Shrouding the Heavens
Chapter 152: Different Daos
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Shrouding the Heavens
Author :Chen Dong
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Chapter 152: Different Daos

Chapter 152: Different Daos

The eyes of the Peacock King were clear like water, his hair was smooth and silky, he seemed like a snow lotus atop an icy mountain, refined and elegant. “Work together to enter the Bronze Immortal Palace? Send ourselves to our deaths? I haven’t lived enough yet.”

Nan Gongzheng’s silver hair was fluttering in the wind, his figure was tall and majestic as he stood in the air, a rain of flowers encircled him and the vegetation surrounding him seemed lush and filled with vibrancy as he spoke: “Don’t you wish for the chance to become an immortal? You’ve already been in closed meditation for eight hundred years, reappearing once again, isn’t it precisely because of it?”

The Peacock King coldly smiled: “Since ancient times, the Bronze Immortal Palace has taken the lives of countless unfathomable experts, I have never heard of a person successfully becoming an immortal. Rather than calling it an Immortal Palace, I’d rather term it as a grave, a graveyard for experts of the Eastern Badlands.

“Wishing to become an immortal, it’s natural for a majority to die trying, otherwise, how could there be sages from the ancient times.” Nan Gongzheng said solemnly: “With the two of us working together, we can gamble our lives within the Bronze Immortal Palace, fighting for that chance to become an immortal, it would certainly be better than dying in some unknown place.”

The Peacock King stood with his hands behind his back: “I’m unsurpassed by all under heaven, my sword is pointed at sacred leaders and I’m living a carefree life, where is the boredom? Even death isn’t much.”

“You’ve had a period of flourishing and prosperity, why wouldn’t there be a period of regression and decline, in the end this will all be a fleeting dream, a million years from now who would still remember you, you are merely a passing cloud, if you don’t become immortal, eventually everything will return to nothingness.”

“The thoughts of others far into the future, why would that concern me? I only know that everything before me is real, wishing for immortality, struggling to live but failing, that would be an even more lamentable end.”

Nan Gongzheng shook his head while continuing: “Escaping from the mortal coils and gaining freedom, it is the greatest dream of our generation, why do you need to lie to yourself and others?”

The Peacock King laughed boisterously, the sound reverberating throughout the area: “Let me ask you, since ancient times, has the Eastern Badlands ever seen an immortal? Don’t speak to me of those people recorded within ancient texts, their past is too distant to be relevant or reliable.”

“There are naturally people who have become immortals. The immortals which the Desolate Pagoda has suppressed to death, aren’t they immortals?” Nan Gongzheng

“Have you personally seen it?” The Peacock King countered.

“No, I have not.”

The Peacock King continued: “not an immortal but not empty, one can still have great influence, I shall soar above and look down at the whole world below me.”

By the side, Ye Fan felt that the Peacock King was extremely unfettered and at ease, becoming an immortal was not too important for him. As for Nan Gongzheng, his words were all stuff of legends, astonishing to listen to, he was certainly an exponent of the human race.

Ji Ziyue’s large eyes were spinning as she muttered in a soft voice: “There really isn’t any justice in the world! They are already figures of legends, a hundred years is a mere pittance for them, a thousand years is like a single year, they look so young and are also more handsome than my brother……”

“Nan Gongzheng, everything that you’ve said thus far is irrelevant, are you thinking of interfering with my business?” The Peacock King asked in a heavy voice.

“The leader of the Ji Family once said to me that if I had the serendipity to meet you, regardless of which sibling I saved, he would gift the person to me as a disciple to carry on my legacy. I’m planning to enter the Bronze Immortal Palace but have yet to find someone to carry my legacy, this is a cherished dream of mine.” The flowers around Nan Gongzheng began to blossom giving him an otherworldly feel.

“Nan Gongzheng, you really wish to fight? You better think this through carefully!” The eyes of the Peacock King immediately grew sharp as a powerful aura like that of a volcano surged, gurgling forth towards the clouds.

“Peacock King, we can be considered to have some fate, I would advise you to stop your actions and attempt to attain immortality with me. Otherwise, your glorious past could very will dim and disappear.” Nan Gongzheng persuaded.

“Such big words, could it be that the sacred leader of the Ji Family is nearby and will join you to suppress me?” A dazzling light shone from the Peacock King’s eyes.

“He doesn’t know that you’re here.” Nan Gongzheng paused for a moment before continuing: “Not only is the sacred leader of the Ji Family looking for you, even the leader of the Twinkling Brilliance has personally moved from his closed meditation.”

“That is within my expectations, I’d like to see what they can do to me. Bullying the people of my race, as an exponent, if I don’t act, I would be letting down the demonic race.” The Peacock King coldly smiled: “Eight hundred years ago, I dominated the southern region, eight hundred years later, they will still be unable to suppress me.”

“Superpowers which have continued since the primordial ancient era, their foundation is unfathomable, who knows whether someone will personally jump out to suppress you……”

“Unless they dig through their ancestral grave to revive an already deceased divine king!” The Peacock King’s eyes were sharp like lightning, his aura changed drastically as he shouted: “If you wish to stop me, do it with your strength!”

The fragrant scent of flowers permeated the air as flowers swirled in the sky, vibrant and lush, Nan Gongzheng was solemn like as he stood there like an exceptional flower god, an ancient tree was growing behind him directly into the sky.

“In that case, I’m sorry for any offense!”

“We should have started this fight long ago!” Although the Peacock King seemed to be a youth of merely sixteen to seventeen years of age, he seemed to be an unsheathed sword at this moment, his aura was menacing and made one’s bones feel cold, his battle hunger pierced the skies.


The Peacock King’s third eye suddenly opened as a divine light was shot from his forehead, instantly entering Ji Ziyue.

“Hey hey hey, what are you doing Peacock King!” Ji Ziyue screamed in shock.

“Don’t worry, he’s merely leaving an imprint in order to find you in the future. The two of you better flee right now.” Nan Gongzheng transmitted to the two.

“Run!” Ye Fan tugged Ji Ziyue along as he rushed to the sky, a battle between these two exponents was sure to make the heavens tremble and earth shatter.

Even after flying far away, Ye Fan could still feel the tremendous waves of energy behind him, like a surging vast body of water, this was simply too astonishing.

Looking back, Ji Ziyue was stunned as she spoke up: “Heavens, there are so many suns in that area!”

At that distant piece of sky, blazing suns could be seen high in the sky, exceptionally dazzling.

Where the real sun was or which exponent had done this, there was simply no way to verify it.

“Another clear sky!”

In that area, the sky was split into two, there was another equally blue layer.

“This is……. Radiant Stars of the Clear Skies!”

An avatar of an exponent! Radiant Stars of the Clear Skies actually had such an appearance, each star was like a blazing sun, this was simply too ridiculous!

Under the clear skies, dazzling stars could be seen flashing with their brilliance, the stars tremble and the heavens move!

Suddenly, an enormous sprawling ancient tree could be seen rising from the ground, piercing the void as though it would split the heavens, the crown of the tree was simply too immense, able to block the entire sky.

“That’s actually World Tree of legends, it was actually created by Nan Gongzheng!” Ji Ziyue was shocked, her eyes were wide and filled with disbelief.

The World Tree, whether it be the other side of the stars or this world, there were countless legends with regards to it. Based on ancient texts, this was a sacred tree worshipped by people of old, it was located at the centre of the earth and a bridge that connected the heavens and immortals to men.

Such an avatar if used to pierce the void, it was naturally possible!

All around that ancient tree, there were strange trees and divine grass, all trembling and filled with a lush vibrance, like a picture turned to reality.

Such an avatar was astonishing, it was no wonder Nan Gongzheng was referred to as an exponent of the human race.


Ye Fan and Ji Ziyue felt a wave of dizziness, there was a frightening howl that swept through the air, causing their blood to roil as they were sent flying away.

In the distant sky, it was hazy as another different avatar appeared. These were two great exponents rushing at each other, utilising their profound secret techniques as the real battle began.

“There are other avatars…….” Ji Ziyue’s eyes were wide, she really wanted to continue watching but knew that time was of the essence.

A confrontation between two exponents, this was an incredible battle that could rarely be seen.

Ye Fan felt that it was regrettable as he used the secret divine movements technique, not looking back as he disappeared to the horizon in the blink of an eye.

Continually rushing without stopping for even a single moment till they were several hundred li away before finally heaving a sigh of relief. However, they did not tarry for long before choosing a direction to continue fleeing.

“I really want to see the might of the Peacock King’s howl, the power that is able to grab stars and pick out moons from the sky.” Ye Fan muttered to himself. From Ji Ziyue’s previous description of this exponent, he had already felt the impressive of this exponent, he really wished to personally witness the splendour of such a powerhouse.

“He…… we should just forget about it!” Ji Ziyue still had a lingering fear in her heart, a famous personage of the Ji Family had been shattered by a single howl, thinking back, the might of the Peacock King still sent shivers down her spine.

Ji Ziyue then continued: “I’d really like to see the suaveness of that white haired male……”

“Such lucky souls, even though the Peacock King appeared in that region they actually managed to escape…….”

Up ahead, a cold voice could be heard atop a mountain peak, a male dressed in hemp clothing rushed down, a five levelled pagoda in his hands as he blocked their path.

At the same time, four other figures rose to the sky as they surrounded them, blocking all escape paths.


Ye Fan and Ji Ziyue sucked in a breath of cold air, there were six cultivators surrounding them and each of them was exceptional.

Not long ago, these people had went through a domain gate to chase them, although there was a mist that shrouded their faces causing it to be blurry, from their voices it was obvious that they were the same bunch and would be extremely difficult to deal with.

“Even a Phoenix Crowned Lightning Bird failed to kill all of you, you guys are really lucky……” Ji Ziyue mocked

Besides the pagoda wielding man in hemp garments, the other five were in tatters, their flesh had a burnt smell and it was clear that they had suffered greatly.

“Kill them!” The male in hemp garments waved his hand, not saying anything more. He was very decisive and wanted to immediately get rid of the two people.

Powerful fluctuations attacked from all sides, these people had sent their weapons flying out and some had even used mystical arts to attack the two people.

Ji Ziyue’s injuries were far from recovered and she was still very weak with no way to fight back.

Ye Fan used a phenomenal speed to dodge left then right, swiftly descending to the ground. The few people before them were definitely existences who surpassed the Other Shore realm, he had no way to deal with them and could only choose to flee.

“Don’t even think about running, this day next year, I will burn hell money for you……”

The man in hemp garments personally acted as his pagoda instantly grew bigger, the five levelled pagoda was like a small mountain as it pressed downwards with a frightening pressure.

Ji Ziyue gently whispered by Ye Fan’s ear: “Quickly transfer spiritual energy to me, I have a secret treasure that will allow us to escape from the encirclement.”

Ye Fan did not question as he immediately transmitted his spiritual energy, Ji Ziyue instantly became especially pure and holy as she released a strange light, blocking the pressure from the five levelled pagoda.


In the next instant, the two were like mirages as they continually flashed about, avoiding the myriad of mystical techniques that were attacking them, swiftly breaking through the encirclement.

Like streaks of lightning in a thunderstorm rushing through the clouds, instantly fleeing from the encirclement.


A piercing sound rang out as the fingers of the male in hemp garments expanded to become as large as small mountains, sweeping everything before it such that even the space was distorted.

Ye Fan’s expression changed, these people were simply too frightening!

Ji Ziyue’s expression also change, this male clothed in hemp garments was simply too terrifying, it seemed that escaping would be extremely difficult and she panicked as she transmitted: “Little brat listen well, I will teach you the full Void Scripture, use it to hide within the void!”


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