, we are all disciples of the Tai Xuan sect, we will be meeting each other frequently after all.”

Ye Fan nodded: “That’s true, the Desolate Peak and Star Peak can be considered neighbouring peaks, if I were to destroy you accidentally, that would be difficult to explain.”

“This fellow is too arrogant, he actually dares to talk like this to Senior brother Yang, looking for death!”

“Senior brother Yang, shatter all the bones in his body! Don’t be overly concerned about it, I’ve never seen anyone look down on the disciples of our Star Peak like this!”

“In the history of our Tai Xuan sect, half of the sect leaders have come from our vein, even if the Desolate Peak were to rise once again, it would only rise to a similar level as us in the future, this fellow is so arrogant, it’s really such an annoyance.”

Li Xiaoman walked forward as she spoke to Ye Fan: “You aren’t senior brother Yang’s match, quickly apologise.”

Ji Ziyue had a very resplendent smile as she clapped her hands: “Fight, fight! I can’t wait any longer!”

Ye Fan glanced over at Li Xiaoman, he did not speak as he calmly took two steps forward.

“Junior sister Li, you’ve seen it already, I’m really sorry, since he’s like that I don’t have a choice.” Senior brother Yang’s smile was very bright.

Ye Fan came before him: “Is three fists too much? I feel that a single fist will be sufficient to deal with you.”

Senior brother Yang did not become angry as a smile continued to be plastered on his face: “Since you’re so confident, I’ll grant your wish and use a single fist to end this battle. You can cultivate on a bed for a couple of years to properly think in retrospect, how to be a humble disciple.”

“Senior brother Yang, shatter his bones!” The disciples at the back could not help but shout.

“Alright, I’ll give him a taste of our Star Peak!” Senior brother Yang stretched his left palm forward as he exclaimed: “Go silently cultivate on a bed for a few years!”

His palms were large as he slapped forward, they were completely translucent and one could see the blood vessels and bones within, one could also see the divine energy circulating, forming a brilliant light.

A gust of wind began to form around the jade palm as the surrounding vegetation was uprooted, rocks tumbled as rumbling sounds rang out, it was as if a heavenly wall was pressing forward, wanting to crush Ye Fan.

Ye Fan was extremely calm, he did not circulate his divine energy as he gently slapped forward, as though he were sweeping a bug away.

At the back, the disciples of the Star Peak had smiles on their faces, being so indifferent was simply asking for death, several people were already clapping feeling that there was zero suspense.

Only the white clothed male frowned as he exclaimed: “Senior brother Yang, careful!”

However, it was simply too late as Ye Fan’s palm suddenly turned golden, as though it were forged from gold, simply mystical, it did not seem like a palm of flesh as it blazed brilliantly, causing everyone to be dazed.


The golden palm collided with the translucent hand as a groan was heard, thereafter the sound of bones cracking could be heard, like fried beans in a wok, incessant “pipa pipa” sounds could be heard.

“Hahaha……. A mere firefly dares to compare itself to the splendor of the bright moon”

“He doesn’t know how powerful the physiques of our Star Peak disciples are, when cultivated to a high level, our bodies are comparable to spiritual treasures, he actually dares to face Senior brother Yang head on, he really doesn’t know the meaning of death.”

As they discussed, their voices were abruptly cut off, the words they were planning to say were swallowed back down as they stared at the scene before them.

It was not Ye Fan who had his bones shattered, the sound of frying beans actually came from the slender senior brother Yang.

At this moment, everyone was speechless as they saw an inconceivable scene before them.

The clothes on senior brother Yang’s body disintegrated, his body was nearly translucent, proof that he had cultivated the cultivation technique of the Star Peak to a high level.

Within that translucent body, the snow white bones were continually fracturing, from his right fist swiftly extending upwards, his entire arm seemed as though it had been struck by a heavy hammer, fractures covering the entire bone.

Thereafter, the fractures continued to extend to his neck before rushing to his chest region, thereafter swiftly continuing to his legs, like a mass of spider webs, dense and numerous as they finally halted at his toes.

Eventually, his spinal column, one arm and skull seemed to be like porcelain that received a huge impact.

This was an extremely frightening scene, his translucent body allowed one to clearly see everything occurring within, all the bones within his had shattered before their eyes.

Several people were petrified, they had a feeling of emptiness.

Ye Fan calmly retreated before sighing, as his breath was expelled, senior brother Yang began to fall backwards as he let out a miserable cry: “Aaaahhhhhh………”

In this moment, all the bones within his body had shattered, as he fell towards the ground, his entire body began to deform as the shattered bones could no longer hold his flesh in place.

This outcome had stunned everyone, this was a cultivator of the Spiritual Bridge realm, the bones within his entire body had been shattered by a single fist, simply thinking about this made cold shivers run up their spines.

At the back, a female cultivator rushed forward as she used a divine light to encompass his entire body preventing it from hitting the ground, otherwise, this body would have been thoroughly wasted.

Even so, she was extremely anxious, she was afraid that the head would deform as well as she carefully handled it.


“How could it be like this?!”

No one could maintain their calm, the power contained within this fist was simply too astonishing, defeating a Spiritual Bridge realm cultivator was not any different from attacking a strawman.

The few cultivators who had been kicked aside by Ye Fan felt shivers, such a figure was certainly not ordinary, killing them would be like crushing an ant.

“Such a physical body is simply too frightening, our Star Peak uses starlight to train our bodies causing it to be extremely sturdy, how could he cause all the bones within senior brother Yang’s body to shatter? How much power is contained within? This is probably at the level of a cultivator at the Other Shore realm.”

Ye Fan calmly stood there, he looked barely fourteen, extremely youthful and tender, giving one a feeling of innocence and naivety, his looks made them feel that this was surreal.

The disciples of the Star Peak began to feel cold sweat run down their backs, this was basically a beast in man’s clothes and this was definitely a mythical beast with frightening divine powers.

Li Xiaoman was similarly dazed, she would never had imagined that Ye Fan could cripple senior brother Yang with a single fist, it seemed as though he was not even using all his strength and had merely thrown out a random fist. This caused her to feel restless, this was simply unbelievable.

At this moment, only Ji Ziyue continued to be calm as she giggled: “So boring, that fellow was merely a paper mache? Really useless.”

As her words were spoken, several people angrily gazed over.

“Senior brother Yang’s education was insufficient, he can’t blame anyone. All of you back away.” The white clothed male who had been extremely calm began to walk forward.

He was the only person besides Ji Ziyue who had remained his calm as he gazed at Ye Fan: “You’ve injured the disciples of my Star Peak several times, you really have your methods, losing to you isn’t shameful.”

“Reflect on your actions on a bed for a few years on how to be a humble Tai Xuan disciple.” Ye Fan spoke to senior brother Yang who was currently miserably crying before turning to face the white clothed male.

This person did not look old, he seemed barely twenty, his brows were like crescent moons, he seemed very suave in his white clothes and shoes, clean without any impurities, starlight actually seemed to be flowing within his eyes.

“You should have learnt from previous masters before, I wonder what mystical arts have you cultivated in?” The white clothed male calmly questioned.

“The natural great Dao.” Ye Fan casually replied.

At the back, the disciples of the Star Peak stood behind the white clothed male, their hearts had finally calmed down as they began to speak.

“The natural great Dao of the Desolate Peak has only recently appeared, it can’t be that mystical art.”

“That power earlier was like a tsunami, totally different from that of the natural great Dao.”

They felt aggrieved, a raging fire was lit within their hearts, they had been constantly suppressed throwing the face of the Star Peak.

“If you aren’t willing to say, I won’t question any further.” The white clothed male calmly replied before continuing: “Let’s practice together.”

“You’re a cultivator of the Other Shore realm yet you dare to say something like this.” Ji Ziyue walked forward as her little mouth pouted, exposing her sparkly white teeth: “Why don’t you find an expert of the Dao Palace realm to practice?”

“He can even use a single fist to defeat a cultivator of the peak Spiritual Bridge realm, practicing with him can’t be considered bullying.”

“Such nice words, it is only his physical body that is powerful, as a cultivator of the Other Shore realm, you have divine arts to support you, how can he compete with you?” Ji Ziyue scrunched her nose as she asked.

“With his fist that crippled senior brother Yang, it decided that he would not have any choice in this matter.” The white clothed male remained emotionless as he cooly continued: “If you wish to live, prostrate yourself before senior brother Yang and kowtow, then shatter the bones in your body, otherwise, I will do so myself.”

“This pair of legs has not even bowed to the heavens, how could he possibly be fit to accept it? Can all of you accept it?!” Ye Fan looked down on the white clothed male.

“Your pair of legs seems quite stubborn, let me just break them for you.” The white clothed male continued to calmly speak as though this was an extremely simple matter.

Not far away, Li Xiaoman gently glided forward as she spoke to the white clothed male: “Senior brother Chen Feng, you don’t have to stoop down to his level, just a small punishment will do, there’s no need to be excessive, the Desolate Peak has already revived, this will harm the relations between our veins.”

Chen Feng laughed as he replied: “Oh, how does junior sister Li think we should punish him?”

Ye Fan glanced at Li Xiaoman without speaking as he strode forward while speaking to Chen Feng: “You really think i’m someone to step on? Someone who can be pushed around however you want?!”

“Let me see what abilities you have.” Chen Feng continued to be calm as he flipped his hand, starry lights began to float out as though he had an entire galaxy within his hand as he looked towards Ye Fan: “I’ll give you a final chance, shatter the bones within your own body and kowtow to apologise, otherwise, you may die if I act personally.”

“Will it kill you not to be so arrogant?” Ye Fan’s voice was calm: “Your legs? I’ll break them! Your head? I’ll step on it!”


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