Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 146: Fending off against the Divine Body
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 146: Fending off against the Divine Body

Chapter 146: Fending off against the Divine Body

The bright moon rose in the air, this was an ancient avatar, it’s power is simply unfathomable. This very avatar annihilated throngs of demons, sweeping everything before it.

At this moment, he was actually using it against an unknown youth, this caused the other prodigies to feel astonished.

Ye Fan was indeed surprised, the two were separated by several realms but Ji Haoyue actually acted against him with his divine body, this was something that had exceeded anyone’s expectations.

Although he had a sacred body with a golden sea of bitterness that was exceptional, he could not actualise it and could only allow it to appear within his body.

Ye Fan did not believe that his golden sea of bitterness was a kind of avatar, he felt that it was a source of energy and cultivating a true avatar would require time.

Currently, his most powerful attack was utilising the origin qi of all living things, however, he could not completely control it.

All this had occurred in the time it took to produce sparks, no one could react in time.

Moonlight flowed like water, instantly stopped before Ye Fan. It did not continue to descend, Ji Haoyue was like a god descended on earth as nine lights swirled above his head, like a divine emperor staring down at Ye Fan, his eyes were extremely piercing.

By the side, Ji Ziyue let out a breath of air as she shouted: “Brother Haoyue, what are you doing?! Quick, stop! You are three realms ahead in cultivation, he is merely a cultivator of the Wheel and Sea stage, why do you have to use your avatar to test him?”

The others were still shocked, they had actually believed that Ji Haoyue was about to kill a nameless youth.

Hua Yunfei went forward: “Brother Haoyue, quickly withdraw your avatar, you have a divine body, there is no need to bully little brother Ye.”

“Do you really believe I was merely testing him?” Ji Haoyue did not turn around as he stared unblinkingly at Ye Fan with a serious expression on his face: “I was really planning to use my avatar to squash him, it was actually stopped, the moonlight was unable to continue forward.”


At the back, the expressions of everyone had changed, how could this be possible? Several people even thought that Ji Haoyue was merely joking.

Ji Haoyue was merely stating a fact, from such a close distance, he could feel a strange aura surrounding Ye Fan and could not help but release the light from his divine body to sense the uniqueness.

If it wasn’t a treasure on the other party that was attracting him, then it was special physique of the other party that caused his divine body to have a unique reaction.

Hua Yunfei did not continue to block as his entire person seemed serene, his blue clothes fluttered and he seemed extremely calm, it was clear that he was carefully sensing something.

The sacred lady of the Twinkling Brilliance Sacred Ground was the most prodigious female disciple, like a bright pearl that was glistening, lights swirled around her body.

Her entire being exuded tranquility mixed with an indiscernible quality. She closed her eyes as she carefully feel the fluctuations.

Above Ji Haoyue’s head, the bright moon was gently revolving, moonlight continued to trickle down towards Ye Fan.

However, a similar scene occurred as the moonlight was stopped right before Ye Fan without descending, as though it had been obstructed.

The moon continued to vibrate, a large expanse of pure white feathers continued to fall, each sparkling piece produced indistinct resounding sounds.

Even so, the pristine moonlight was still obstructed, it could not move forward as it was blocked by a formless energy.

“Ting ting ting!”

The moon shook again as the blade-like moonlight was sent forth, back in the day the various spiritual treasures of the demonic race had fallen before it, turning to dust. At this moment, Ji Haoyue was using it to cleave downwards.

“Brother!” Ji Ziyue shouted, her movements had been restricted and had no way to block the attack.

Hua Yunfei had a strange expression on his face, he had fought with Ji Haoyue in an intense battle and knew the power of this moonblade, the current scene was simply too stunning for everyone. The moonblade was like lightning as it chopped down, however, it was actually stopped right before Ye Fan.

Now, everyone had looks of astonishment on their faces, how was a nameless cultivator actually able to defend against the attacks of a divine body?

What is happening? The gazes of everyone was centered on Ye Fan, they were simply astonished and puzzled.

Everyone understood that it was not the bright moon over the sea avatar that was unbefitting of its name, its prowess were known by all and even elders would find it difficult to defend against it.

Back in the day, several great demons had fallen before the power of this avatar without the chance to react, it could rend mountains and clear swathes of land without leaving a single living thing behind, such was the might of this avatar.

The scene before them was simply too mystifying.

“My senses weren’t wrong, I knew something was amiss when I first looked at him.” Ji Haoyue thought to himself.


The bright moon above Ji Haoyue continued to tremble as it gently spun, the sea behind him surged as waves rushed to the sky, churning towards Ye Fan.

At this moment, Ye Fan felt strange, the sea of bitterness within him surged as azure lightning intertwined, wanting to rush out but simply unable to do so, he did not know how to guide the lightning.

However, the emergence of this strange energy was able to block the avatar of the other party, he was the only one who knew what was happening.

This was the primordial desolate sacred body going against the eastern badlands divine body!

However, the emerald sea was unable to restrict Ye Fan and was actually stopped before him, the frightening waves were halted as everything instantly became calm.

The bright moon suddenly began to descend, this was the most powerful killer move of the bright moon over the sea avatar!

According to legend, the bright moon could move mountains and suppress the ocean, it could rend space and disintegrate the land, it could easily deal with an expert that was a realm higher than oneself, it contained unfathomable might!

The Wheel and Sea realm had four stages, the Dao Palace realm had five stages, one could imagine how terrifying it was to be able to overcome the difference of four to five stages in order to kill the expert, it could be defined as rare avatar of this era!

According to legend, there was no end to the stages contained within the bright moon over the sea avatar, a cultivator could continue to cultivate and improve, continually improving and becoming more and more frightening.

The bright moon continued to descend, it was dazzling like jade, its light was gentle like fragmented crystals gently drifting down or a rainbow coloured glass refracting light..

A sky filled with sparkles, endlessly fluttering about like jade flowers descending, causing the entire place to be overflowing with dazzling and auspicious rays.

Ye Fan’s physical body was aching, even his sacred body found it difficult to resist, it felt that his bones would shatter at any moment, the countless lights continued to descend, holding him in place, preventing him from moving a single muscle.

The bright moon moved slowly and forcefully downwards, it felt as though it were attempting to rend his body and soul apart, extinguishing his spiritual sense.

He was indignant, his sacred body had not been properly cultivated and had to defend against a divine body that was three realms higher, it was naturally difficult to resist. The problem laid with his cultivation, it was unrelated to the avatar.

This time, the moonlight completely shrouded Ye Fan, the bright moon was above his head as it lightly trembled, as though it wanted to shatter him completely.


Within Ye Fan’s body, the vast body of water surged to the sky, lightning flashed as a strand of unique energy was sent forth to defend against the frightening pressure, slowly extinguishing the moonlight that was surrounding him.

At the same time, the bright moon was slowly forced to rise.

Everyone was stunned, he had actually managed to defend against the avatar of the bright moon, it was simply too astonishing!

Only Ye Fan was feeling bitter, he had barely managed to defend against the bright moon, it had not been easy.

“There are nine rotations to my bright moon, I’ve only reached the first rotation, there are still eight rotations, why not you have a taste of it.” A streak of dazzling light shot from above Ji Haoyue, besides this, eight dazzling lights also flashed, when joined together, they seemed like a crown, like that of a divine king descended on earth!

The emergence of a divine body within the Eastern Badlands represented a divine king, once it reached the stage of large success, it could be considered invincible, none could resist it, it could really be called the divine king of the Eastern Badlands!

“Brother Haoyue, you can’t be like this, he isn’t even at the Spiritual Bridge realm, you’ve already cultivated to the third stage, he naturally can’t defend against you!” Ji Ziyue shouted.

“I’ve only used a portion of my divine energy, alright, I’ll continue to suppress myself, using the Wheel and Sea realm to test his strength.” Ye Fan instantly felt the pressure lessen. However, as the bright moon began to rotate again, he felt as though a large mountain was pressing down, his physical body was making cracking noises as though it could break at any moment.

The nine rotations of the bright moon, lights flashed as they swirled caused Ye Fan’s entire body to be encompassed within.

Suddenly, a dazzling light exploded from his sea of bitterness, like a golden sun exploding which immediately caused the bright moon to dim.


The silver moon flew away, smashing into the peak of a mountain not far away.

“What physique is this, it was actually able to defend against the avatar of the bright moon over the sea!”

“How could this be possible?!”

No one doubted the prowess of the bright moon over the sea, the moon that was blown away swiftly proved its power by completely disintegrating the mountain which it came into contact with!

This caused the expressions of several people to change, the avatar of the bright moon had actually been defended against by a nameless cultivator, this was like the tale of the Arabian Nights.

However, Ye Fan was also sent flying away as he smashing into a cliff several hundred metres away before stopping.

He was not injured and had merely been sent flying by the huge repulsive force.

Atop the fragrant grass, all the prodigies found it hard to remain calm.

“How could this happen, he does not even have an avatar, how could he defend against the avatar of Ji Haoyue?”

“Could he also have a divine body? It is rumoured that only a divine body is able to resist the attack of an avatar.”

At this moment, Li Xiaoman was shellshocked, she was the only one who knew that Ye Fan had the primordial desolate sacred body, he had actually managed to successfully cultivate it, it was able to fend against the divine body!

It was an even matchup!

Many people came to such a conclusion.

Ji Haoyue used the strength of a cultivator at the Wheel and Sea realm to suppress Ye Fan, the result was the bright moon being sent flying away while Ye Fan was also knocked aside.

An even matchup with the eastern badlands divine body, this was definitely inconceivable, sufficient to make people go mad!

A nameless cultivator actually had such a frightening physique? The gazes of many people fell onto him.

Ji Haoyue was the pinnacle of the heavens, there was actually a youth who could use his physical body to defend against an avatar, everyone could see the potential in Ye Fan and if he was properly nurtured, it was not impossible for him to defend against a divine body!

To many people, this was simply a celestial sprout, he looked barely fourteen years of age and could definitely be nurtured.

“This is really unbelievable, it can be considered a miracle.”

“Inconceivable, he actually managed to block the avatar.”

The group seemed as though they were looking at a priceless treasure, Ye Fan could feel his hair stand on end, this was certainly troublesome.

Hua Yunfei’s expression was calm as he calmly strummed his zither, gentle music like that of a refreshing spring flowed out causing everyone to immediately calm down.

Li Xiaoman’s expression was complicated as she cast a glance at Ye Fan before it became calm once again.

Ji Ziyue remained beside Ye Fan, she did not move to sit with Ji Haoyue. This caused Ji Haoyue to knit his eyebrows but he remained silent.

The sacred lady of the Twinkling Brilliance was like a pearl, her sparkling and translucent skin was akin to the fairies of heaven who had mistakenly descended to the mortal realm. She was separated from Ye Fan by only one table and softly relayed her goodwill to him.


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