Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 145: First Contact of the Sacred Body and Divine Body
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 145: First Contact of the Sacred Body and Divine Body

Chapter 145: First Contact of the Sacred Body and Divine Body

When the bigwigs of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground and Ji Family had all arrived, the sect leader as well as prominent figures within the Tai Xuan sect went forward personally to greet them. Atop the Desolate Peak, wild grass was overgrown, vines covered the entire area and pavilions were dilapidated, however, it was able to capture everyone’s attention today.

Nine green river dragons traversed through the sky, they seemed as though they were molded from the seas, the green river dragons flashed, filled with a shocking strength as they pulled the golden war carriage, imposing as it rumbled and pressured forward. It was like a scene out of a picture scroll. The bigwigs of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground as well as the Ji Family had arrived in a single vehicle atop the Desolate Peak. The experts from all the hundred and eight main peaks of the Tai Xuan sect had been activated, several elders were looking over with trepidation.

Within the dilapidated pavilion, the crazed old man remained immobile, encased within a silver white cocoon that was releasing a mysterious energy that caused the entire mountain to tremble, it was like a demonic spawn or a celestial seed, giving one a feeling of awe.

This was an indescribable feeling, the expressions of the big wigs immediately changed upon entering the pavilion, they did not speak as they stood there silently, closing their eyes as they used their senses to feel.

A peerless expert from six thousand years ago, currently in stasis, this was a great opportunity for them, if they were able to comprehend something from these pulses, they would benefit from it for the rest of their lives, possibly even gaining the chance to become immortal.

“Hey hey hey, what’s going on here? With so many bigwigs here, I’m going to get a real eyeful.” Ji Ziyue’s eyes were lit up as she tugged at Ye Fan: “Where are you planning to go?”

“I’m looking for a quiet place to cultivate, rather than admiring the prowess of these people, I’d rather improve myself.” Ye Fan began to walk down the Desolate Peak.

“Lies, I feel that you’re guilty of something, as though you are avoiding these people.” Ji Ziyue was exceptionally astute.

Ye Fan was really trying to hide, he had too many secrets and had no choice but to be more prudent.

“Let’s go to the Star Peak, if we don’t, they’ll really think that we’re afraid of them.” Ji Ziyue spoke up.

“Forget it, you can go on your own, I want to go cultivate.” Ye Fan did not wish to go to the Star Peak for fear of creating a ruckus.

Finally, Ye Fan quietly cultivated on a barren mountain while contemplating on his future plans as well. He decided that he would wait to see the condition of the crazed old man before leaving.

In the days that followed, bigwigs continued to arrive to see the crazed old man, the dilapidated pavilion seemed to have become a sacred piece of land.

Ordinary people simply could not go close, the people who were able to sit within were all famous personages whose names would shock any cultivator.

This day, a messenger came from the Star Peak requesting for the presence of Ye Fan and Ji Ziyue, the messenger made it clear that they had no ill intentions and merely wanted to repair the relations between the two sides.

In this magnificent mountain range, the view was breathtaking with wisps of mist lingering around the mountain peak. There were rivers flowing about at the foot of the mountain with ancient trees and vines, all this together gave off tranquility.

Up ahead, fragrant grass abounded as young men and women sat together, each person had a wooden table before them that was filled with fruits and other snacks.

“Ding ding dong dong”

Amongst them, a man clothed in blue was playing the zither, his hands were moving nimbly like a butterfly fluttering, giving one a feeling of gracefulness, his fingers strummed the zither as a moving music was heard, making one feel at peace.

Seeing Ye Fan and Ji Ziyue arrive, the blue clothed male stopped playing the zither as he stood up with the others following in tow.

“The two of you have come, the mountain that is covered with flowers and shrubbery seems to have brightened up already……” The blue clothed male was extremely courteous, his face was all smiles as he received the two.

His figure was slender, he seemed to be merely twenty five years of age, his blue dress fluttered in the wind, he did not speak much but gave one a feeling of gentleness and nimbleness.

It could be said that the blue clothed male had a unique aura that made him seem very amicable to the others.

“I’ve been in closed meditation for over two years, today I’ve finally come out and learnt of our transgressions with the two of you, the reason why I’ve invited both of your here is to pay for our mistakes, there is no other ill intent.”

This person was Hua Yunfei*, his name was very apt, he was like a flowing cloud or a moving breeze, giving one a feeling of a faintly discernable yet serene vibe.

[T/N: Hua Yunfei means flying splendid clouds.]

“Brother Hua is too courteous, you’re making me ashamed. Although there were reasons, it was I who injured the disciples of the Star Peak.” Since the other party was willing to be so courteous, he would definitely show respect to the other party as well.

“I’m not being courteous, in these past few years, our Star Peak has been flourishing and several disciples have become arrogant and complacent, thinking that the Star Peak is the only shining star within the Tai Xuan sect, this is extremely unacceptable. Little brother Ye has acted to teach these people a lesson, we can’t blame anyone else and we should instead be thankful for you helping them to pay for their actions.” Hua Yunfei was extremely earnest, his cultured bearing, quick-witted thinking and temperament made one feel like they being cleansed by the winds of spring.

Ye Fan had heard that the master of the Star Peak was surnamed Hua, within the history of the Tai Xuan sect, half of the sect leaders had come from the Star Peak, and within this half, half were surnamed Hua, it could be said that those surnamed Hua had a relatively high standing within the Tai Xuan sect.

In reality, the sect leader who established the Tai Xuan sect was surnamed Hua, thus, no one was surprised that those surnamed Hua had such a great prestige within the sect.

The group exchanged greetings before sitting atop the fragrant grass, Hua Yunfei placed zither beside him on the wooden table and had a serene expression.

“Today I’ll embarrass myself by playing a tune to pay our respects to the Desolate Peak, with this I hope past grievances can be forgiven and our two veins can harmoniously exist.”

Hua Yunfei lightly strummed the ancient zither, beautiful musical notes flowed out like a refreshing spring under moonlight, making one feel extremely refreshed. This was a tune for paying respects, it was a tune filled with meaning but to Ye Fan’s ears, it allowed him to have a rough grasp of the other party’s realm rather than the story being told within the tune. Ji Ziyue secretly transmitted: “I’ve just recalled, this Hua Yunfei is extremely powerful.”

Ye Fan’s heart trembled, although he knew that Hua Yunfei was certainly far from ordinary, he did not expect him to be so potent.

Hua Yunfei was the descendent of the current master of the Star Peak, his aptitude was exceptional and at eighteen years of age he was already the number one youth within the Star Peak, at twenty two, there was no one within the hundred and eight main peaks who could compare to him.

“My brother Haoyue has been hidden from the world for twenty years, however, two years ago he was sent on a secret training mission and had fought with Hua Yunfei.

Ji Haoyue of the Ji family had fought a great battle with Hua Yunfei two years ago, that was a battle of prodigies and even with his divine body, Ji Haoyue had to pay a huge price before finally defeating Hua Yunfei.

“So strong……” Ye Fan was stunned.

“That’s right, besides the divine body, people of the same age will find it impossible to deal with him, his talent is phenomenal, even my brother Hao Yue had to go to great efforts before finally defeating him, his name will resound throughout the Eastern Badlands sooner or later, below the divine body, he can be considered peerless.” Ji Ziyue nodded as she spoke.

Hua Yunfei’s hands were very nimble as they glided across the zither, like moving clouds and flowing water, giving one a feeling of serenity.

Although he was a man, his movements were more graceful than a lady, beautiful music could be heard from the zither, like a cleansing spring under moonlight that was washing one’s soul.

The tune from the zither painted such a beautiful picture, causing everyone to be enraptured within, even the birds were attracted by the sounds.

A chinese hwamei* was hesitant but it finally descended to stop before the zither, not long after a black-naped oriole also descended, it was also attracted by the sounds from the zither, in barely half a minute, hundreds of birds had flocked to this area, standing before the ancient zither.

[T/N: Hwamei is a kind of bird]

This was a strange scene, Hua Yunfei was like a serene immortal, as though he had become one with this world, allowing hundreds of birds to gather.

Seeing this scene, Ye Fan found it hard to stay calm, Hua Yunfei was an exceptional character as he he whispered: “Your brother’s divine body has cultivated to the point of having a unique scene of the bright moon over the sea, with his cultivation he actually had a hard time defeating Hua Yunfei?”

“Hua Yunfei has also managed to cultivate an ancient and almighty unique avatar , after that battle, he entered closed meditation for two years and has only recently come out, his cultivation must have improved by leaps and bounds. Within this area, besides my brother, no one of the same generation should be his match.”

When the song ended, the hundred birds were unwilling to disperse and continued to flutter about in the surroundings, making the scene even more beautiful. This heavenly tune was one that few people could hear in this very world.

Ye Fan clapped as he praised: “Brother Hua is really a talented individual, his tune can move mountains, such brilliant skills, really causing one to feel deep admiration.”

“You’re too courteous, this is merely a harmony, it can’t be considered much.” Having said this, he lifted his wine cup: “I hope that the Star Peak and Desolate Peak can have a harmonious relationship.”

Everyone lifted their cups as they downed their shots.

“I’ve heard junior sister Xiaoman mention that little brother Ye comes from an extremely far off place, that place is of great culture, completely different from the Eastern Badlands, I really wish to see it.”

Ye Fan’s heart trembled, could Li Xiaoman have told the truth of the situation? If that was the case, the situation would be rather problematic, he could not help but glance over at her.

At this moment, Li Xiaoman was dressed in a pristine white dress, her countenance was fair, her expression calm like a lotus flower, nothing could be seen in her expression.

“There is no way it can compare to the Eastern Badlands.” Ye Fan downed his fruit wine before replacing the wine cup and continued with a calm expression: “Over there, no one knows how to cultivate, people die from old age frequently, a hundred years is the rough lifespan of a person.”

“Brother Ye is simply too modest, I really wish to have a spar with you, hopefully you won’t reject me then.” Hua Yunfei was very earnest as he drank another cup of fruit wine in respect before continuing: “I believe that your hometown has a type of connection with our area.”

Ye Fan’s heart trembled, he had a feeling that the other party seemed to know a lot, could it be that Li Xiaoman had already explained everything to him?

Ji Ziyue’s large eyes continued to glance around from the side, she was extremely interested in the many secrets contained within Ye Fan and was determined to dig out everything possible.

“The Ji Family which has prospered since the desolate ancient times, it’s name resounds throughout the Eastern Badlands, the young lady of the Ji Family is actually a guest within our Tai Xuan, I feel that we really haven’t treated you properly.” Hua Yunfei paid his respects to Ji Ziyue by raising his wine cup while smiling.

The young lady of an ancient aristocratic family, such a status caused the others to be shocked, Li Xiaoman was also stunned as a strange expression appeared on her face.

Ji Ziyue was not surprised, in reality, several disciples atop the Desolate Peak knew her identity, much less the descendant of the current master of the Star Peak.

She smiled sweetly as dimples appeared on her cheeks: “My name is Ji Ziyue, the Ji is the same as the Ji waterway*, the Zi is the same as the violet qi rising from the east and the Yue is the same as the moon.”

[T/N*: a mythical place where some of the legendary emperors in chinese mythology come from]

“Ji Waterway!” Ye Fan’s heart was shaken, he had never questioned her family matters before and at this moment several questions filled his mind, did the people of this world also know what the Ji Waterway was?

“Don’t you know? There was a river in the ancient east, her name was the Ji Waterway, it was extremely famous within the Eastern Badlands, it flows past the door of my house, if we wish to account for time, it has flowed for at least fifty thousand years already.” A strange light seemed to shine from Ji Ziyue’s wide eyes. Ye Fan’s heart was stunned, such a long amount of time, it had definitely far surpassed that of Earth’s Ji Waterway.

“I should have paid my respects earlier to young lady Ziyue, it is merely because I’ve only just come out from my meditation that I was late in paying my respects. I’ve already sparred with your brother, we can’t be considered outsiders.” As he said this, he stood up: “I need to receive some important guests, you can make yourselves comfortable here first.”

“We don’t have to trouble brother Hua, the few of us have already reached.”

In this place, a picturesque scene appeared, fresh and clean fauna galore with unusual stones scattered about the pavilion.

Not far away, ten odd people gracefully floated closer, there were both males and females, their auras were far from ordinary, the males were handsome and the females were exceptionally pretty, as though they were immortals.

“Why has brother Haoyue come……” Ji Ziyue stammered as she hid behind Ye Fan’s back.

The Desolate Peak had a peerless expert who was currently deep asleep, it had gained the attention of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground, Ji Family as well as all the other powerhouses.

At the same time, the talented disciples of these superpowers also came to the Tai Xuan sect, amongst them were Ji Haoyue of the Ji Family with his Eastern Badlands divine body, the sacred lady of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground as well as other young prodigies from the other sects. Hua Yunfei smiled as he went forward to receive them, bringing the ten odd people closer.

“Ziyue……” Ji Haoyue’s clothes were fluttering, he seemed calm like the moon, his aura was extraordinary like a god descended on earth, there seemed to be endless lights shrouding his body as he gazed at Ji Ziyue.

“Brother Haoyue……” Ji Ziyue smiled sweetly as she skipped and bounced out from behind Ye Fan before grabbing Ji Haoyue’s arm.

“What are you doing together with him?” Ji Haoyue’s expression was calm but his gaze was pressurising as he gazed at Ye Fan, he clearly remembered that this person had been together with all the other great demons.”

“Why can’t I be together with him?” Ji Ziyue scrunched her nose as she shook Ji Haoyue’s arm in dissatisfaction.

The ten odd people who had arrived could be said to be outstanding talents in their own right, all their gazes were currently centered on Ji Haoyue and Ye Fan. Even the sacred lady of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground was present.

Ji Haoyue did not reply as he took a few large strides forward while looking down at Ye Fan: “Over these past few months, my sister has always been with you?”

Ye Fan continued sitting there without standing up as he said something that would incense anyone: “That’s right, we lived and ate together.”

“What did you say?!” Although Ji Haoyue’s expression was calm, like a bright moon hanging in the sky, lights flashed from his eyes, his gaze especially penetrating.

“I’m sorry, I meant that we were companions in travel that never really parted much.”

“You better not talk nonsense.” Ji Ziyue punched his arm.

Ji Haoyue’s eyes continued to shine, his purple clothes were fluttering as he continued to stare at Ye Fan, it was impossible to guess at what he was thinking.

Suddenly, an emerald sea emerged with gleaming reflections of waves in the light, a bright moon rose to the sky, the unique scene of the bright moon over the sea had suddenly appeared, moonlight flowed like water towards Ye Fan.

“Brother Haoyue, what are you doing?!” Ji Ziyue was shocked as she hurriedly moved to blow, however, Ji Haoyue’s emerald sea released a wave of light which stopped her in her tracks.

At the back, the spectators were stunned, no one would have expected Ji Haoyue to use his unique scene against a nameless youngster. The eyes of the sacred lady of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground were wide as she stared unblinkingly at the bright moon over the sea. Li Xiaoman had stood up as she gazed forward.

Hua Yunfei seemed to consider acting to block but did not move in the end!


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